November/December 2018 Issue 19
The FEI World
Equestrian Games™
Tryon 2018
Gold Cup
Horse Show
(clodronate injection)
For use in horses only.
Brief Summary (For Full Prescribing Information, see package
CAUTION: Federal (USA) law restricts this drug to use by or on
the order of a licensed veterinarian.
DESCRIPTION: Clodronate disodium is a non-amino, chloro-
containing bisphosphonate. Chemically, clodronate disodium is
(dichloromethylene) diphosphonic acid disodium salt and is
manufactured from the tetrahydrate form.
INDICATION: For the control of clinical signs associated with
navicular syndrome in horses.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: Horses with hypersensitivity to clodronate
disodium should not receive OSPHOS.
WARNINGS: Do not use in horses intended for human consumption.
HUMAN WARNINGS: Not for human use. Keep this and all drugs
out of the reach of children. Consult a physician in case of acci-
dental human exposure.
PRECAUTIONS: As a class, bisphosphonates may be associ-
ated with gastrointestinal and renal toxicity. Sensitivity to drug
associated adverse reactions varies with the individual patient.
Renal and gastrointestinal adverse reactions may be associated
with plasma concentrations of the drug. Bisphosphonates are
excreted by the kidney; therefore, conditions causing renal im-
pairment may increase plasma bisphosphonate concentrations
resulting in an increased risk for adverse reactions. Concurrent
administration of other potentially nephrotoxic drugs should be
approached with caution and renal function should be mon-
itored. Use of bisphosphonates in patients with conditions or
diseases affecting renal function is not recommended.
Administration of bisphosphonates has been associated
with abdominal pain (colic), discomfort, and agitation in horses.
Clinical signs usually occur shortly after drug administration and
may be associated with alterations in intestinal motility. In horses
treated with OSPHOS these clinical signs usually began within
2 hours of treatment. Horses should be monitored for at least 2
hours following administration of OSPHOS.
Bisphosphonates affect plasma concentrations of some min-
erals and electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and po-
tassium, immediately post-treatment, with effects lasting up
to several hours. Caution should be used when administering
bisphosphonates to horses with conditions affecting mineral or
electrolyte homeostasis (e.g. hyperkalemic periodic paralysis,
hypocalcemia, etc.).
The safe use of OSPHOS has not been evaluated in horses less
than 4 years of age. The effect of bisphosphonates on the skel-
eton of growing horses has not been studied; however, bisphos-
phonates inhibit osteoclast activity which impacts bone turnover
and may affect bone growth.
Bisphosphonates should not be used in pregnant or lactating
mares, or mares intended for breeding. The safe use of OSPHOS
has not been evaluated in breeding horses or pregnant or lac-
tating mares. Bisphosphonates are incorporated into the bone
matrix, from where they are gradually released over periods of
months to years. The extent of bisphosphonate incorporation
into adult bone, and hence, the amount available for release
back into the systemic circulation, is directly related to the to-
tal dose and duration of bisphosphonate use. Bisphosphonates
have been shown to cause fetal developmental abnormalities
in laboratory animals. The uptake of bisphosphonates into fetal
bone may be greater than into maternal bone creating a possible
risk for skeletal or other abnormalities in the fetus. Many drugs,
including bisphosphonates, may be excreted in milk and may be
absorbed by nursing animals.
Increased bone fragility has been observed in animals treated
with bisphosphonates at high doses or for long periods of time.
Bisphosphonates inhibit bone resorption and decrease bone
turnover which may lead to an inability to repair micro damage
within the bone. In humans, atypical femur fractures have been
reported in patients on long term bisphosphonate therapy; how-
ever, a causal relationship has not been established.
ADVERSE REACTIONS: The most common adverse reactions
reported in the field study were clinical signs of discomfort or
nervousness, colic and/or pawing. Other signs reported were
lip licking, yawning, head shaking, injection site swelling, and
Distributed by: Dechra Veterinary Products
7015 College Boulevard, Suite 525
Overland Park, KS 66211 866-933-2472
© 2016 Dechra Ltd. OSPHOS is a registered
trademark of Dechra Ltd. All rights reserved.
NADA 141-427, Approved by FDA
controls the
clinical signs
Learn more online
Easily Administered
via intramuscular injection
Well Tolerated*
in clinical trials
Proven Efficacy*
at 6 months post treatment
No Reconstitution
As with all drugs, side effects may occur. In field studies, the most common side effects reported were signs
of discomfort or nervousness, colic, and/or pawing. OSPHOS should not be used in pregnant or lactating mares,
or mares intended for breeding. Use of OSPHOS in patients with conditions affecting renal function or mineral
or electrolyte homeostasis is not recommended. Refer to the prescribing information for complete details or
visit or call 866.933.2472.
* Freedom of Information Summary, Original New Animal Drug Application, NADA 141-427, for OSPHOS. April 28, 2014.
Dechra Veterinary Products US and the Dechra D logo are registered trademarks of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC. © 2016 Dechra Ltd.
CAUTION: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of licensed veterinarian.
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2 TCE September/OctOber 2018
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34 Hampton Classic Horse Show
42 Molly Ashe Cawley and D’Arnita Earn Career-Best Victory at
2018 American Gold Cup
By Caroline Nickolaus / Phelps Media Group
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By Ashley Matchett Woods
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One of a kind all-in-one equestrian living on 20 acres
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Menlo Charity Horse Show
Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
AUGUST 6 - 11, 2019
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September/OctOber 2018 TCE 5
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Katy Boyd
Photo Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media
he FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 (WEG),
hosted only for the second time ever in the United
States, captivated the global equestrian community
from September 11-23, 2018 at Tryon International
Equestrian Center (TIEC), welcoming world championship
caliber competition for each of the eight FEI-sanctioned
disciplines: Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Eventing,
Jumping, Para-Dressage, Reining, and Vaulting over the
two-week timeframe. The WEG is held every four years in
the middle of the Summer Olympic cycle and features top
equestrian competitors from around the world vying for top
team and individual titles in their respective disciplines.
