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the making of new food labels





food label



the main idea is the making of new food labels 


.calories are bigger and bolded

.serving size updated to be more realistic for how much people eat.

.new line added sugar

.nutrion amouts  included along with percentages


compare anf contrast 

the purpose of the food label brochure.the first point is to give people infermation 

about the new food example would be it gives more ifermation about added

sugar.the second point is to help people understand the new food label better.for example it would be more organised and it will have more infermation with this it would be easier

to read.the third point is that the new food label is more self example is you can understand it more.the fourth point is the serving size is example is that they icrease the infermation on the serving size.ic conclusion theese are the purposes.



    . compare 2

       reflection questions.......pg7

        inqury qustion





how this helps you understand foodlabels 

this brosure helps understand the new foodlabel.the first reason  it helps us understand is the compare and contrast.the rason it helps us understand is that it shows the diference between old and new and another reason is that it shows the new and old.the second reason it helps you understand is because the purpose.the reason the purpose helps you understand is because it explains why we are are and we are doing it and it also talks about the new and old food label and the new line added sugar.the third point bit helps understand is the glossary.the reason the glossary helps you understand is because it shows what is on the pages and says the number page its on.the fourth reason is the title page.the reason the title page helps is  because it helps you get to know what this brochure is conclusion this is why and how it helps you understand food lables better.

food lable diagram

this is the picture of a food label diagram


calories: energy needed to raise the tempture


fat: nurients that provide energy and other subtances


sodium: the chemical of atomic numer 11


added sugar: sugars and syrup added into food


cholesterol: the compound of the sterol type found in most body tissues


food label: a panle found on a food package


thank you so much for taking in reading our brochure.thank you for all your support.hope you enjoyed





mr.fiore because he taught me how to write in conpound sentences one of his quotes is ''speak how you write but dont write  how you speak''


my partener jackson he gave me insporation one of his quotes''inspire people but not your self''


last but not least courtney i  came up with ideas used nice wallpaper one of my quotes ''i belive the day will come when people finally understand each other


thank you for reading 


creaters courtney bongomin and jackson reed