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By kaitlan morris


Reasons why children go in to care


In this booklet i will be talking about reasons for children and young people being put into care. I will be talking about potential reasons such as family related and child or young people related i will also being talking about legislation involved in this topic.


The children act 2004 was designed with guiding principles in mind for the care and support of children. These are. 

- To allow children to be healthy 

- Allowing children to remain safe in their Enviroment 

- Helping children to enjoy life

- Assist children in their quest to succeed 

- Help make a contribution - a positive contribution -to loves of children 

- Help achieve economic stability for the children's futures.

The children's Act (1989-2004)

There are 2 routes that can be taken when dealing with removing children from there family homes. 

  1. Section 20 - This section allows the parents of the children to keep there parental responsibilities and then they work with the parents on how to keep the family communicating with each other. This section is for parents who need extra help parenting there children, this may be because of learning disabilities, physical disabilities ect. Under this section the parents still have a say on what happens to there child. For example if a single mother with a child who has a physical disability may struggle to give that child the full care they need so that they will need extra help from authorities. 

  2. Section 31- This section is when all parental responsibilities are lost and passed on to social services, the child will then be taken away from the family enviroment if the child is in any serious danger to prevent this they will go for this route under section 31. For example a parent who is on drugs and has no intention of getting help or getting of the drugs this is when section 31 will take place and the parent will loose all responsibility of that child.


Potential reasons why a child may be taken into care.

Behaviour needs and risk, this is when a child needs more attention than others to fully concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing for example a child that has ADHD will find it hard to concentrate off there own accord and get distracted eaisily. Other child related reasons may be a child might have learning difficulties so they will also need that extra help weather its with work/education or day to day tasks. 

A child may also have physical difficulties such as being in a wheelchair therefor will need extra help getting from place to place.

Child related reasons.

Family Related Reasons

Potential reasons why a child may be taken into care through family related issues such as berevement or upheaval for example someone in the family might of passed away. Also another reason may be because of parental illness for example if there is a single parent and they become ill this can stop that parent from looking after that child properly and not giving the right care needed this can be another reason why children go into care also parental incapacity this means the” Welfare and Institutions Section 300(b) defines parental incapacity as follows: The child has suffered, or there is a substantial risk the child will suffer, serious physical harm or illness as a result of the inability of the parent or guardian to provide regular care.

Also another potential reason why a child may go into care is suspected or actual maltreatment this means when a child has been abused physically and emotionally and sexually or there has been suspitions that this has happened also the neglect of a child can result to the child going into care to. For example if a child is being sexually abused by someone in the family or if a child has been neglected by parents such as not giving them the right care they need risking there health and education and physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

Family related reasons.

Overall there are various ways in which children and young people cope with things its not always because they are ‘naughty’ there needs just haven't been identified and that's when caring for children and young people identifying there needs is so important so that they get the right care and so that children don't get that label. In this booklet i have explained the potential reasons why a child may go into care this should help you relate to a child who is going through this more and should give you more of a understanding on why children go into care.