The story of WEG arriving in Tryon, NC, was different than
initially anticipated, as Mark Bellissimo and the Tryon
Equestrian Partners stepped in over halfway through the
planning cycle to save the event after host city, Bromont,
dropped their nomination. Working on an 18-month
timeline instead of a four-year plan, the team at TIEC had
to work quickly to ensure that the sporting venues and
infrastructure were complete for the start.
The event ofcially opened on Tuesday, September 11, a day
before competition began, welcoming the world to Western
North Carolina with special words spoken by President
of the FEI, Ingmar de Vos, and Chief Executive Ofcer of
Tryon 2018, Mark Bellissimo. Grammy-nominated country
music artist Hunter Hayes wowed the crowds, following an
emotional Parade of Nations to ofcially commence the start
of competition.
“This WEG showcased incredible sport in
each of the disciplines hosted throughout the
two weeks; some of the best competition in
history,” said Michael Stone, President of the
Tryon 2018 Organizing Committee. “We’re
proud of what we were able to accomplish in
such a short time frame and our team worked
incredibly hard to make sure we were able to
deliver these Games for the athletes, horses,
and spectators.”
In one of the most highly anticipated
showdowns of the event, Helgstrand
Dressage competition featured the world’s
collective best on one single stage, a rarity
in the sport. Isabell Werth of Germany and
her superb mare, Bella Rose, who had been
absent from the international Dressage
competition circuit for nearly four years due
to an injury, returned in incredible form.
The duo went toe-to-toe with the United
State’s top combination and current world
number one, Laura Graves and Verdades,
who sit atop the world standings after their
astounding performances in Tryon.
“This was my answer to all those who did
not understand how I could leave the world’s
number one horse at home for this one. Most
horse people here know how close I am to
Bella and to bring her back after the long
recovery after WEG 2014 is extra special. We
always knew it could be a risk, but it is like
that with every horse,” said Werth tearfully,
describing her emotion over winning aboard
her special mount.
Riders hailing from Great Britain stormed to the top of the
leaderboard in Mars, Incorporated Eventing, nishing on the
lowest combined team score in the history of WEG, as all four
team riders completed each of the three phases and nished
within the optimum time on Cross-Country. Ros Canter
nished as victor on the individual podium for the British
team as well, their rst individual win since 2006.
“Allstar B was absolutely amazing. He was an absolute hero.
I had an amazing experience in there,” commented Canter
on her double Gold accomplishment for Team GBR. “I kept
saying to myself just let him do his job and I am so proud. He
is just phenomenal. There were quite a few tears when I found
out, which isn’t normal for me. It’s just incredible for me and
the whole support team behind Team Great Britain. It’s just
the most incredible feeling and a very surreal day.”
Johnson Controls Reining saw the rst ever Individual Gold
medal for the nation of Belgium, won by Bernard Fonck, while
the top guns of Team USA secured Team Gold, continuing
their dominance in the discipline. Cade McCutcheon, the
youngest competitor for Team USA at the age of eighteen,
nished in a run-off for third place to take individual Bronze
aboard his mount Custom Made Gun.
The second week of the event brought Jumping, Para-Dressage,
Driving, and Vaulting competition to TIEC, featuring another
six days of outstanding sport. Jumping remains one of the
most popular spectator disciplines, and expectations were
high as teams and riders from around the world descended
upon U.S. Trust Arena.
The FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018: In Review
Mission accomplished McLain Ward (USA) & Clinta
november/december 2018 TCE 9
In what will be remembered as one of the best
demonstrations of top sport in history, the Bank of
America Merrill Lynch Jumping Team and Individual
Finals featured many of the world’s best riders going
head-to-head for two of the most prestigious honors
available in international competition for the discipline
of Jumping. Ultimately after a strong display of prowess
from the Swiss team, it was the United States that made
their mark on the leaderboard after an unprecedented
team jump-off against Sweden for Gold. McLain Ward,
Adrienne Sternlicht, Laura Kraut, and Devin Ryan
composed the team for the United States. Sweden
captured the Silver medal, while the Germans took home
Laura Kraut (USA) & Zeremonie
Devin Ryan (USA) & Eddie Blue
Adrienne Sternlicht (USA) & Cristalline
Gold Medalists Team USA (L-R) McLain Ward, Adrienne Sternlicht,
Laura Kraut & Devin Ryann
McLain Ward (USA) & Clinta
10 TCE November/december 2018
(L-R) Individual Silver Medalist Martin Fuchs (SUI), Gold Medlaist
Simone Blum(GER) & Bronze Medalist Steve Guerdat (SUI)
Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Clooney
Individual Overall World Champion Simone Blum (GER) & DSP Alice
Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Bianca
Longines world #1 Harrie Smolders (NED) & Don VHP Z N.O.P.
Max Kühner (AUT) & Chardonnay
november/december 2018 TCE 11
Golden girl Rosalind Canter’s hardware
Photo Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media
Gold Medalists Team Great Britain
Rosalind Canter (GBR) & Allstar B
Tryon 2018 Eventing ChampIons Team Great Britain
Piggy French (GBR) & Quarrycrest Echo
Tom McEwen (GBR) & Toledo de Kerser
12 TCE November/december 2018
After a 40 year draught Padraig McCarthy (IRL)
brings home the silver
Isabell Werth (GER) & Bella Rose
Ingrid Klimke (GER) & SAP Hale Bob OLD
Photo Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media
L-R Laura Graves, Isabel Werth & Charlotte Dujardin
“I knew the situation. I had one fence down and then I knew I couldn’t
afford a time fault. I got a second opportunity in the jump-off. I wanted
to go in and just do the best round I could. All the guys came through
brilliantly and I am so proud to be American today,” said team anchor and
veteran McLain Ward, who piloted his rst-time champion mount, Clinta,
to an outstanding performance for Team USA.
