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The CAPP Partnership Program serves as a resource for PureSpring Institute alumni and partners, providing the vital link between apostolic, prophetic, and priestly leadership equipping and the ongoing active ministry and leadership practices of our partners.

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Community of Apostolic & Prophetic Practice (CAPP) is the partnership network of
PureSpring Institute that convenes a kingdom community of multisector leaders
committed to missional impact by following in the steps of Christ and His apostles and
prophets through a fourfold rhythm of sustained study, intercessory prayer, practical
ministry, and cultural impact projects in the regular company of colleagues.
The CAPP Network is a resource for PureSpring Institute alumni and partners, providing
the vital link between apostolic, prophetic, and priestly leadership capacities explored
through our programs and the ongoing active ministry and leadership practices of alumni.
About Us
Our Mission
Community of Apostolic & Prophetic Practice (CAPP) is the partnership network of
PureSpring Institute that brings together leaders who seek to invest in building a
movement of apostolic and prophetic . CAPP convenes a coalition of multisector apostolic
and prophetic leaders through a fourfold framework for prayer, relationship and kingdom
Our Vision
We envision a movement of multisector apostolic and prophetic leaders rising up in New
England who desire to discern, develop, deploy, and disciple others for the purpose of
increased societal engagement from New England to the nations.
Key Scripture
Ephesians 2:20 “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus
himself as the chief cornerstone.” NIV
Our Strategy
Build CAPP Partners who invest in the development of leadership networks through local,
regional, and national apostolic-prophetic chapters bringing together peer mentors in
healthy, covenantal relationships for prayer, worship, study, accountability and leadership
practice on a regular basis.


Multi-Sector Engagement
Mountains of Society
From this Mountain the regulation of order, safety, equality or lack thereof are established.
The realm where a community’s collective knowledge, skills and values are passed from
one generation to the next.
The realm of economics describes a community’s management of natural resources, goods
and services.
In a broad, universal sense, religion” is a collection of beliefs, dogmas, rituals, symbols and
myths that relate human beings to spirituality and moral values.
Extending from the family unit, this Mountain consists of individuals dedicated to the
general care of health and family.
The Mountain of Art and Entertainment exists to provide aesthetic beauty, amusement, and
diversions from ordinary life. Each culture has its own unique position on this Mountain.
This Mountain combines development with communication, and it also represents the tools
we use to carry this out.
Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on
the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and
that recognizes the dignity of every human being.
CAPP Partner Commitments: CAPP Model
Daniel 11:32b-33a (NKJV)
“…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. And those
of the people who understand shall instruct many…”
Based on the PureSpring equipping framework, CAPP convenes multisector leaders to
engage apostolic and prophetic action through a biblical model best summarized from the
Book of Daniel as: Know God, Be Strong, Do Great Exploits, and Grow Others.
KNOW: Discern wisdom and spiritual insights proceeding from the mouths of God’s
apostles and prophets as we submit to one another and consult together.
BE: Develop intentional commitments to personal integrity and be pro-active in
building relationships of accountability with one another as God fearing multi- sector
DO: Deploy the new strategies and systems to effectively engage and transform the
systems of culture.
GROW: Deepen kingdom alliances and partnership with other key individuals,
networks, and streams of ministry that have a desire for transformation (generational,
societal, congregational, educational, etc.)
Why Join CAPP
The CAPP Network features:
Year-round engagement --Opportunities to engage with the PureSpring community are
offered in 8 sectors each focused on strategic kingdom engagement in that area. On-going
engagements that bring members together to network, share knowledge, and collaborate
on new and continuing commitments.
Connection to the resources of the PureSpring Institute community
Mentoring, support, and guidance for alumni interests and initiatives
A continuum of training and development
CAPP Partnership Levels
There are two ways leaders can initially get involved in CAPP. One is as a “Partner”
(described below), and the other is as a “Participant.”
A Participant is someone who sees the value of Pinnacle Forum and is interested in finding
out more, but isn’t yet ready to sign up as a Partner. This is a “taste and see” opportunity,
where we connect someone who wants to start as a Participant to an existing Forum or a
new one that’s starting.
After a few months of experiencing a Forum, Participants then have the option to sign up as
a Partner or decide that ongoing involvement with Pinnacle Forum in a Forum as a Partner
is not for them at this time.
If you’d like to explore Pinnacle Forum as a Participant please contact us here.
What is a Partner?
A “Partner” is a member of Pinnacle Forum who commits to do the following:
Actively participate in a local Forum or Video TeleForum, TeleConferences, the
National Conference and other Pinnacle Forum events, for the purpose of on-going
personal transformation in Christ and to discover and execute his/her God-given
calling to transform culture..
Work through his/her sphere of influence and employ time and resources to
transform lives, communities and local and national culture.
Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with other influencers, and pray regularly for
God’s guidance, wisdom and blessing upon Pinnacle Forum and its Partners and
their impact on our culture.
Keep any information or knowledge gained about any Pinnacle Forum Partner
confidential, unless given a release to do so by the Partner to share with others.
Support the Pinnacle Forum movement with a contribution of at least $1,200 per
year (or $100 per month). $800 of this investment provides support for the local
Chapter and $400 provides support for the National Support Center to plant and
grow Forums and Chapters across the nation.
Refrain from self-promotion of business or organizations to other Partners.
Participant Benefits
$25 per Month ($300 Annual)
1. Certificate of Membership
2. Monthly Teleconference Call
3. Monthly Newsletter Updates
4. CAPP Cafe: April, Sept
5. 10% Discount off all PSI Events, Courses and Resources
CAPP Partnership Benefits
$50 per month ($600 Annual)
1. Certificate of Membership
2. Monthly Teleconference Call
3. Monthly Newsletter Updates
4. Annual CAPP Summit
5. Bi-Annual CAPP Cafe
6. 15% Discount off all PSI Courses and Resources
7. Invitation to ICAL Meetings & Conferences & Resources
8. 14- Video Program on The Practice of PL
Individual Partnership Levels
1. $50/month - Partnership
2. $25/month Participant
CAPP Events
Bi-Annual CAPP Café
At least twice per year, CAPP Partners gather for 3-4 hours of _____.
Annual CAPP Summit
CAPP Partners receive a complimentary registration to attend the PSI Annual CAPP
Leadership Summit, held in June. PureSpring designed the CAPP Summit to bring
together senior leaders who share insights and strategies that equip leaders at all
stages of ministry to harness the vitality of the apostolic and prophetic spirit. At the
Annual Summit, Partners discover how to have high level impact in our 21st century
world, and receive powerful spiritual impartation that turns calling into
CAPP Application
Individual Partnership Levels
3. $50/month - Partnership
4. $25/month Participant