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            Purple is for Vampire Squid

discovering the worlds perfectly purple animals

The weird and colorful world of animals

By Arnav Chopra

Purple is for

Vampire squid

Purple is for Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is a small cephalopod.It shares similarities between both octopus and squid.The most distinguishing feature about it is its big blue eyes.The cool thing is its tentacles are webbed.The tentacles have small teeth on their sides.

The most amazing thing about the vampire squid is the fact that it is part of taxa with several extinct species.The taxa it is in is vampyromorphida.The squid is the last of this taxa.It was originally thought to look like an octopus.It was moved to this taxa because people thought it didn’t feel like an octopus.

Name: Vampire squid                                     

Species Name: Vampyroteuthis  infernalis                    

Size: 1 ft

Diet: they eat debris called detritus

predators and threats: none

 Habitat: the deep sea 600-1000 meters down

purple is for Portuguese man o war

Purple is for Portuguese man o war.The Portuguese man o war has the 2nd most powerful jellyfish sting in the world.The man o war was named after a famous ship, the ship had 124 guns, 3 masts, and had the ability to swim at 8 or 9 knots.The creatures nickname is ‘The Floating Terror’ based on its sting capability.The floating terror's sting can be treated with vinegar, It may stink but it is helpful.The whole Gelatinous part of the man o wars body is actually its gas filled bladder.In addition to some scary names, it has names that don't suit it very well such as,’Portuguese Lil Boat’ or ‘The Monks hat Jellyfish’.

The most interesting thing about this “jellyfish” is that it is actually not a jellyfish, it is a siphonophore.A siphonophore is A zooid animal.The animal is made up of other animals that control its actions.The animals are called polyps.The polyps have 3 different jobs in the man o wars body, the gas bladder, the tentacles, and the food digesting.

Friends forever

Name: Portuguese man o war

Species name: Physalia Physalis

Size: Gas bladder is 9-30 cm with the tentacles being 33-100 ft

Diet: Feeds on small water animals like plankton and small fish.

Habitat: The surface of the ocean mainly in tropical ocean regions.Winds drive them onto beaches.

Threats: The Portuguese man o war is eaten by loggerhead turtles which eat man o wars because the sting isn't strong enough to penetrate the skin of the turtle.

Purple is for Janthina Janthina

Purple is for Janthina Janthina. Janthina Janthina is a gastropod.this snail is a sea snail that only lives on the surface of the ocean.The snails are commonly called violet sea snails or purple storm snails.The snails are pelagic meaning they stay on the surface a lot.They start as male snails then switch onto the female species of the snail.

The sea snails create bubble rafts.The only phase of the species that swims is the larvae of the snail.The adults create bubble rafts to float and stay at the surface.Since they don't control where they can go they wash up on beaches due to strong winds.The animal prefers to float upside down so its head can stay in the water.

DIY Raft

Name: violet sea snail

Species name: Janthina Janthina

Size: 38-41 mm

Diet: Portuguese man o war or other pelagic hydrozoans

Habitat: Tropical waters

Predators and threats: unknown

purple is for hagfish

The Hagfish is known as the most disgusting animal.The nickname for the fish is slime eel.The hagfish is actually classified as agnatha, not an eel.The Agnatha are jawless.The fish have a skull and a vertebral column but its bones are made of cartilage.

The Hagfish secrete slime as a defense.The slime is released from slime glands throughout the body.The slime is created in little holes on the side of the fishes body.The slime chokes anything that tries to eat it.The fish can produce enough slime to fill a bucket in less than a minute.

Slimy Business


Species name: Myxini

Size: 0.5 m or 19.1 in

Diet: shrimps, crabs, birds, and even whale flesh

Habitat: ocean floor

Predators: not many due to its incredible slime.

Purple is for purple frog

Purple is for Indian purple frog.The Indian purple frog is Purpler and fatter compared to other frogs. This awkwardly colored frog Surfaces only during monsoon season.The frog spends most of its life underground.They live in the cold mountains.

The Indian purple frog is very different from most frogs or amphibians.The frog has a snout.The snout is used by the frog to eat its food.So it can't catch flying insects like flies or bees.

