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QuickTrack FAQ Document

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Frequently Asked QuestionsQQAAWho has access to QuickTrack?Anyone with a Zoom username and password can access QuickTrack.How far back am I able to see claim details?Claim details are accessible from Jan 1, 2016 until present day. Claim notes are accessible on all claims dated Sept. 14, 2020 until present day. How can I tell how long it takes to process claims for my customers?From the Claims Search screen, the Claim Length box reveals the average to process claims for your customer in the selected period. Am I able to print/save details of a claim?Yes! Simply click on the ‘Claim Details’ button found on the Claim Details screen. You are then able to save, print, or share the details of any selected claim. 1QAQA

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How can I tell what status the claim is in?This is found on the Claim Details screen under Customer Information. The Claim Activity eld indicates whether a claim is paid, authorized, denied, or open. You can also see this information from the Claim Search screen in the column titled, Status. What are the dierences between the requested amount and the payable amount found on the Claim Details screen?The requested amount is the amount requested for coverage consideration by the repair facility. Depending on the part’s MSRP, the labor hours listed in AllData, or the average labor rate in the area, the payable amounts may be lower then what was requested. 2What is the dierence between the Repair Number and the Claim Number as found on the Claim Details screen?The Claim Number is the number assigned to the claim by Alpha. The Repair Number is the number assigned to the repair by the repair facility. alphawarranty.comFollow @alphawarranty on social:QQQQAAAA If I have any additional questions about a claim, who should I reach out to? Please reach out to your agent for additional claims support, or to our Sales Support team at 1 800 662 5519, option 5.