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The city of Buenos Aires and its 

best tourist places

The tourist of buenos aires

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city to visit for the following reasons:  

In ´´Barracas de belgrano´´ there is a chinece-town. You can eat traditional food and there are some markets.Where you can buy souvenirs and food.

In the street ´´Corrientes´´ are a lot of theatres, for example; ´Gran Rex´ and ´ Luna Park´. Also there are tipical ´pizzerias´, for example; ´guerin´ and ´bachero´. You can see a tipical show of ´´Tango´´ in ´Bachero tango´.

The theatre ´´Colon´´ is most biggest in the city. It makes a scene about ballet and opera. It was founded on the 25 of 1908.

One of biggest scmentery is neighbourhood ´´Reecoleta´´ . There are visit-guide from 10:00 to 18:00 hs. In front of the scmentery are cafes and restorants. It was opened since 1822.

Other naighbourhood in Bs. As. city: ´´Palermo soho´´. You can buy clotes, make up, shoes and souvenirs. There are many restourants of differents countries, for example; mexican and armenian