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English Poems 

By Kevin Parker 


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4 Cinquain 

5 Haiku 

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7 Shape Poem 

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13 Senryu 

14 Epitaph 

15 Diamante 


A car zooms past me. 

Bang!! I turn around to see the car. 

Cars all over the road are destroyed. 

Dogs from the allay come to see what is wrong.

Everyone is going into panic 

Finally the panic is cooling down.

ABC Poem 

Big Disaster 


Game Time 


TV, Controller 

Smashing, Pressing, Moving 

Fun, Intense, Incredible, Heart-Pounding 



The tree is so high 

I start to climb up it fast 

I slipped i'm falling 


The Big Fall 


Strong, Stubborn, Romantic, Kind 

Married to Asuna and the father of Yuki 

Who loves his family and gaining levels in his games 

Who has feared death, loved his honeymoon, unhappy about other clans 

Who has feared losing his friend Liz, dying too soon, losing his wife 

Beat all 100 floors, Go to a good college 

Japan, Tokyo 


Bio Poem 

Who I Admire 


                                                         Love sandwiches 

                                         They taste good with cheese and 

                                 Tomatoes. There is many different type of 

                    sandwiches. I think they taste better when they are cut into 

 Triangles. I would eat a sandwich everyday if i could. They are one of my favorite Foods.

  I wish the world was a sandwich so everyone would think the same about about how them.

Shape Poem 

My Favorite Food

Kevin is my name. 

I love to eat foods like Kit-Kat. 

Talking my parents into buying food for me is fun. 


Ketchip is good with a lot of foods.

A lot of it is good in eggs.

To eat without ever getting fool is my dream.

Acrostic Poem 




I loved your hair and the way you made me feel. 

Like flying above the clouds that's how it felt. 

I'll always love you know matter where your heart lies with me or some other guys belt.

I love pancakes yum. 

I could eat them for breakfast.

I likes o much food.

Pancakes are good with syrup.

I want more food now yummy.


Breakfast Time 

As soon as I got home from school. My mom started to tell me what to do. She told me to clean my room. I started to pick up stuff in the floor here some of the things a truck, a duck, a bucket, a shovel, a plastic dinosaur, a book, a clock, a yo-yo, a game, a metal train, a picture, a pencil, a whistle, a used tissue, a soda can, a bottle, a old bible, a fish, a eagle, a long nosed weedle, I put it all in my closet real tight, I hope my mom doesn't open the closet tonight 

List Poem

Cleaning Time  

There was an old man by the name of george. 

He liked to forge pretty little swords. 

He used these swords for weird little things.

The swords were put in his beard. 

He used he beard to fload down a gorge.


The Old Man 


Play Time 

Sword art online ya 

Gaining levels buying stuff 

Level up woo who!!


Cheer Up 

"Even when you're feeling down. Always look up and don't let anyone judge you."


                                                   Yummy, Delicious 

                                           Eating, Playing, Throwing 

                             Red Lobster on my way, I think I got a big one 

                                              Rilling, Pulling, Baiting 

                                                    Fun, Relaxing 




Outdoor Fun