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PDHPE Assignment


Leah Lonnon

During your puberty girls hips will get bigger and everyone will most likely get acne. You will begin to sweat more and your body odor will become stronger. Puberty happens in stages for example a girl may begin to grow breasts but does not get her period until a couple years later.

The changes in the body are: Breast development - Changes in body shape and height - Growth of pubic hair and facial hair and the beginning of the period (menstruation).

Puberty is a stage in life where your body matures and you start to become an adult. Girls usually start puberty around 10 - 14 while boys start at 12 - 16. Puberty affects the body differently for girls and boys.

About Puberty

Why Do We Get Pimples?

Oil glands in the skin become overactive. Stress can trigger acne, while acne can trigger stress, its a very harsh cycle. When in stress you produce hormones, including cortisol which would stimulate your oil glands to produce testosterone.

Body acne is caused by the same part that produced facial acne. Dead skin cells are trapped within the follicle and then create the blockage.

We get pimples becuase of these glands that make sebum, it is an oil that covers your hair and skin. If there is too much sebum and dead skin cells then bacteria may get trapped inside your pores and multiply.

Girls PMS due to hormone changes in the menstruation cycle which would most likely be the important cause. The hormone changes may affect some woman more than others. Stress and emotional problems seem to not be the cause of it but they might make it worse

PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. The "Pre" mean before and the "menstruation" refers to the menstruation cycle. Also not girl will most likely PMS but girls who do will find they have similar physical and emotion symptoms. The symptoms will occur the week before their period.

Why Do Girls PMS?

Why Do Guys Have More Facial Hair

Androgens are present in both genders during puberty which causes thick and darker hair the the pubic areas and under the armpits. Men have more Adnrogens than wommen which is why men will find they have hair on their chest, upper lip and face.

Facial hair in males will not always appear in a specific order during puberty and range among some individuals. The first facial hair that may grow would be in the corners of your upper lip (11- 15). The ability to growwbeard is dictated by the way in which a man's body reacts to testosterone.