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This booklet will introduce the problem that decreasing biodiversity presents to today's rapidly advancing society

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Biodiversity In Today's Environments

By Owen And Jacob 

A Complete Guide To The Decrease Of Biodiversity Today

-Biodiversity is a term used to describe the diversity of biological types within an environment

-Refers to the number of species in an ecosystem

-Biodiversity can be impacted by human activity worldwide 


Introduction To Biodiversity

-Biodiversity has been negatively impacted by human activity in the past few years

-Pollution, urbanization, overharvesting, and climate change have reduced biodiversity on global levels

-Earth has experienced a sharp decline in biodiversity in all lands, climates, and areas

-This represents a huge problem for resources and economies around the world





The Problem Today

In the future, what impacts would a decrease of biodiversity have on human civilization?

Why Biodiversity Matters

Interpretive Question

Different aspects of human civilization are impacted by this decrease in biodiversity.

We chose to focus on the aspects most affected





affect on 'Human Civilization'

The species within an ecosystem are important to each aspect of a functioning environment


If a certain biological type was to become extict, all other aspects of that ecosystem would be impacted


Humans depend on this very ecoststem to live out our daily lives


So much of our necessities come of healthy ecosystems




Impact on ecosystem

A large portion of global ecomony is based on the ecosystems of this world


recall that ecosystems are directly impacted by the decrease in biodiversity


economies can be noticeably damaged if biodiversity continues to decline in the coming years


this would have a negative impact on people living around the globe










Impact on Economy

So many of today's modern cultures are partially based on nature


Among other things, hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities are impactred by biodiversity


Various aspects of culture, such as oral tradition, have certain environmental elements that are important to preserve


A decrease in biodiversity can have a negative impact on each of these cultural aspects



Impact on culture

As humans, we derive much of our resources from nature


Resources are a key factor in the survival of our race- without them, we are nothing


Biodiversity has an impact on the environment, and therefore, our resources


Decreasing biodiversity will cause a shortage of resources, as the disapearance of species will upset the balance of nature

Impact on resources

The human race is faced with a difficult task- a task that we must meet and deal with in the coming years. We must preserve our planet's biodiversity, or we must face the consequences. We, as humans, must do our part to save what we can because the reality we face is otherwise grim.

Biodiversity must be maintained...

Our Conclusion

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Our Sources

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