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22 Of the SEASON

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A la mode 

RUNWAY TREDS just for you


Soja hipercolor   y Usted?

Have you ever feel like you have nothing todo enough to wear
to hang out with your friends with your family or with
your million-dolars man that when you walk around
every body in the plavce turn around and
say "whos's that chick?..... "Yes you are not the only one
.in this october edition we will help you to
found yourself in the lastest trends but before
that i am going to tell you that this edition
was the hardest for me , i was on the point of my life that
i did not think that i was going on the correct dire
ction because i did not think that i was getting all the things
that i was working so hard for .
But........ While i was watching "friends " i realized
that all the things that i have , all the things that
i live good or bad did not come by their own , and when
i finished to write this i saw that this job makes me
feel soooooooo happy another thing that makes me
happy is the
advice that we have in this edition trends for you
and your boyfriend .the coolest make -up in town
and 22 must have for the season and a letter
written by our favorite
girl-band the spice girls
!!!!!! For ending i wish to the bestoctober of you life
happy halloween trick or tread ??

-Maria Clara xoxo

Trends to die for

Make up

22 our magic number

Best dressed

Letter full of girl power

The dream of D&G

Our personal and humble opinion


 What  are waiting to use the latest?

In this month's Edition, we will show you the new trends.

Fluorescent colors are very common in different shades; these colors are applied to garments such as shirts of flannel, crop tops, also with camouflage prints

And it is obvious that we cannot miss an overall or a shirt of the looney tunes in their the closet 

These beautiful items are available at GAP stores to have the perfect urban outfit


The "Skechers", the combination of slippers and shoes for climbing, and not missing skate shoes, bigs and fat


Big earrings, hemp necklaces and hair as a "fungus" are additions that complement the perfect wardrobe, and are so obviously the use of Oakley’s sunglasses to out in a good day 



The children trends are based on Disney shirts and divers with prints of the  TV programs characters.


what do you think about Plaid short-sleeve shirts? This would be perfect to hang out on Saturday night for a spectacular party; these can be combined perfectly with pants overly baggy jeans, ARE THE LAST TO SHINE


  The fashion for this season is a slim sweater, which can give a little itchy but very nice to wear and

There are styles to suit all tastes If you like to hear a sound when you move your hands, use a big jacket from approximately 25 lbs.


Is common and very beatiful, a little that make up in your face is more we tell you ¿how make up? 

the lips red 

neutral eyes 

this is essecial and simple but beutiful because highlight your natural beauty.


The form of bringing the hair is simple:

layered hair cut

hair waves 

pixies hair cut

Flare leg jeans.

Plastic " huinchas"

Although these are very uncomfortable, all girls use it, because these make us  look very beautiful.

There are  with decoration or simple like this.


Lollipop necklaces

There are big or small, and it appears  from all colors

Colorful sun block

To look after  yourself never has been so funny!

This is the proposal of many doctors for this summer


For decorate your  life


It is not any ring. This change of color according with your spirit

This is the latest! 



For your brilliant days

"Butterfly"   hair clip

 You can use to  comb your hair of a creative form


Denim hat with a sunflower

It is

 so beautiful and tender

Head Scarf

You can use in your head, your arm or in your leg.

There are of all colors for all days



It is very sexy because it stands out your figure

Sport pants

Friendship necklaces

Is very common between friends .

These are very tender and nice

Tennis with platform

It helps   to see you taller.

It can use with pants


Bracelets on the arm

The most common looks  like a  viper. 

Bags - Rare bags

It is big, small, colorful and even there is someone that has forms of animals.

use it, with the!

  large suspenders

Rings  on the toes.


Knowledge like "eternal necklace"

It be with you in all places


Is the most used accessory for all glamorous girl.


the look for the party is 

A sexy dress fluorecent color with a mayan ,
a combat boot with many style or a beatiful
platform shoes 


In this segment we will speak about the new fashion boom

Today we will tell you what the tenure ,like going to a party ,
the mall or a dinner


All the 90's girls must be 


More descomplicate but beautiful . You can use an overall with
onverse .

If rains , you can use a flashy wind breakers


A simple corduroy
dress;this accen-tuate your figure whit a undershirtand plastic

For this occasion we have many options
For sunyday 
It is essencial:
A crop top High pant with a beautiful stilletos
and a flower hat.



On the night YOU NEED SHINE 
We have 2options for shine like a star 


A pretty dress whit many prints , it can has flowers , hippies ,fluorescent or neutral colors
and platform shoes

A short skirt with a sweater of rhombus and knee-high sock & clogs 

Dear fans …

We just want to say thank you soooooooo for all the support that you are giving us thanks for make our dreams come true

You guys are the reason for love our job every day. We make music videos interviews for you for make someone happy and feel special you are so important for us we haven’t words to express the love that we feel for you if you didn’t give us your support we weren’t writing this letter

Read all the positive messages from the fans make that we forgive all the negatives parts of our job you mean the world for us

You also help us in our dark days when we fell that we are not doing the best jod that we can do you help us to continue forward

Thanks for be our fans our family and our friend. We are more than grateful



With love

Melanie B , Emma , Victoria , Melanie C and Geri


Is a fashion italian business.

It was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana on 1985. Their first collection was launched on october of 1985. This was well-known as "Real women". Because the launch was the low budget.



On 1986, They created other collection and opened their own fashion house.

Their fourth collection was the first in manage to be recognized. 

1989 they designed their first collection for men.

1990 They began to design lingerie and beach clothes line.

On 1991 their collection for men, received the Woolmark Award


Their international recognition come with a corset that Madonna used in the Premier Truth or dare in Bed with Madonna in the Cannes Festival.


Actually, they continue with their amazing creations.

For 1998, they will start to design a sunglasses and clocks line.

1989 they designed their first collection for men.

1990 They began to design lingerie and beach clothes line.On

1991 their collection for men, received the Woolmark Award.



WE think that the trends in the 90s are very interesting because changed the fashion history

now a days we can see clothes that were fashionable at the 90s there are combinate with actual clothes 
the color and the prints were very striking and also in the 90s there were sifferents looks or fashion sor the differents styles of the people
in our opinion the trend that we like the most are the t-shirts with prints , the skinny-jeans,the mini-skirt and the stilletos .but also there were trends that we dislike as platforms the pantswere very big and the hair of the mans in the 90s wea very ugly ,but in general was not so bad.



Valentina Alvarez 


Ana Cristina Tamayo 


Manuela Valencia 


Maria Clara Velez