In an incredible display of resiliency and mental stamina, the home team
rose to the occasion to outlast the Swedish team in a nail-biting effort
during an incredibly rare championship jump-off. The team celebrated
their victory on familiar soil; a testament to the development and
persistence that the program developed by Robert Ridland, has held them
accountable to for the last few years.
“This was sport at its best,” said U.S. Chef d’Equipe Robert Ridland. “The
odds on a jump-off being required were incredible, although we realized
it was a possibility. This, today, is why we do it. We have been dreaming
about this for so long. We have a tremendous group of talented riders.”
Simone Blum, an underdog and youngster in a eld of established and
renowned competitors, wowed on her mare DSP Alice for Germany,
ultimately taking the coveted honor as world champion, the youngest
woman to ever do so. The female duo of Blum and DSP Alice, did not
accumulate a single jumping fault over ve rounds of competition, an
incredible feat for the rising stars.
“I cannot believe it,” said Blum of her FEI World Equestrian Games™
debut. “I cannot describe my feelings. It is just the perfect day. Alice
performed the whole week without any jumping faults. She is such a
careful horse with the biggest heart. I was a little bit nervous today, but
I stayed focused and knew that if I rode well then she never normally
touches a pole.”
For more information on the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018,
please visit
november/december 2018 TCE 13
L-R Laura Graves, Isabel Werth & Charlotte Dujardin
Isabell Werth (GER) & Bella Rose
Laura Graves (USA) & Verdades
Charlotte Dujardin (GBR) & Mount St John Freestyle
Sönke Rothenberger (GER) & Cosmo
Steen Peters (USA) & Suppenkasper
Photo Gallery By Alden Corrigan Media
Team USA Gold
Individual Gold Medalist Bernard Fonck (BEL) & What A Wave
Individual Bronze Medalist Cade McCutcheon (USA) & Custom Made Gun
Franco Bertolani (BRA) & Wimpys Little Colonel
Jordan Larson (USA) & ARC Gunnabeabigstar
Casey Deary (USA) & Heavy Duty Chex
Individual Silver Medalist Dan Huss (USA) & Ms Dreamy
Individual Bronze Medalist Cade McCutcheon (USA) & Custom Made Gun
Cade McCutcheon & Custom Made Gun
Axel Pesek (FRA)
João Felipe Andrade C S Lacerda (BRA) &
Gunner Dun It Again
Mirko Midili (ITA) Ann Poels (BEL) & Made In Walla
Brazilian cheering team for João Felipe Andrade C S Lacerda & Gunner Dun It Again
Robyn Schiller (AUS) & Smart Like Steady Warwick Schiller & Plenty Of Guns
Dan James (AUS) & Don Magnum
november/december 2018 TCE 17
Ann Poels (BEL) & Made In Walla
• Former U.S.E.T Coach • Internaonal Clinician •
NOVEMBER 30th and DECEMBER 1st & 2nd, 2018
Held At
Timberline Meadows
Home of Rich Fellers Stables LLC
15065 S Kirk Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
3’6” (9:00 am - 11:00 am)
4’ Jumper (11:15 am - 1:15 pm)
4’3” & Up Jumper (2:30 pm - 4:30 pm)
Riders Fee - $900°°
Spectator Day Fee
(Daily) - $100°°
Spectator Session Fee - $40°°
Rich (503) 781-0413 • Shelley (503) 704-1238
Limited Stabling Available
20 TCE November/december 2018
David Ziegler - Photo by Gary Coppage
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Ian McFarlane photo ©Robin Francis Felix
David Ziegler - Photo by Gary Coppage
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Back to back Professional WCHR Challenge winner Liza Boyd on Ohh La La
The 25th Capital Challenge Horse Show
Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media
Winners of the $50,000 WCHR Pro Challenge Latte De Muze & Amanda Steege
Lyons Creek Bellini & Martha Ingram
november/december 2018 TCE 23
Karli Postel has lots of love for Banksy
Back to back Professional WCHR Challenge winner Liza Boyd on Ohh La La
Winners of the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman Surf’s Up & Demi Stiegler
Capital Challenge Celebrates 25 Years of Top
By Emily Riden/Jump Media
Two and a half decades ago, Oliver Kennedy and Billy Glass started the
Capital Challenge Horse Show at the Prince Georges Equestrian Center
in Upper Marlboro, MD, with a vision of what it could one day become.
On September 28 – October 7, that show – now recognized as a U.S.
Equestrian Heritage Competition – celebrated its 25th anniversary with
an event that has more than realized their vision.
Over the course of the 10-day show, more than $375,000 in prize money
was awarded and more than 1,500 entries vied for top honors in classes
including ve year-end equitation nals, nine World Championship
Hunter Rider (WCHR) Challenge classes (including the $50,000
WCHR Professional Challenge, sponsored by e Gochman Family and
Radwanski Enterprises), the $25,000 North American Green Hunter
Championship, and the $10,000 WCHR Professional Finals.
Liza Boyd of Camden, SC, and Amanda Steege of Ocala, FL, earned two
of the show’s most prestigious honors during the 25th anniversary event.
For the second consecutive year, Boyd topped the nations best hunter
riders to win the $10,000 WCHR Professional Finals, sponsored by
Radwanski Enterprises.
