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Parshas Yisro begins with the story of יתרו , the father-in-law of משה , as he joins the Jewish people. The
אזנים לתורה wonders why the Torah places this incident in the same פרשה as קבלת התורה and מעמד הר
סיני , receiving the Torah at Sinai.
4:42 PM
February 2, 2018
יז שבט תשעח
פרשת יתרו
· February 3 Torah Academy Ladies
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· February 5 Williston PTA
conferences, 4:00 pm dismissal for
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· מזל טוב to 5B on finishing the גמרא of יאוש שלש מדעת
· On Monday, all of our math teachers attended a Singapore Math
Professional Development session given by Ms. Terry Goldfisher, an
expert math educator and representative from the Math in Focus
curriculum we use. The teachers had the opportunity to learn more
about the unique approach, engage in hands on activities, and ask
questions. It was very well well-received. Later that night, Ms.
Goldfisher gave a presentation for parents of an overview of the math
approach and offered suggestions for how parents could support their
children's learning.
· The boys grade 3-8 STEM Fair took place on Thursday. It was so nice
for parents and other students to come and listen to the boys explain
their projects. Of special interest was the bridge engineering contest.
· The 8th grade girls G.O. Tu B”Shevat program included the amazing
finals of the brachos contest. The winner was: grades 1-5, Tzipora
Bier and in grades 6-8, Naama Atar, Bina Rosmarin, Chaya Shaindel
Mintzes, Bina Rosmarin and Devorah Zazula As a finale, all the girls
created fruit leather flowers.
· מזל טוב to 4G on finishing פרשת ויחי . They have now completed all of
Sefer Bereishis
He offers an explanation by demonstrating that the
פרשיות surrounding מתן תורה reference three
categories of individuals:
The first group are those who שמעו עמים ירגזון , the
nations of the world who heard of the tremendous
miracles that occurred. They were so
overwhelmed that they trembled in fear. The effect
of these נסים , miracles, was so indelible, that even
years later, they were still remembered. When
יהושע sent the מרגלים on an espionage mission to
יריחו , Rachav made mention of these events. While
this group was emotionally impacted, they did not
act on their emotions and did not strive to join the
ranks of .כלל ישראל
The second group, עמלק , was of a different mettle
altogether. They willfully ignored the obvious
message of these miracles, and despite this clear
indication that כלל ישראל was being guided by
Hashem, they, nevertheless, engaged בני ישראל in
The third group is represented by יתרו . He heard of
the נסים and was not content to merely be inspired
by their occurrence. He acted on the inspiration,
and chose to join the Jewish nation.
What set יתרו apart? The resulting principle is that
miracles and supernatural events do not change
people. It may make them fearful or provide
momentary, even long-lasting inspiration, but will
not bring about profound change. In the case of
עמלק , their attitude towards Hashem was not
transformed an iota. An individual will only be
affected by a נס if the person is seeking the אמת .
Yisro was searching for the truth, so when the
רבונו של עולם performed these נסים , he was able to
actualize their message and join כלל ישראל .
Thus, without the accompanying search for truth,
the most inspiring and greatest miracle will have
no impact. This דרישת האמת , search for truth, is a
prerequisite for קבלת התורה , towards becoming
a כלי קבול , a receptacle for תורת ה׳ . To impart this
lesson, the תורה situated the story of יתרו right
before מעמד הר סיני the revelation at הר סיני .
In this vein, we learn that one of our primary
obligations in chinuch is to instill in our children
the desire to search for the truth and to develop a
רצון to learn. This will ensure that our children will
absorb the truth and thus be transformed by Torah.
גוט שבת
Rabbi Ochs
Bulletin Board
· 15 ShevatSponsored by Lenny White in honor of Rabbi Shloimy Halpern, thank you for learning with me and in honor
of Rabbi Binyomin Mermelstein, thank you for all your hard work for T. A.
· 17 Shevat Sponsored in memory of Yaakov Mordechai ben Zev Yehuda z”l, Mr. Eugene Fischer, father of Mrs. Bracha
· 15-22 ShevatSponsored in honor of Eliezer Melech ben Chasya Rochel by his Shiur Mates
· Mrs. Bracha Frohlich on the passing of her father, Eugene
Fischer z”l. Mrs. Frohlich can be reached on the house
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· February 3 - Torah Academy PTA Ladies Night Out, in
the Hamilton building
Grade 5 : Y. Feldman , Y. Fontek, M. Leff,
Y.Y.Mermelstein, N. Youshaei
Grade 6: A. Bier, N. Halpern, M. . Miara, N. Ochs
Grade 7: Y. Gluckin, Y.A. Leff, S.M. Solomon,
Y. Zyto
Grade 8: M. Fontek, Y. Miara
Raffle Winners: S.M. Solomon, N. Youshaei, Y. Zyto
Mazel Tov to learners for Parshas Bo
· Buna (‘11) Wilhelm & Dovid Weitman on their
engagement and to parents, Rabbi Moshe Dovid & Mrs.
Bassie Wilhelm
In this winter season, many children suffer from runny noses.
Most classes have used up the tissues that were sent from home
at the beginning of the year. Please check with your child, to
see if he or she needs to bring in a box of tissues.
1. Grade 2B enjoys a brochos party on Tu B’Shevat.
2. 5B celebrates their siyum of the גמרא of יאוש שלש מדעת .
3. Grade 4 boys enjoyed cooking delicious Belilah Rakkah Pancakes for their learning of the melacha of Losh.
4. Scenes from the Williston STEM Fair.
5. STEM Fair bridge engineering challenge.
3. 2.
1. 4G art oil pastel inspired by Paul Cezane
2. 4G display their Viking weaving project
3. 3G celebrates Tu B’Shevat with fruit salad
4. Finalists from grades 1-8 in the Tu B’Shevat Brochos Bee
5. Designing decorations for the Tu B’Shevat G. O. activity
6. Winners of the Brochos Bee from grades 6-8
7. Celebrating Tu B’Shevat in the Preschool classes