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Quarter 4 Report | 2022

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59% October - December60.2% Year To Date Total Percent of General Fund Income given through E-Giving.Spending Breakdown: Year To Date for 2022ADULT MINISTRIES - $498,714 MINISTRY STAFF, GROUPS, SERVING, SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, PASTORAL CARE AND CREATIVE ARTS21.46% MISSIONS - $134,114 LOCAL AGENCY, CHURCH PLANTING AND COMMITTED SUPPORT5.77% CHILDREN AND STUDENT MINISTRIES - $263,505 MINISTRY STAFF, SUNDAY PROGRAMMING, EVENTS, OUTREACH, CRAFT MATERIALS AND FOOD11.34% OPERATIONS - $1,029,228 OPERATIONS STAFF, FACILITIES, OFFICE, COMMUNICATIONS AND I.T.44.28% DEBT SERVICE - $336,313 PRINCIPLE & INTERESTREMAINING DEBT: $3,786,160.0014.47% How generous were we?GENERAL FUND INCOME$702,075.00How much did we spend?GENERAL FUND EXPENSES$667,642.00 Year To Date Total Income: $2,475,928.00 Year To Date Average Weekly Income: $46,464.00 CAPITAL - $62,285 2.68% The FINANCES: How ministry is funded. Year To Date Total Expenses: $2,324,158.00

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October - December Weekly AveragesCOMBINED WORSHIP: 1184 On Campus: 764 | Online: 420 Year To Date Average: 1241On Campus 782 | Online 459FAMILY MINISTRY: 152Kids & Students On Campus Year To Date Average On Campus: 146OCC Food Pantry October - December Totals Households Served: 1,990 | OCC Food Donations: 9,620 lbs. | Volunteer Hours Given: 2,075 Lincoln Christian University OCC is excited to continue its nancial support of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, Illinois. LCU is a Christian higher education community whose mission is to nurture and equip Christians with a Biblical world view to serve and lead in the church and the world. Founded in 1944 as a Bible Institute, LCU continues to embrace its roots while also engaging its future. Today, LCU strives to meet the needs of students by designing a Christ-centered curriculum that not only prepares them for their chosen profession but also gives them the knowledge and desire to live out their faith in this fallen world. For more information visit their website at October - December Totals Social Media NEW FOLLOWERS400Website SERMON PLAYS7,348 CONTACT US10801 Faithful Way, Louisville KY 40229 | 502.962.6500A full nancial report is available upon request.WebsiteVISITS20,397 The WEB: The modern day front door. OUTREACH: LOVE THE 502 & BEYOND THE PEOPLE: It’s all about relationships.October - December Totals IN A GROUP: 394Adult Bible Fellowships, Rooted, Small Groups, Men’s & Women’s Bible StudiesON A SERVING TEAM: 359Kids, Students, Outreach, Worship, Groups, Care & Ministry Support