“Its a great feeling; it’s exciting,” said Boyd of her win, which came only
aer each of the top four riders in the WCHR Pro Finals took turns
rotating rides on four horses generously donated by Claiborne Bishop/e
Barracks and the University of Virginia (UVA) in a unique catch-riding
Steeges headline victory came aboard Latte de Muze in the $50,000
WCHR Professional Challenge.
“Hes such a pro,” said Steege of the seven-year-old Belgian Warmblood
gelding owned by Cheryl Olsten. “I think Latte just thinks that this is
how all horses do it. He loves it, and he does it, but I dont think he thinks
its any big deal.
In the $25,000 North American Green Hunter Championship, sponsored
by e Wheeler Family, victory went to Laena Romond of Somers, NY,
riding Traveller, owned by Catherine Cowie. Later that same day, Karli
Postel of Westlake Village, CA, riding Banksy, owned by Grace Russo,
captured the win in the $5,000 WCHR Developing Pro Challenge.
Among the junior and amateur competitors celebrating success at the
Capital Challenge Horse Show, few had more of a banner week than Martha
Ingram of Nashville, TN. e 21-year-old kicked o the horse show with
the win in the North American Adult Amateur Equitation Championship
riding Airport 48, during the Equitation Weekend.
Ingram then returned to win the $2,500 WCHR 3’3” Amateur-Owner
Challenge aboard Lyons Creek Bellini on October 4, and two days later,
she and Airport 48 also topped the Ariat National Adult Medal Final.
“I’m feeling really ecstatic,” said Ingram. “As the rst national horse show
[of the indoor season], you’ve been working all year and you want to come
in and have a good horse show and set your season o. It’s just been a
whirlwind, and I couldn’t be happier.
To learn more about the Capital Challenge Horse Show and to view a full
list of winners from all of the hunter, jumper, and equitation competition
oered at the year-end event, visit
Winner of the Ariat National Adult Medal Finals Martha Ingram on Airport 48
Bunistar & Jenny KarazissisCatch Me & Becky Gochman
Champion Green Hunter 3’9” Banksy & John French
Shapley’s Best Turned Out Horse for the Professional Finals, Moonshot ridden by Sandy Ferrel and groomed by
Juan Vargas and Luis Escalara
William Steinkraus
estate memorabilia
including his 1972
Munich Olympic
trunk, ribbons from
Aachen. 1962 British
Jumping Derby
trophy and so much
more on display at
Hammond & Hinman
Gorgeous iconic CCHS trophies
Boss & John French winner of the Tribute Award Presented by Rivers Edge and Scott Stewart
Reserve Champion WCHR Junior 3’3” Challenge Avery Glynn & Meridian Boss & John French
Champion High Performance Hunter Catch Me & Scott Stewart
Fibonacci & Chris Payne
Hammond & Hinman Boutique
Old Springhouse Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 Winner Tom Wright
Winner of all 4 rounds of the Professional WCHR Challenge Liza Boyd on Ohh La La
Winner of the Handy Round 1 to determine the Final Four, Scott Stewart & Private Life
and Best Groom Fernando Bonia
Small Occasion & August Iwasaki
Tom Brennan
Horse Show
into the
elite group
of Heritage
Horse Shows
The one and only Betty Oare
Belgravia & Lindsay Maxwell
Irideon Riding Wear, saddle pads, and misc tack!
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November 2018
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Irideon Riding Wear, saddle pads, and misc tack!
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This terric equestrian property contains a very cool 60s vibe home and multiple barns
containing a total of 17 stalls. The grounds also feature both an indoor and an outdoor
arena (150 x 50 feet each). The shy 5-acre property is in a fantastic location with one-
mile proximity to Lord Hill Regional Park and miles of equestrian trails. Boasting rolling
pastures and brand-new fencing, this space is ideal for retreats, a residence, and/or a
multi-trainer facility. The home exhibits a master suite on the main oor plus four large
bedrooms upstairs. Each bedroom has huge windows with all-around territorial views.
Perfect for guests and entertaining, the outdoor patio has a brick replace, grill, and
wonderful views of the grounds. The multitude of modern updates include new roof,
furnace, hot water tanks, ooring, hardware, garage doors with openers, and exterior
paint. This is a truly exceptional place!
Exceptional Equestrian Enclave
Managing Broker
Sally Gregg
4.9-Acre Lot · 5 Bedrooms · 2.75 Baths
Built 1965
lena Lusenti was born in Milan, Italy. From her earliest
memories her passion for horses, distant lands and all
forms of art were and are today her inspiration as an
Elena dedicates herself to capturing the essence of horse and
rider, bringing her insightful eye to a world she knows well, having
competed with great success on her legendary stallion Larone,
aboard whom she won the National Horse Show in New York
City in 2003 in the High Junior Amateur Division.
Her ability to capture the moment was a natural transition from
rider to photographer of the horse world.
In 2014 she was the recipient of the acclaimed PDN Photo
Annual Award in New York for her unique and fresh approach to
equestrian photography.
Her images appear in Taschen’s book ‘The Dog in Photography
(2018) , in Assouline’s upcoming coffee table book on The
World of Wellington (expected release January 2019, title to be
announced) and in the book ‘WEF, The Equestrian Lifestyle
Destination’, produced in partnership with the Winter Equestrian
Festival (2013).
Her fine art photography, taken during a lifetime of travels across
the world, testify to Elena’s ability to capture the beauty of the
human spirit, of the horse, and every situation.
During WEF, Elena focuses her work on portrait
commissions of riders and their equestrian partners.
