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Mrs Huble Grows a Garden

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This book was written and published by the Huble Homestead Giscome Portage Heritage Society which has worked since 1984 to preserve and protect the Huble house Volunteers staff and the Regional District of Fraser Fort George have worked tirelessly through the decades to develop the historic site restore and rebuild buildings and share the story of the Huble family Edward Seebach and the lives of pioneers in the area Special thanks to Society staff Krystal Leason and Carli Bennett for authoring the book and to June Swanky Parker for the watercolour illustrations

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Mrs Huble lived in a big white house on the banks of the Fraser River

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She lived with her husband Mr Huble and their daughters Ada Bertha and newborn baby Martha

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Spring was on its way after a long cold winter and the whole family was looking forward to warm weather and fresh fruits and vegetables

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The Huble family lived in the wilderness a long way from any town They only ate vegetables they grew and meat from animals they raised

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To make sure the family had enough food for a whole year the Hubles had a lot of work to do When the snow melted Mr Huble hitched the horses to the plow to turn the earth in the huge garden

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Planting such a large garden took a long time and the whole family needed to help Mr Huble planted row after row of potatoes

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Mrs Huble and Ada planted cabbages onions carrots beets peas and beans

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Soon the seeds sprouted and little rows of green could be seen all through the garden But the weeds weren t far behind

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Ada minded her little sisters while Mrs Huble worked hard to weed the whole garden The mosquitoes were terrible They nipped at her ears Buzz Buzz Buzz

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As summer got nearer and the weather got warmer the Hubles hauled buckets and buckets of water from the well to make sure the plants would grow strong and healthy

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During the hot summer months Mr Huble hilled the potatoes and thinned the carrots He worked in the fields cutting grain to feed the animals all winter

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Mrs Huble was very busy too picking peas and making jams and jellies Some of the First Nations women who lived nearby helped her pick berries and Mrs Huble canned jars and jars of raspberries and blueberries

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When fall arrived the garden was ready to be harvested The whole family worked together to pull carrots beets and onions They picked beans and dug potatoes Then Mrs Huble got to work storing the food for winter

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She preserved cabbages She canned peas carrots and beets Ada helped fill bins full of potatoes and braid onion tops together to hang up for winter

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By the time the snow started to fall the root cellar was bursting at the seams

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After all their hard work

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the Hubles had plenty to eat all through the long winter

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This book is based on a true story that happened in 1913 over one hundred years ago You can still visit the house and learn more about Mr and Mrs Huble and their family by visiting Huble Homestead Historic Site Huble Homestead Historic Site is open daily from Victoria Day to Labour Day and is located 40 kilometres north of Prince George British Columbia just off Highway 97 on Mitchell Road www hublehomestead ca

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