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QuickSign Overview

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1. Log in to Zoom.2. Hover over Sales Tools and select “QuickSign.”NEW FEATURES WALK THROUGH3. This will take you to our NEW QuickSign Digital Support landing page.14. On this screen, you can request many of the more common Agent andDealer support requests including:

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NEW DEALER SIGNUPSign up a new dealership to sell Alpha Warranty Services Products.Within a few steps you can quickly and easily signup a new dealer.NEW FEATURE: You can collect the Dealer Signature at any step of the signup. By default, the ‘Collect Signature’ option will be selected.Once you start the signup, you can click on the ‘Dealer Signature’ button at any step. Then simply slide your phone, tablet, or laptop over to the dealer to collect their digital signature.

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NEW DEALER SIGNUP (cont.)NEW FEATURE: The addition of the ‘New Dealer Status’ view will allow you to check the status of pending new dealer signups. You can also pick up where you left off on a new dealer signup you haven’t yet submitted.UPDATE AGENT CONTACT INFORMATIONUpdate your Name, Address, Phone, and Email.Do you have a new address, or contact info? This can all be submitted in this new tool.

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UPDATE DEALER INFORMATIONUpdate a Dealership’s Address, Phone number, Email address, and primary contact information.You can submit a request to update your dealer’s address and other contact info.2ADD/UPDATE DEALER PROGRAMSAdd, update, or remove a dealership’s programs.Easily submit a request to add new or adjust existing programs a dealership can offer, in Zoom.

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2ADD/REMOVE ZOOM USERSMake adjustments to Zoom Users connected to a dealership.Add new or adjust existing Zoom users for a dealership.ADD/REMOVE DEALER NO CHARGEBACKAdjust the No Chargeback benefit for a dealership.It's a simple process to submit a request to add or remove a dealer no chargeback.

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3RD PARTY FINANCINGRequest access to 3rd Party Payment option for dealership.Looking to add one of our third-party financing options? This can be easily requested through this tool.ACTIVATE ALTERNATE MENUSelect a Menu System for dealership integration.Does your dealership already use an existing menu system? You can submit to activate this alternate menu through this tool.

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OVERBILLAdd, update, or remove a dealership’s overbill.You can easily manage the overbills associated with one of your dealerships.ADD/REMOVE SUBAGENTAdd/Remove Agents from your Organization.Allows you to manage any Sub Agents you may have in your agency.

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MODIFY DEFAULT RESERVEAdjust the default reserve for future dealer sign ups.You are able to adjust your default reserve for future new dealers.ADJUST AGENT DEFAULT COMMISSIONAdjust the default commission for future dealer sign ups.You can make changes to your default commission for future new dealers.