Elena travels between Wellington FL and Italy
34 TCE November/december 2018
Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media
Winners of the $300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI 4* HH Gigi’s Girl & McLain Ward
Winner of the $10,000 Jr/AO Welcome Stake Briley Koerner
Winner of the $75,000 Longines Cup Indra Van De Oude Heihoef & Shane Sweetnam
McLain Ward’s Win in the $300,000 Hampton
Classic Grand Prix Presented by Douglas
Elliman Highlighted a Spectacular 43rd
Annual Hampton Classic
e 43rd annual Hampton Classic Horse Show featured more than 200
classes of hunter, jumper and equitation competition for approximately
1600 horses and riders of all ages and abilities. ey competed in six
beautifully manicured show rings across 60 acres. Riders from twelve
nations – including Olympic and World Cup champions – competed in
ve FEI classes, culminating in a brilliant win by McLain Ward in the
$300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix CSI**** presented by Douglas
Elliman. It was a record seventh win for Ward in the Classic’s featured
Irelands Shane Sweetnam won the $30,000 Longines Rider Challenge as
the Classic’s leading open jumper rider for the second time. Sweetnam
received a stunning Longines timepiece and a check for $30,000.
Sweetnam, who previously won the award in 2015, also won watches for
winning the $75,000 Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Qualier presented by
Longines on Friday aernoon, and the $70,000 Longines Cup on Saturday,
in addition to one for nishing second in Sunday’s nal Grand Prix, giving
him a total of four for the weekend.
Sweetnams win in the $75,000 Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Qualier
earned approximately $10,000 for the Group for the East End through the
Hampton Classics Jump for Charity program, one of the Classics many
charitable initiatives. Saturday’s LONGINES Cup featured, Clear the Jump
for Just World, with Longines partnering with JustWorld International to
donate meals to impoverished countries around the world. LONGINES
presented a check for ve thousand meals to JustWorld International.
For the 13th year, the Classic hosted the Long Island Horse Show Series
for Riders with Disabilities Championship Finals Presented by BNB Bank.
Twenty riders across three divisions competed for the year-end titles aer
qualifying through a series of horse shows throughout the summer.
e Classic also hosted its 8th annual Adoption & Animal Welfare Day,
sponsored by Gotham Enterprizes with the support of the EQUUS
Foundation. Rescue dogs, cats and horses from a variety of animal rescues
and shelters on Long Island and beyond were available for adoption.
Eleven local and regional rescues for small and large animals took part,
raising awareness around adoption, with cats and dogs being screened and
adopted on-site.
e Hampton Classic showcased beauty not only in the show rings, but
across all areas of the spectacular 60-acre show grounds, including the
luxurious Agneta Currey Boutique Garden and Stable Row, featuring
more than 80 vendors.
Located near the Hamptons’ famed beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and
boutiques, the Hampton Classic is a celebrity hot spot. Among those in
attendance at this year’s Classic were Bobby Flay, Billy Joel, Brooke Shields,
Michael Bloomberg, Donna Karan, Martha Stewart, Christy Turlington,
Real Housewives of New York stars Kelly Bensimon, Luann de Lesseps
and Ramona Singer, and Congressmen Steve Israel (D-NY), Peter King
(R-NY) and Betty McCollum (D-MN).
For complete horse show results and more information on the Hampton
Classic Horse Show, please visit the Hampton Classic website at www. or call (631) 537-3177. Hampton Classic Horse
Show, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.
Adamus & Leslie Wright
1. Attention to detail...Carol
2. Luster receiving his fans
3. Winner of the $10,000 Jr/AO
Welcome Stake (1.40m) For Jef
VD Wezelse
4. Exclusive & Jimmy Torano
5. Stick & Ball
6. Paris & Lola Head
7. Cat Ballou & Molly Ashe
8. Peter Pletcher in his happy
9. Catch Me & Scott Stewart
10. Cordolensky & Scott Stewart
Winning Tablescape Bikoff
Second Place Winner Chateau D’esclans Whispering Angel
Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media
The Bridgehampton Florist live marigold tablecloth
Attention to detail at Laurel Crown Farms
Presentation is everything
Foodies paradise at Silver Tide Stables
Over the top presentation at Firey Farm
Third Place Winner Stephanie Brown Beamer
Stirrup inspired centerpieces at Lilee Fell Flowers
Brown Harris StevensBountiful Boar’s Head
Gift boxes at Cottages & Gardens
Cutting board place settings at Douglas Elliman
Attention to detail at Laurel Crown Farms
Over the top presentation at Firey Farm
3100 Bickford Ave. Snohomish
WA 98290
“Your home for
Trails West”
10414 NE Halsey Street • Portland, OR 97220
503-256-1964 or 888-694-3585
Happy Thanksgiving
New Winter Riding Gloves, Turn Out
Blankets, Cozy Socks, Fleece Breeches
We Have Gift Certificates
42 TCE November/december 2018
Molly Ashe Cawley and D’Arnita Earn Career-
Best Victory at 2018 American Gold Cup
By Caroline Nickolaus / Phelps Media Group
Winner of the $204,000 American Gold Cup CSI 4*-W Presented by Longines Molly Ashe Cawley & D’Arnita
n annual event that showcases world-class international show
jumping competition, the 2018 American Gold Cup CSI4*-W
took place from Wednesday, Sept. 26, through Sunday, Sept. 30,
and celebrated its seventh year being held at the breathtaking
Old Salem Farm. This year’s show marked its fourth year as part of the
Longines FEI Jumping World Cup™ North American League and, in typical
fashion, hosted an international lineup of renowned equestrian athletes and
their incredible horses.
Fresh off a team gold medal finish at the 2018 FEI World Equestrian
Games™ just one week prior, three of the four members of the NetJets®
U.S. Show Jumping Team — McLain Ward, Adrienne Sternlicht and Devin
Ryan —made the trip from Tryon, North Carolina, to North Salem, New
York, to showcase their talents and compete at the renowned American
Gold Cup.