Nosey snout

Name: Purple Frog 

Species Name: Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis

Size: 7cm

Diet: Termites

Habitat: western ghats in India

threats: unknown

purple is for purple grenadier

Purple is for the purple grenadier.Beautiful birds that are a very beautiful purple.Very delicate and tame in captivity.Aggressive to birds they share a territory with.The males are purple and brown.the females are white and brown with white specks.

The birds are sexually dimorphic.The female does all the work.The female picks the nest location.The male is only present during mating.The females take care of only the kids.

Just doing my job

Name: purple grenadier

Species Name: Uraeginthus ianthinogaster

Size:13.3 cm


habitat: Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania

Threats: humans

purple is for axolotl

Purple is for Axolotl.The Axolotl is an amphibian that has the biggest grin ever.It originates from lake xomichilo in New Mexico. these animals are very close to extinction due to pollution and hunting.The Aztecs used to eat these as a staple part of their diet.They don’t go through metamorphosis and they still reach adulthood.

Axolotls are unlike most amphibians.They stay gilled their whole life.They do not stumble towards the land like babies taking their first steps after being babies.They just stay aquatic forever.This is why they don't go through metamorphosis.

Its Metamorphing time

Name: axolotl

Species name: Ambystoma Mexicanum

Size: 14-45 cm or 12 in 

Diet: insects,worms,brine shrimp

Habitat: Lake Xochimilco or Mexico lakes

Threats: pollution ,storks, Herons

purple is for purple moorhen

Purple is for Purple Moorhen.The purple moorhen is also called the western moorhen or purple swamphen.The birds have the reputation of being clumsy.The birds are seasonal breeders.Their call is thought to be loud and unlike a bird, like a dying goose.

The cool thing is that both sexes incubate the egg.Incubation takes 28-31 days.The birds are fed by both sexes.The chicks are fed by group members.The chicks remain in nests for days.


Name: purple moorhen

Species name: Porphyrio porphyrio

Size: Hen sized

Diet: tender shoots and attack eels

Habitat: northern India

Threats: human pollution/interaction with habitat.

Purple is for violet backed starling

Purple is for violet backed starling.The bird is a small species of Sturnidae. They are not on ground much.They have had a 30% population decline, but are yet an LC (least concern) on the endangered animal list .female incubates 2-4 eggs.

this bird stays with one mate until he or she dies. the birds do stuff together mainly but the female does most of the jobs.these birds are also sexually dimorphic.the term of staying with one mate is called being monogamous.the male is usually involved i  just the mating

Lovers for life

Name: Violet-backed Starling.

Species name: Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

Size: 18 cm

Diet: Insects

Habitat: Sahara area of africa

Threats: Humans

purple is for violet-crowned woodnymph

Purple is for Violet crowned woodnymph.The violet-crowned woodnymph is a very colorful bird.The male has a purple and green coloration while the female is green-blue, white and gray.This bird is a hummingbird meaning it is very small.These birds are sexually dimorphic meaning that the females do most of the work.Males court females by flying in a V shape.

This bird has been classified as a medium-sized hummingbird.The size of this bird is 8.4-9 cm long, so I don't know what makes it medium.The biggest hummingbird is 8.5 in! This bird should not even be considered medium because it is nothing compared to this bird.This bird weighs 5 grams but the biggest is 24 grams.

Name:violet-crowned woodnymph

Species name: Thalurania Colombica Colombica

Size:8.4-9 cm long and weigh 5g


habitat:Guatemala,Belize,Venezuela,and northern Colombia

Threats: human interaction with habitat

Locations of the perfectly purple animals

Zooid: an animal arising from another by budding or division, especially each of the individuals that make up a colonial organism and typically have different forms and functions.

Siphonophore: an order of hydrozoa

Captivity: the condition of being imprisoned or confined.

Gland: an organ in the human or animal body that secretes slime from the side of the hagfishes body

Sexual dimorphism: distinct difference in size or appearance between the sexes of an animal. 

Metamorphism:(in an insect or amphibian) the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.

Monogamous: When an animal stays with one mate until it dies.