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Teen Ambassador Board 2017-2018 Academic Year Who  The Ohio Attorney General   s Teen Ambassador Board is open to high sch...

Short Answer Question's:

1.Why do you want to be a member of the Teen Ambassador Board?


 It would give me some insight in to my future career.


2.Please list all of the activities you are currently involved in, or anticpate being involved in during the 2017-2018 academic year (e.g. employment, volunteer work, athletics, ect.). Please also include an estimated time commitment per week for each activity.


I currently work part time at Cape May in Wilmington, Ohio. And I preach/teach at my mom's church(Church of God in Wilmington, Ohio). Also I volunteer in their plays and events.


3.Please describe a time when you identified a problem, developed a solution to the problem, and implemented the solution to resolve the problem.


One of my teachers kept loosing my work so I made copies and when he would loose my work i would hand him a copy of my work. 


4.Please select one issue that currently affects teens in your area and discuss how you would address that issue.


Most teens I see/talk to don care if they graduate, I would have popular people who has graduated high school and/or college that have made it "big time" talk to students who don't care and have them encourage them, and show them what a high school diploma will do.


Teen Ambassador Board 2017-2018 Academic Year  Application I.  Student Information    indicates required information  Name...

Wilmington                                                              45177                                      Clinton



(937) 218-1521                                          

Steven Roger Turner

378 Clark Street


   2018                                                         08/14/1999                               2.5

Steven R. Turner

Teen Ambassador Board Recommendation The Ohio Attorney General   s Teen Ambassador Board is comprised of high school junio...