Ultimately, it was the United States’ Molly Ashe Cawley who
earned a spot on the coveted American Gold Cup trophy after
she and Louisburg Farm’s 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare
D’Arnita captured the $204,000 Longines FEI Jumping World
Cup™ New York CSI4*-W in front of a packed crowd of more
than 5,500 show jumping fans on Sunday to close out the show’s
highlight event.
“It means a lot to win a class of this magnitude,” said Cawley.
“[D’Arnita] was 6 coming 7 when we got her. This is her biggest
outing so far to date and I was thrilled with her. I thought she
answered all of the questions and really rose to the occasion. I’m
super excited. I think there are plenty more to come. She’s really
a super horse. Every time she wins, it means a lot to us because
she’s been a fighter and she’s just a class act. I’m super excited to
have her.
The talented pair raced to beat the clock in the jump-off, passing
through the timers in a quick 36.76 seconds, just a hair ahead of
second place finishers Margie Engle (USA) and Royce by one-
tenth of a second. This achievement not only marked D’Arnita’s
most prestigious win of her career thus far, but also Cawley’s first
time securing the illustrious title. Mattias Tromp (USA) rounded
out the top three spots riding Quinta, while Lucy Davis (USA),
trainer at Old Salem Farm, finished in the fourth place position
aboard Caracho.
In addition, Ward captured three wins throughout the week aboard
a new string of horses, including Thursday’s $2,500 Staller 1.35m
Jumper class with Queen Jane, owned by Walstib Stables LLC,
Friday’s $80,000 American Gold Cup Qualifier CSI4*-W with
Contagious, owned by Beechwood Stables LLC, and Saturday’s
$70,000 Fidelity Investments® Classic CSI4* with Tradition De
La Roque, owned by Kessler Show Stables Europe B.V.
Prior to the start of Sunday afternoon’s action, the crowd
gathered to honor Ward’s legendary partner, Rothchild, during a
well-deserved retirement ceremony. Some of their notable career
achievements include winning individual gold and team bronze for
the USA at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada.
“He looks amazing and he is happier and healthier than ever,
said Ward. “It’s nice to be able to retire him in such a good state.
Obviously, he had a brilliant career and he really was my buddy.
That horse really defied the odds and did some incredible things
and is probably pound-for-pound the best horse I have ever ridden
because of the things he overcame. It’s sad to see his career end in
one way, but it’s a great memory and he’s still healthy and happy.
Mark your calendars as the 49th edition of the American Gold
Cup returns to Old Salem Farm next year
Sept. 11–15, 2019!
november/december 2018 TCE 43
Mattias Tromp & Crack Elle ChavannaiseWinner of the M. Michael Neller Style Award Margie Engle & Royce
Winner of the $204,000 American Gold Cup CSI 4*-W Presented by Longines Molly Ashe Cawley & D’Arnita
Winner of the $35,000 Welcome Stake Kristen Vanderveen & Faustino De Tili
Winner of the $70,000 1.50m Classic Presented by Fidelity Investments McLain Ward &
Tradition De La Roque
McLain Ward & HH Gigi’s Girl
Old Salem Farm stone entrance
Winners of the $35,000 Herme’s Sellier 1.45m Kristen
Vanderveen & Bull Run’s Prince of Peace
Daisy Farish & Great White
Hunter Siebel & Pure Abundance - Retirement Ceremony
Rothchild’s retirement garland of yellow carnations
Beautiful Fall Day at American Gold Cup
Adrienne Sternlicht & Quidam MB
Left: Peter Lutz & Robin De Ponthual
Willie Tynan & Classic
Daisy Farish & Great White
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Mortality Major Medical Surgical Colic Farmowners
Equine Liability
Care, Custody or Control
Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, Inc., P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867
Specializing in Equine Farm
| Mortality/Major Medical |
Equine Liability | Equine Events
| Equine Club & Liability
Competitive quotation support at
1-800-JOG-TROT (425-689-0004)
awa it s you
Give your horse the proper feed and
supplements so they can
keep riding
with you.
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Washington’s Feed Store.™
22216 Sweeney Road SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038
Owner: Colleen Armstrong Trainers: Angie Chamberlin & Meghann Gjersten Asst: Lindsay Levy
Quidam Van De Kapel
Quimby: This wonderful 16.1 hand warmblood gelding has
lead changes, loads of experience in the jumper ring
and quiet
enough for the hunter ring
. Most recently Quimby was the 2017
Zone IX Horse of the Year and Washington State Hu
nter Jumper
end 1.0 meter Children's Jumper champion, having moved up
with his junior rider from their 2016 year-
end championship in 0.9
meter Chrildren's Jumper. Quimby is brave in the ring and super
fun to jump. He's available for sale with possib
le lease options
Contact: Meghann Gjersten
mobile: (425) 358-0578 e-mail:
*Please show this Ad to receive the deal.
all Horse Treats
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By Stacey Sikorski
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To schedule:
View Stacey’s work and learn more:
•  Body Clipping
•  Trace Clipping
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•  Mane Pulling
•  And More
november/december 2018 TCE 47
Winners of the $40,000 Stephen SIlver Grand Prix Fellini 131 & Taylor Siebel
Casallo & Stella Wasserman
Menlo Blues
Winners of the Windy Hill Larry Mayeld 1.20m Horse & Hound
Dakoda Mower on Dollar & Nick Wells with Maddie (below)
48th Annual Menlo
Charity Horse Show
Photo Gallery by Alden Corrigan Media
Natalie Gerst & Eviolita
Banksy & Karli Postel
Winners of the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman Surf’s Up & Demi Stiegler
(L-R) Lee Flick with Green Conformation Hunter Reserve Champion
Always Social and Champion John Bragg and Now We’re Talkin’
$2,500 Pacic Union 3’3” Junior Hunter Classic Champion King Of Hearts & Avery Glynn
Puissance R & Jenny Karazissis
3’6” Green Hunter Champion Atellia No. 5 & Nick Haness
Highlander & Marisa Metzger
Land Rover
Winners of the $10,000 Rhys Vineyards Ryman Memorial Speed Class The Flying Ham &
Carly Anthony
Courtney Pacheco
said yes to
Jason Hogue!
