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Mexico's Culture


Miss Armstrong 


History is important to Mexico because Mexico is a country with lots of exciting things that other people can learn. The Olmecs were the first known people living in the Mexican region. The olmecs were also the oldest civilization living on the land. The aztecs later came on to be more powerful and modern like with schools and roads. The spanish found the aztec empire and enslaved many and causing the death of millions. Mexico was first established in 1821 with 1823 being when its first official draft of their constitution was made. In 1910 there was a Mexican revolution causing millions of death. Then in 1934, Lazaro was elected president and he brought back ancient ejido which was better for the people and ecosystem. (History)

History of Mexico

Religion in Mexico is different because many people consider themselves a part of  different stuff. Religion in mexico changed a lot too it went from drinking the enemy's blood and sacrificing them to  more calm prayers. The tribes that were first on the land had a complex religion they would have several different beliefs for different gods. The Aztecs used to  sacrifice their enemy to their gods. Everything changed when the Spanish arrived in mexico and spread Christianity. After they did that, it caused Most people in Mexico to consider their self as Catholics. Even though In 2010 people who consider their self as a catholic decline. (facts about Mexico)

Religion of Mexico

Holidays in Mexico are very unique. the Day Of The Dead is when the people in Mexico remember those who passed away. Or when it's cinco de mayo, which is not what most people think it is, it is actually when the Mexican army beat the French in Puebla. September 16, 1810 is the actual date of Mexico's independence. December 12 is When the virgin mary came down to ask a bishop to build a temple in the site she appeared in. The second most popular holiday is the “semana santa” which is The week of the crucifixion of jesus. Missing conclusion sentence and in-text citation; fix your capitalization 

Holidays in Mexico