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Discover best-in-class continuing education. Patterson Veterinary University courses are designed to support the careers of every member of a veterinary team. We aim to expand our topics based on current trends and the changing needs of the industry. From complimentary one-hour courses to full medical CE series, our team supports your team.DISCOVER YOUR NEXT CE COURSE AT PATTERSONVETUNIVERSITY.COMLook for this symbol to link you to Patterson Practice Solutions that support the course topic.Digital Booklet InformationCourse headlines and photos link to the registration page to sign up.

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COMPLIMENTARY COURSESNONRACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESPerformance CoachingIt’s time to turn performance reviews into a celebration of goals while utilizing performance coaching to raise the expectations for your team. This course provides a process that empowers you, as a leader, to build success. Top tips include strategies on how to develop action plans with team members that result in positive changes and improved performance. Learn the skills to become the coach your team needs.Leadership focus and actions center primarily on planned mid- to long-term performance. Building culture, setting an intentional direction and developing people are all valuable leadership qualities. With the help of this course, you will learn valuable leadership skills to influence others positively, no matter what role you fill in the practice.The Power of YouWhat is leadership fatigue? The simple definition is lack of work-life balance, often characterized by loss of passion, poor sleep patterns, faking joy and excitement, and loss of the future vision of the practice. Build a plan to identify, prevent, or overcome leadership fatigue and find the vision of your practice again.Leadership Fatigue

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Telephone EtiquetteTelephone etiquette is especially important in competitive client service industries such as veterinary medicine. If it is not properly established, the customer may consider other practices. A call professionally and courteously delivered can further solidify a strong relationship with the client. Telephone etiquette is a fundamental part of customer service, regardless of position.Leaders exist to guide and leverage the greatest qualities of the team; a great leader is a servant to others. Learn the characteristics, knowledge and experience required of servant leadership. When leaders and teams embrace goals together, the team creates a unique synergy.Servant LeadershipCOMPLIMENTARY COURSESNONRACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSES

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Learn how to leave a lasting impression and build a consistent client experience, for the whole practice.(6 RACE CE/CVPM)Communication and ServiceGENERAL COURSESNONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESVeterinary Practice Adaptation and Continuity PlanningLearn how to identify planning needs and priorities while preparing your practice to not only survive but thrive in the face of a pandemic, disaster, or emergency. Develop your plan to pivot, adapt, innovate, and carry on as a stronger business while including your entire team in the process.(3 RACE CE/CVPM)Telehealth Veterinary Curbside CareThis unique and complimentary PVU course focused on veterinary curbside care provides a perspective on how to identify the gaps and opportunities to create a sound curbside plan.(1 RACE CE)

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In this course, learners will discover the path technological advances have paved for radiological artificial intelligence today. Potential benefits to the practice in light of current caseload demands will be highlighted while learners brainstorm how this technology may improve their practice’s workflows.(0.5 RACE CE)Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine This complimentary course focuses on the development of a robust disinfection program that engages the entire team in the process. Learn how a sound approach to disinfection will make your practice a safer place for all who come through your doors.(1 RACE CE)In collaboration with Virox Animal Health.Disinfection: Keys to SuccessGENERAL COURSESMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESMedical terminology is a complex language used daily in veterinary practice and is critical for ecient communication. Learn the foundation of medical terminology with this four-part PVU course for the veterinary support team.(5 RACE CE)Foundations of Veterinary Medical Terminology

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GENERAL COURSESMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESA complete infection control plan is essential in protecting veterinary practices, including patients, those who enter the practice, and the community. Learn what is involved in infection control planning and how the entire team is vital to its success.(1.5 RACE CE)Veterinary Practice Infection ControlIn collaboration with Virox Animal Health.

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The development of an intentional chart of accounts is a critical piece of organizing your practice’s financial data. Learn to help ensure your practice is positioned to make the best financial decisions.(1 RACE CE)Chart of Accounts: What It Is and Why It MattersAre you charged with managing your practice’s controlled substances program? Learn about critical compliance measures, including best practices, when implementing your plan. (1 RACE CE)Controlled Substance CompliancePVUelectives NONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESIt is always painful to not be able to trust everyone on your team. Loss prevention is a vital component of risk management and critical to veterinary practice management. Now is the time to audit your practice’s loss prevention position.(1 RACE CE)Loss Prevention in Veterinary Practices

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The Profit and Loss statement does not have to be an intimidating report. For those with minimal experience, this reading course hits the high points of the P&L. Register now to learn the components of the report and how to use this report properly.(1 RACE CE)Unraveling the P&L StatementPVUelectives NONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESHaving a team that conducts themselves with professionalism is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating a positive workplace culture and reputable business. The trouble is, “professionalism” can be a tricky thing to define.(1 RACE CE)What Is Professionalism?

