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Early Intervention Connections

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A Zero to Three Years
Parent Guideline
Risk Factors Early
Brain development
Lack of prenatal care
Social, emotional and
cognitive delays
Substance abuse during
Early Intervention Strategies:
Initial evaluation of the child
Initial assessment of the family
Writing the IFSP (If the child has been found
Time Frames 45 days:
Service coordinator is assigned
An evaluation for eligibly
Assessment of the family (Voluntary)
Meeting to develop the IFSP
Role of Parent:
Learn how to connect with your child
Read and make copies of all documents
Written consent must be given to evaluate your child
Support group involvement
Collaboration with all service providers
Participation in your child success
Role of the State:
In Illinois services are provided in the local community
through Child and Family Services
Websites are available regarding the role of your State
Under IDEA no cost finding services or evaluation and
assessments for child/family.
Role of the Providers:
Services needs of child to meet from simply to
Five Focus: Physical, Cognitive, Communication,
According to Koegel ,Koegel, Ashbaugh, Bradshaw 2014;
International Journal “Early Intervention increase the likelihood
of improved long term outcome.
If you “wait and see” whether a child gain skills as opposed to
early intervention it is likely that there will be significant
negative consequence for that child. (National Research
Council 2001)