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There once was a Supervillain named Thorium(thor for short)  this name began to fit him when he was 8 years old. He was walking through an alleyway on his way home from ELEMENT- aryl,when he came across a green puddle thinking it was just soap he decided to step through it.

He woke up not knowing where he was or what had just happened. He then remembered walking through the puddle and slipping.He got up and decided to just go home as it had been a long day.He got home, ate 6 hotpockets, did his homework, and decided to go to sleep.

The next day he woke up took a shower,got dressed, and brushed his teeth.As he was brushing his teeth he had a weird taste so he just rinsed his mouth but the taste remained there.He got on the bus and saw the bully Tung. Tung was like a rock and nobody could do anything about it. He was mean to all the kids and this morning he felt like picking on Thor. Thor was tired of everyone being picked on and nobody doing anything about it.

Today he felt like sticking up and had a strange little boost of energy.He went up to Tung and pushed him letting him know that he wanted to fight. Tung thinking that he could take Thor reacted with punching him but Thor only came