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A well-prepared dental operatory requires the right instruments and equipment. Learn what equipment you need, how to keep it functioning long-term, and how to protect your patients by using it appropriately.(1 RACE CE)Dental Equipment, Use, and MaintenanceThe key to making sure we are treating the patients in need of periodontal therapy requires understanding how each team member is a crucial part of the dental team. Learn the compliance opportunities we have when utilizing appropriate client education. This course is designed for each member of the veterinary team.(1 RACE CE)Building a Thriving Dental PracticeTHE BASICS OF VETERINARY DENTISTRY 101MEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESProper dental charting is a must with periodontal therapies. To recognize what is abnormal, a solid understanding of oral anatomy is essential. Learn what is necessary for a complete oral examination and how to chart it in a way that allows us to track the patient’s progress and treatment.(1 RACE CE)Oral Anatomy and Charting

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THE BASICS OF VETERINARY DENTISTRY 101MEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESReady to take your dental program to the next level? Bundle and save time by registering for all five courses now. (5 RACE CE available)Medical Team SeriesWhen it comes to dental care, the real work begins when the patient goes home. Learn what the owner needs to know about their animal’s treatment and how we can help our clients succeed with prevention at home. This course is designed for the entire veterinary team.(1 RACE CE)The Discharge Appointment and Home CareUnderstanding and recognizing oral pathologies is a crucial part of the oral examination and charting processes. Learn common oral pathologies found in dogs and cats, how to chart them, and the necessary treatments.(1 RACE CE)Common Oral Pathology

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THE BASICS OF VETERINARY DENTISTRY 101MEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESAs a valuable member of the veterinary support team, register for these dental courses designed with you in mind. (2 RACE CE available)Support Team BundlePresented by Mary Berg, BS, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry) The Basics of Dentistry 101 is a five-course refresher series focusing on basic dentistry written and presented by Mary Berg. Mary is a charter member of the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians, received her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Dentistry in 2006 and is founder and president of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education, a veterinary dental consulting service. She has more than 15 years of experience in teaching dentistry to veterinary teams, using practical and easy-to-master methods. Mary is a textbook author, speaker and dental wet lab instructor at numerous state and national conferences.

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Inventory management is so much more than ordering and receiving supplies. Learn the most ecient ways to control yourhospital’s number two expense.(6 RACE CE/CVPM)Inventory ManagementWith education and application, financial fluency is in your future. This course alleviates fear by providing education and tools that enhance financial activities through maximizing revenue, smart expense management and profit planning. (6 RACE CE/CVPM)Financial ManagementHuman resources is not just a thing you do, it’s the thing that runs your business. Building a team comes with its HR challenges. Blending management structure with leadership actions will help you build a solid team.(6 RACE CE/CVPM)Human Resource ManagementMANAGEMENT COURSES NONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSES

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MANAGEMENT COURSES NONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESDevelop safety plans and help ensure compliancewith the help of tools and templates. Learn fromour subject matter expert.(6 RACE CE/CVPM)OSHA and Safety ManagementDrive intentional strategy to build and maintainyour reputation with marketing materials thatsupport it.(6 RACE CE/CVPM)Reputation ManagementTake all five management courses at once andbuild your skill set for the future when you bundleand save.(30 RACE CE available)Management Series

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Most veterinary practice owners do not believe the data they have is of value and that there is no reason a hacker would want to attack them. Only to learn, sadly, the importance of cyber security and the value of the data, after being hacked.(2 RACE CE)Level 300 Course:Protect Your PracticeResponsibly managing your practice network requires learning how to think like a professional to manage your IT needs, reduce your technology costs, and maximize eciencies. It all starts with understanding why technology pros choose the hardware they do and how it impacts your practice and budget.(2 RACE CE)Level 100 Course:The Veterinary Practice NetworkYour veterinary practice data is most valuable to you. The biggest mistake made by veterinary practice leadership is how data backups are managed, which leads to costly downtime and lost data. Learn how to prioritize data management in your veterinary practice.(2 RACE CE)Level 200 Course:Veterinary Practice DataVETERINARY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FUNDAMENTALSNONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSES

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Ready to start thinking like a Chief Information Ocer? Bundle and save time registering for all three courses now.(6 RACE CE available)Veterinary IT Fundamentals SeriesVETERINARY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FUNDAMENTALSNONMEDICAL RACE CE | VIRTUAL COURSESPresented by Clint Latham, founder of Lucca Lucca was founded by Clint Latham. With two senior Yorkies, Clint understands the need to have a trusted veterinarian to care for his family members. Clint’s goal is to help uncover the mystery of IT and cyber security for DVMs across the country so that they can focus on what is most important: quality care for our four-legged family members. While working and speaking with veterinary hospitals all across the country, Clint saw a drastic increase in the number of cyber attacks to private practice. Clint decided to build a solution to keep hospitals protected while simultaneously keeping IT costs under control, providing veterinary hospitals the services they need and nothing they don’t.

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Need help? We’ve got you covered. Send us an email at SupportRESOURCESOur Insight magazine is full of stories and information that support your practice – from continuing education to new equipment to technology solutions. Read the magazine > Articles of InterestOur blog covers topics on everything from infection control to ways to energize your team. Read more >PVUfluent Blog

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Industry-leading continuing education, on demand.EDUCATION ONLINETHAT FITS YOUR TIMELINE.Six advantages to Patterson Veterinary University online continuing education. 1. 90-day access 2. Downloadable tools and resources included 3. Courses are optimized for all electronic devices 4. Facilitated by credentialed subject matter experts 5. Many CVPM-approved courses 6. VPS eligibleCREDITSMedical and non-medical RACE CE TIME90 days of access to your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphoneCOSTComplimentary and fee-based courses oered, priced per personENROLL AT PATTERSONVETUNIVERSITY.COM

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