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From Princeton Bijou, Nicole Brown, Kyle Skrapits, and Morgan Smakulski


Once there was a mayor who wanted to build a community for people to live in. The only problem is that there was a forest where he wanted the neighborhood to be. He needed the forest to be removed in order for the neighborhood to be built.

Soon the trees were cut down, forcing animals to leave the area. Their homes were gone. The project caught the attention of people who cared about the animals of the world.

Large mobs of protesters swarmed the area, showing the mayor that they cared about this land's forests and wildlife. The protesters had signs talking about deforestation and how it takes away the homes of animals and changes the world's climate.

Signs read, “rainforests hold over 50% of all the plant and animal species on the Earth,” “rainforests hold 210 gigatonnes of carbon,” and “more greenhouse gasses = warmer climate.” Others talked about how deforestation creates deserts and makes the air more harmful to everybody.

Various media sources started covering the event. The mayor was overwhelmed and dropped the project. With the help of the protestors and other people, he replanted trees to replace the ones he had destroyed and turned the forest into a sanctuary for the animals that lived there.


18 million acres a year are cut down and never replanted. This causes the health of not only the animals but us humans, to also turn bad. Deforestation makes the air worse to breathe, wherever it happens, and it turns places into deserts and takes away most of the rain, too. If anyone can do something for the environment, it's you, because you have a voice here, and it can be heard. Not only that, but we need a future where we can do everything we can to prevent deforestation from happening. You can be a scientist, a government official, an author, anyone that can spread awareness and help save the world.

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