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Dot Density Map of Gallifrey

Cuture Map of Gallifrey

Elevation Map of Gallifrey


 A Message From Polska Lithauen


Population: 681 Million Cartooumians


Captial City: Chenee


Average Income: 42,747 Fairy Dusts


Resources: Diamonds and Phosphorus


National Animal: Majestic Doug Dimmadome



The flag is the default because at one point Mahrimar ceased to exist. :(



Population: 666 million Mahrimarians



Capital City: Mahrimar City



Average Income: 39, 775 Coinss



Resources: Iron ore, Coal, Silver



National Animal: Grizzly Bear



Polska Lithauen

Population:704 million Polski

Capital City:Polska


Average Income: 118,160 Poly-


Zloty Notes


Resources: Terbium, Uranium,




National Animal: Eagle