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How to make a coil pot.

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Friendship day

By: Brittany and Becca








Published May 19, 2014

Piglet wants to make a special gift for Pooh. He decides on a honey pot because Pooh loves his honey. This also means he will be making something functional, not decorative

Piglet will make a coil jar with a slab base. First, he has to wedge his clay. Piglet wedges his clay by using the palms of his hands to press down along the clay, at least 50 times in order to get any air bubbles out. To keep clay from drying out, he has to make sure to put the extras in a damp cloth and a closed bag.  Then he has to roll it into coils.

Next he needs to check to see if he has all the required tools in his tool box!

But Piglet cannot forget the 3 main steps to making a coil project. SCORE, SLIP, KNITT.

Score is taking your fork and making lines to match each side of the two pieces. Slip is yogerty substance that you put between the two peices to act like a glue. Knit is pulling your two pecies only slightly to connect the two together

After the coils are made, Piglet has to decide how to arrange them. It could be a horizontal, vertical, or a spiral type of coil.

Piglet decides to add honey letters on the jar. That process is called additive detail. He doesn't use any subtractive detail, or the pot would not be funcional to hold all of Pooh's honey! Subtractive means to carve part way through the clay. Negative means to cut through the clay pot completely.

Before his pot goes in to the kiln for firing, he has to sand it to make it smooth. Before his pot goes into the kiln it is called green ware. After his pot goes through the kiln it is called bisque ware. When his pot is glazed and goes through the kiln again, it is called glaze ware.

The pot is put into the kiln at cone 04/1940 degrees fahrenheit. Once it is out, Piglet is able to rinse it off and begin glazing after waiting 15 minutes for his pot to dry.

Piglet begins to glaze his pot. He needs at lease 3 coats to make sure the glaze sticks to the pot rather than burning off in the kiln, or looking sloppy.

After Piglet is done glazeing, he puts his glazed piece back into the kiln at cone 05-06/1915 degrees fahrenheit.

Once everything is completed, Piglet takes his pot out of the kiln. He is so excited to give his newly made pot to Pooh that he begins running towards Pooh's house as fast as he possibly can. Just before he reaches Pooh's house, he trips and falls and Pooh's pot breaks.

Pooh is walking out his front door just as he sees Piglet fall. Piglet was so upset as he explained to Pooh how he made him a friendship pot and also how he broke it. Pooh said "Not to worry, I'll fix it up with my magical honey". As piglet watched pooh took some of his magical honey and brought the pot back together once again. The end (: