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Vocabulary & Relating to the Population Patters

  • Urbanization- The movement of people from rural areas to cities- We need to know this because then we know where the populated areas are.

  • Metropolitan Area- Includes a city with a population of at least 50,000 people and outlying communities called, suburbs- So we know where the population places are

  • Immigration- The movement of people into one country from another- Then we know where people are going

Map for Population Patterns in the US 

This is a map of the United States’ population density. It shows the measurement of population per unit area in the US. It relates to us because it shows how dense each state is and how it affects the pattern population.Environmental problems are aggravated by population explosions. More people means more resources and energy are consumed and more pollution is created and more waste is sent to landfills. More land is needed to grow crops and build houses.


Population Patterns of the United States 

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