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Anne Frank Responses



By: Rohit Mulajker, Anthony Botta, and Brandon Raley




Anne is starting to think that the war will not end before the green police find them. For example she says, “ it isn't our fault that the world is falling apart” which means that Anne feels that she shouldn't be hiding in an attic when she never did anything. She also said “ what's the good of thinking of misery when you are already miserable” which means that they should be thinking on the bright side of things not the bad side.

It’s important to keep reading about Anne because you can learn how she lived at the concentration camps. It’s important to learn more because Anne was in the same camp as one of her family members but never knew it. Also, Peter and Mr. Frank were at the same camp but Peter got moved to a new camp just before the allies found the camp. Then, if you keep learning about Anne you would learn that her father was the only one who survived. That is why it’s important to keep learning about Anne Frank.




I agree that some people don’t need friends . Some people like materialistic things such as valuable items like gold, cash, and jewelry. This is mainly because they’re greedy. However sometimes people might just need money and at the time. Other people don’t like friends because they feel that one day, when their friend passes away they don’t want to get emotional, knowing that their friend may not have been completely honest with them during their friendship. This however is what triggers people to say that one day, they will move on and never see their friend again. Only wondering what they could have done to make the friendship stronger. However, some need friends for comfort, and to know that somebody cares for them.


When Mr. Frank makes this statement, he means that none of them will be the same when they walk out of the hiding spot. What that means is that they will be different. This experience would have changed them forever. They are beginning to hate each other. And can barely survive with the food they have. He knows that going out of hiding would change their personality.

If I was a protector I would say that I would have felt really good. Even though I know that I would face the same fatalities as the jews would, had they been caught, I would feel good. A big factor that comes into play is where the hiding spot is and how that the family likes it. If they can be silent enough to live in that spot then I would have faith in them, but if they were either really rowdy, or the spot just didn’t fit them then I would not feel as confident. Mainly because the chances of getting caught are higher.


    At the end of the scene, Anne and her family as well as all Jewish people had been placed on several restrictions such as leaving your jobs, not being able to go to a dutch school, could not go to the movies, or ride in a automobile, and the had to wear the Yellow Star of David. If I could not go to the movies then I would have to find another way to entertain myself. If I was fired from my business then I would have no money to look after my family and pay for essential items that we need to live with. If I could not drive an automobile then I would have to look at other ways to get around the community and to transport myself from one place to another.  These certain limitations would make me mad.


In this scene I just think that Anne just gets tired and exhausted from hiding out all this time in the little makeshift warehouse rooms above the workplace and with how much food they get. They are just starving and can not think straight. On page 843, Anne expresses that the grown ups have had a chance to life their life and that it wasn't their fault that they are children during a time period of war. This shows how desperate they are to hope the war ends soon and how frustrated they are with the living conditions that they have.


If I were Mr. Frank I would have returned to their hiding place so that he could re-live all the good and bad memories that were made while they were hiding. I would have returned to see if the building where they were hiding was still there and to see if anyone ever found out about where  their hiding spot was. Also, I would go to the old hiding spot so I could see how they used to live compared to how he lives now. Then, I would go back to see if there was anything left behind from his family or the Van Daan’s. Finally , I would go back to their hiding spot to see how lucky they were on not being found by the Nazi’s.

    When the telephone rings and Mr. Frank yet again ignores it is only to keep his cover. Unlike the other he does not succumb to the pressure and does not want to answer the phone. He made the right decision to not pick up the phone. If he had possibly picked up the phone he would have blown his hiding cover and might have possibly put the rest of the family's life in danger. I would have done the same thing and would have not picked up the phone no matter how much I wanted to. I would think about all the consequences that would come if I had picked up the phone such as blowing our hideout spot and possibly getting caught.

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Act II SceneV Brandon Raley Rohit Mulajker Anne Brandon Raley
Act II Scene I Brandon Raley Rohit Mulajker Margot Brandon Raley
Act I Scene I Brandon Raley Rohit Mulajker Mrs. Frank Brandon Raley
Act II Scene II Anthony Botta Brandon Raley MR.Frank Brandon Raley
Act II Scene III Anthony Botta Brandon Raley Mr. Van Daan Brandpn Raley
Act I Scene II Anthony Botta Brandon Raley Mrs. Van Daan Brandon Raley
Act I Scene I Rohit Mulajker Anthony Botta Peter Van Daan Brandon Raley
Act II Scene I Rohit Mulajker Anthony Botta Mr. Kraler Brandon Raley
Act II Scene IV Rohit Mulajker Anthony Botta Miep Brandon Raley
      Yellow Star of David Brandon Raley