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Everyone is invited to this beautiful palace even many many beautiful animals may join us.They just must have many manors before coming.They must not attack any other animals or any humans and employes. You must take them outside in the doggie play spot that we include too go to the restroom.May not go too the restroom in the hotel room.If you may want too go somewhere with out animal we include a baby sitter for animals.We even include a beautiful swiminning pool for the dogs only. The animals do have a extra room in the hotel for its own relaxing place we know its your vacation but your animal must have it with you.And yes kids are too invited and adults too mostly. There are kid areas and adult one too.

Beach Resort!

People that may come!

ADults 21 to 60 are 20 dollars each.                                                                                                                                  60 and above are only 5 dollars each                                                                                                                              Kids To 20 are 10 dollars each                                                                                                                          The hotels are 450 for each night and the food is all free and all the activities are all are going too be paid at the lil stand that we have seted up by the cool beautiful activites. There are gift shops and all other kind of storie that are not paid for you.

the cost!

There is so many beautiful things too see and some many things too do there.Like we have beautiful water falls and huge swimming pools that are beautiful . There are swimmimng with dolphins activitiesand tramplene in the water rdes and a big water slide that goes under the ocean u get too see all the ocean animals,  and many other activities. Even beautiful huge restruants that are magical, and so many good foods.And beautiful resting plass on the beach.

Activities And things too see