Hunter Siebel & Pure Abundance - Retirement Ceremony
Lindsay Archer & Camerone Camerone retiring and leaving the show ring for the last time
Championship Chairs
52 TCE November/december 2018
Columbia Equine Hospital
Technology. Experience. Compassion.
Scott W Hansen, DVM • Megan Rioux-Forker, DVM, CVA
Greg Schmid, DVM • Christy Sandquist, DVM
David Klugh, DVM, FAVD
27841 SE Orient Dr • Gresham, OR 97080
Columbia Equine Hospital
offers a full range of
ambulatory, hospital and referral services.
Now booking Chiropractic appointments
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Apprenticed with Joe McKee
Dedicated to ongoing education
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Dr. Darby Bonomi takes a fresh look at achievement in equestrian sport – shifting
the focus from rider performance to riding enjoyment. Her philosophy: reclaim
the joy in your ride, get connected and the success happens – however you
dene it for you that day.
Darby also looks beyond the rider and helps families unravel their toughest
challenges — from how to choose a training program to how to communicate
with their rider on show days. Her Leg Up practice is built on her vision of long-
term health and happiness of riders, horses, and their support systems. She has
the wisdom of 25 years as a practicing psychologist and a life-long participation
in the equestrian world as a rider, parent and owner.
Courageous – Inspired – Inspiring
Darby grew up in San Francisco and when she was 10 her family acquired a ranch
outside of Healdsburg, California. Despite having no experience, she felt the
undeniable call -- the barn was heaven. It was a place to nd solitude and peace,
and the relationship with horses was serenity.
Once her parents realized horses were here to stay, Darby worked with trainers
Lu and Butch Thomas at their Willow Tree Farm and then with Linda and Champ
Hough at Sutton Place. As a Junior, Darby was able to achieve her goal of
competing in the Maclay Medal Final at Madison Square Garden. Looking back,
she credits Linda with the basis of some of her current practices with her simple
message “You’re good. Just ride” – in other words be in the present with your
horse, let go of the mental process and just feel the ride. Later that notion
became the touchstone for Leg Up consulting.
Frontline Credentials
As Darby reached the age for academic pursuit, the horses left her life
temporarily – but they’d be back! Darby received her doctorate at California
School of Professional Psychology in Berkeley and postdoctoral degree at the
San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute (now The SF Center for Psychoanalysis).
For almost 20 years she maintained a private clinical practice, working primarily
with adults and teens in long-term psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. She also
supervised psychiatric residents at several hospitals and was on the faculty at the
SF Psychoanalytic Institute.
And then, a realization: rather than treating mental illness, Darby had a vision for
fostering psychological health.
Back to the Barn for The Equestrian Mentor
The desire to be fully present with and for her children was the catalyst for Darby
to close her psychology practice and embark on a new path. For several years,
she was a full-time mother – and Darby realized the barn was again part of the
family -- her older daughter, Adele, had the draw – she had to ride.
As her own children became riders and more independent, Darby found herself
being sought out by other parents and riders for advice and counsel -- after
all, she was successfully juggling 2 daughters’ and her own A-circuit riding –
a role model! Earlier in 2018, she launched Leg Up Performance Coaching --
combining her passion for equestrian sports with many years of clinical work.
From her unique vantage point, she provides tools and perspective for riders
Reclaim Joy for
Connection and Success
By Ashley Matchett Woods
If you lead with joy, success will follow.
- Darby Bonomi, PhD
Dr. Darby Bonomi
“In our current fast paced and competitive world, it’s easy to lose
touch with what drew us to the sport..
The big picture gets lost in a world where blue ribbons and
championships are revered and small quiet moments of triumph or
progress go unnoticed.
I provide riders and their families with the tools and the perspective
to navigate the complex equestrian world, while staying connected to
what is most important.”
K-Doc and Darby at Madison Square Garden (Maclay Finals), 1980
november/december 2018 TCE 55
Darby and Clara
and their families to navigate the complex equestrian world. She guides and
reminds us to focus on the joy and gratitude we have for our generous equine
Courage: to have fear and act anyway
Darby knew she was on to something when her thoughtful blog entry -- Transform
Fear into Joy -- garnered feedback from all kinds of equestrians and organizations.
She struck a nerve -- it has become her signature program. The series was born
from answering the question what’s your biggest obstacle? The answer: myself!
Darby’s clients learn to utilize anxiety rather than be paralyzed by it — both in
and out of the saddle. Ask Darby her perspective on fear and she’ll answer you
with condence: “embrace it, use it, and take a step forward -- and do it again
Darby’s formula is simple: Connect – Enjoy – Succeed
Darby works on the phone, Facetime, in-person – whatever works best for you
Find out more at
Contact Darby for a free initial introduction
The Big Picture
Leg Up also provides the ideal platform for Darby’s ultimate goal: elevate the
horse community—educate, inform, and empower riders and owners with the
information and tools to help them reclaim the joy in their sport—that’s what
results in improved performance and greater well-being.
She is involved in our national governing body and also plans to nish training to
become a USEF judge. She hopes to become a spokesperson and advocate for
owners and riders on a national level, making our sport more accessible, more
accountable, and more visible to the general public.
