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Irfan Amzar


Thaumatropes is a type of toy that uses a piece of cardboard (or something alike) that has 2 different images on the faces and string tied to the sides.

When spun quickly, creates the illusion that the 2 images are together. For example, a bird in a cage.

  Thaumatropes                          Zoetropes                            Phenakistascopes

Zoetropes is a circular drum that has slits around it and images within it. When spun, it creates a continous animation. 

Simple Animations


Phenakistascopes are an earlier type of zoetrope. Instead of a spinning drum, it is a circular papar that is attached to a pin wheel and also has slits in the sides.

The phenakistascopes face a mirror and is seen through the slits. When spun it creates a continous animation.