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The Hiding

By: Katelyn White

 The Hiding

By: Katelyn White

Among the stars there are creatures in the night sky. Creatures like a crab, scorpion, and a mythical pegasus. There is also another being, sometimes it is there and sometimes it is not. The creatures of the night sky never know when she will be around. They think she hides when she is afraid, but why she is afraid… they do not know.

One night they saw their friend. She was big and round and bright. She lit up the sky and made the darkness bright. The friends asked her where she had been.


The crab scuffled, “We have missed you dearly!”


“Where do you go?” the scorpion asked.


Their bright friend replied, “I have to hide. You all do! For the hunter will get you.”

The creatures looked at each other in confusion. They had no idea what their friend was talking about. A few nights later, they noticed that another creature was coming their way. He ran toward them and as he got closer he looked more human-like than creature-like. Pegasus was the closest creature to this new human. When the human got close Pegasus felt a rope around her neck pulling her away from her friends and closer to the new human. Pegasus was afraid and confused.


“Help! I do not know this new being. I am scared. I think he’s got me!” she cried to her friends. Scorpion and crab were there, but pegasus did not see her bright and round friend. Crab and Scorpion tried to help Pegasus, but they were too far away. The new human got to her first.

“A pegasus?!” the new form exclaimed.


“Get off of me and let me go!” Pegasus screeched.


“I cannot do that, for I am a hunter!” cried the human, “and my name is Orion and you have been caught.”


Orion was a huge human figure and was big enough to carry Pegasus away before Crab and Scorpion could help save her.

A few nights later their big bright friend returned. Crab and Scorpion told their friend what happened to Pegasus. Their friend was saddened by the news and said, “I told you all to hide. I told you the hunter would come. You two better hide next time.”


“NO,” cried Crab and Scorpion, “We have to do something to get Pegasus back!”


“You need to hide. Pegasus is gone. Worry about yourself,” said the bright round friend annoyed.

The next few days the bright round friend began to disappear and hide. Crab and Scorpion knew this meant the hunter was coming back and they would be ready to get Pegasus back.

They saw the hunter approaching. As Orion came closer they did not see Pegasus, but they stood their ground. When Orion was close to them Scorpion said, “Where is our friend, Pegasus?”


Orion laughed, “You will never see her again.”

Disheartened, Crab and Scorpion looked at each other, “ATTACK!” they both screamed. They leapt toward the hunter. All three beings danced in the night sky. They scratched and squabbled around the other stars. And when the clouds settled, Orion had them both in a bag.

Orion let out a deep belly laugh, “You think you can defeat me?! I am the mightiest of hunters. You were way beyond your lightyears trying to battle The Great Orion.”

Crab and Scorpion both let out a sigh and stopped struggling in the bag. They accepted their defeat in the hopes of finding their friend, Pegasus.

A few days later the bright round being of the sky came back to find that all her friends had gone. She could only guess what had happened to them because she knew they did not like her warning.

When you look up into the night sky, sometimes you will see her and sometimes you won’t. When she is there she is bright and beautiful. When she is gone the sky is full of darkness as the hunter passes over the night sky. If you see her say hello and tell her to stay safe and hidden from The Great Hunter, Orion.