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Angel lived in Guatemala and was born there when he was 18 he decided that he wanted to make his own money he did not want to depend on his parents anymore. He wanted to have a good job to maintain his parents and not let his other sibilings suffer.

He decided to leave Guatemala and decided to come to the United States because he said that Guatemala is a poor country,theres many criminals, and the economic in Guatemala is low. He said thats the reason why people cross to the USA  to have a better job with a high wage and have a better future.

His expierence getting to the Unites States was having to walk for hours, having to starve in the desert, freezing, and having to pass by places that are dangerous and knowing when to ride the train.He also said that having to risk your life because in the desert there could be bad people.

He said people who are citizens have treat him good, he said some are friendly . He also said that theres people who have treat him bad because people who are citizens think that since he's a illegal immigrant he is a criminal and some are racist to him.

Something he misses the most from his hometown is the traditions. 

Something he enjoys the most about living in the United States is working on something he likes, and having the opportunity to have what he wishes for.