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Period 1st          

Mrs. Shinder          

Brianna Hamilton




  Love is like a ghost                                                       Not giving up

  it's like a deadly disease                                                Not giving in

  People are scared                                                       Never let me go

  Who is in control


 Though the reflection                                                   They beg me

 Still look the same to me                                           to write them down  

 Peaceful in the deep                                                   so love will never die

                                                                                     When I’m dead

 No need to speak

 No need to breath


Thousand miles found

A place to rest my head

For a sinner like me no escape


Choices to make are

Breaking over me

Now I’m slipping underneath

So cold yet so sweet






A is for the Alphabet

B is for this is boring

C is can I go home

D is for dog’s are so much more fun

E is for we can Eat whatever we want








Big , small

Smells, farts, barks

Chasing in dreams




 Cinquain- Scotty




The sky is so cold

That the ground turns into snow

Then everyone gets a hot cocoa





Cute,poor,hunts monster, mix emotion

Brother of Sam Winchester

Who love old time music and the ladies

Who has mix emotion with his brother, to hold on the good memories , who love family the most

Who is scared they would be the cause that their love ones would get hurt, turned into a monster that they would had to kill, and going to hell or getting chased by hellhounds

To accomplished good memories with old friends and start new ones with people along the way keeping people safe and alway take care and respect his brother and always can fix his apollo even from scratch because that car has the best memories since they were kids.

Who wanted to have a normal life a family and for all the evil to be out of this world because they don’t want anyone else having to grow up to be living as a hunter and giving up their hopes and dreams

Kansas, but now every where


Bio-Poem -


              I am 

        small and big

   I fall far from the tree

There are layers of me

       with sharp ends

            As i'm a



shape Poem


Stars in the black sky

Night is what it is called

Ice through the air

Cooling the earth from the sun

Keeping it still young and beautiful

Earth our home
R.I.P forever more 

Soon everything that has a beginning will have an end



 Acrostic Poem

   I wish you where here 

you took good care of me.

You were a mixture of a mother and a sister. 

Someone who can keep your secerts

and tell you are being stupid with reason

But also one of your biggest fan in the whole wide world.

Now go and help people by filling them with joy and laughter .

And show them there are better things in life.

My Best Friend


I love my puppy

He is so little and cute

He has floppy ears

He has a lot of energy too

Also knows what to do when I’m sad

Tanka Poem


The garden has pink,purple,


Also banas,lemon,orange,apple,plum

Then one fish, two fish, three fish , red fish

Green fish, yellow fish



List Poem


Her name was Brianna

She lived in Montana

Also eat a lot of banna’s

Her dog name was scott

That landed on the spot



 Limerick poem

   A white rose

With sharp thorens around the stem

protecting what is good but should never be touch 

becase a touch is corrupt

Senryu Poem


What it’s like to be free floating on the sea

With wings up high going through the breeze

At ease



 Epitaph Poem



                  Purr, attention

               Keep you up all night

                    it is the night

                     Loud  fast




 Diamante Poem