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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 
                                                            Dr. Seuss, I can Read With My Eyes Shut!

Fill a meeting room with primary school teachers and ask them to talk about reading and the room is instantly alive with conversation, anecdotes, examples, ideas and above all else PASSION.

The Dream

The ACT project on this site shares the stories of five teachers, from across four schools, who took the time to inquire into their passion for teaching children to read. All five teachers took the readers in their class as the starting point to gather data, analyse current practice, engage with research and discuss possibilities. They then made adjustments to their daily teaching with the shared DREAM of:


Developing a balanced reading program that maximises student outcomes as readers in terms of...




The Balanced Reading Program ACT group: Katie Trethewy and Katie Jackson QBS, Cathy Boon PS, Loretta Romano DC, Jeff Moore KS

Together, the case studies and shared conclusions hopefully provide an interesting starting point for others to consider what they do each day as teachers to nurture, nudge and grow students as readers.

Hardly surprising for teachers passionate about reading, they chose to present their findings in the form of books! Each book is a case study of the results of making small or big changes to classroom practice. Central to the success of the professional learning community was the opportunity for teachers from across schools to research, plan and reflect collaboratively and in so doing reach shared conclusions around best practice in the context of our ESF schools.