Darby writes a regular column for the website Street to Stable and publishes her
insightful blog regularly. Recently she gave her talk “Fear No Fear” at Giant Steps
Therapeutic Equestrian Center and gives similar talks at training stables and other
small groups.
*Ashley Matchett Woods is the owner of Branded By EQ Business Consulting & Marketing Services
and The Equestrian’s Concierge retail store located at Sonoma Horse Park in Northern California. She
is a freelance writer and blogger as well as a life-long hunter-jumper rider.
Darby and Adele
Darby and Zing
Darby and Little Wing
56 NovEmbEr 2018
President’s Report
By Diana Axness
Equestrians Institute’s show season is now
over for 2018. It’s been a busy and fun year.
e only items le on the calendar for 2018
are a couple of fabulous dressage clinic and
the annual meeting. e annual meeting is
scheduled for 10:30am on November 17th
at the Fall City Library. During the meeting
we will review the 2018 year and vote in the
2019 board of directors.
While the board of directors is responsible
for the overall management of Equestrians
Institute, the “heavy liing” of planning/
organizing/managing the competitions
and clinics is performed by the committees
supporting each of the divisions. The
board and the committee members are all
Board of Directors
Diana Axness
Trish Camozzi-Ekberg
Gunn Cooper
Meika Decher
Merridy Hance
Penny Leggott
Kathryn Lewis
Sarah Johnson
Chris Bredeson
Laurie McLaughlin
Jo Renn
Driving Events & Clinic
Sarah Johnson
Diana Axness
Merridy Hance
Leslie McGinnis
Eventing Horse Trials & Clinics
Meika Decher
Penny Leggott
Heidi Hansen
Dressage Shows & Clinics
Gunn Cooper
Markay Kerr
Kathryn Lewis
Peter Rothschild
Kaye Phaneuf
Sport Horse Breeding Shows & Clinics
Chris Bredeson
Laurie McLaughlin
volunteers. Equestrians Institute is fortunate
to have such a dedicated group of individuals
who are willing to pool their time and
talents so that the Northwest Equestrian
community can enjoy the competitions and
clinics oered. is group of people has my
heartfelt thanks for all of the ne and hard
work they did in 2018. Well done!
Dressage Report
By Gunn Cooper
Since EI dressage did not have any events
in August or September I have nothing to
report about that, instead I am going to tell
you about a fabulous trip I took to Iceland
with my family in the beginning of August.
My two sisters and I have been riding
since we were little girls and have for some
time talked about going to Iceland to ride
Icelandic horses. My little sister turned 60
this year so we decided that this was the year
to do it, a last-minute conict prevented her
from coming but my husband and daughter
joined us instead.
Iceland is a unique and very beautiful place.
e whole country is volcanic and reminded
me of Hawaiis Big Island without the lush
tropical foliage, instead they have moss,
grass and low bushes. ere are only 300,000
islanders living in Iceland and most of them,
200,000 lives in the capital Reykjavik. Once
you leave the capital the landscape is either
lava elds or grass lands. Just about every
house you pass has two or three horses in
NovEmbEr 2018 57
the back yard. We asked about this and found
out that the Icelandic horse is very hardy and
is only fed hay, they have no need for any
supplements or oats. During the summer
they are just turned out on private or public
pastures and everyone grows their own hay
to feed during the cold part of the year. is
makes it very economical to keep a couple
of horses and the Icelanders we talked to are
very proud of their horses.
We went on two rides, one with all four of us.
On that one we rode with a young German
woman as our guide through an open
pasture landscape surrounded by volcanic
mountains in the distance. Since all of us
knew how to ride we got to do the tolt (the
fourth gate Icelanders have that is like a very
smooth trot) as well as a fun gallop up a hill
on the way home. My sister and I went on a
second ride, just the two of us accompanied
by a young woman from Sweden. We told
them we were very experience riders and
were therefore assigned younger horses
that were much nicer than the ones we had
on our rst ride. is time we rode along
a very dramatic gorge, it was almost like
a mini-Grand Canyon setting. It was just
the three of us and we got to do a lot of
tolting and cantering. When we were about
a mile away from home riding along a dirt
road with a busy highway on one side and
a deep drainage ditch on the other side,
my sisters horse decided that he had had
enough of walking and wanted to get home.
Without any warning at all he just took o
and bolted, my horse did the same thing.
Like I said earlier, I have ridden all my life,
but this was the rst time I was on a horse
that not only couldnt be stopped, it was
not even possible to slow it down. We were
ripping on the reins and yelling in English,
Swedish and German at the horses to slow
down, but nothing worked. Someone who
heard this story told me that the problem was
that we didn’t speak Icelandic, but I dont
think so, these horses just had it in their
head that they wanted to go home and that
is what they did. e little Swedish girl and
her horse couldn’t even keep up with us. I
have never ridden so fast in my whole life
and it was terrifying to be so totally out of
control. But we survived, luckily there was
no bucking involved. e moral of the story
is, don’t brag about having ridden all your
life, at least not when you’re in Iceland, or
you might just have the ride of your life!
58 NovEmbEr 2018
Oregon Dressage Society is a USDF
Group Member; ODS members are
automatically USDF Group Members.
2018 Executive Committee
President: Karen Cheeke | (541) 740-8837 |
President Elect: Emily Kenyon | (541) 510-1761 |
Secretary: Valerie Hallberg - Stallings |
(541) 817-6386 |
Treasurer: Gaye McCabe | (503) 378-0309 |
Directors at Large
Lisa Koch | (541) 410-5968 |
Jessica Rattner | (503) 830-9994 |
Anna Bigwood | (503) 539-3793 |
Emily Kenyon (see President Elect)
Gaye McCabe (see Treasurer)
Regional Representatives
North Region (2): Sam Clement |
Jo Renn | (508) 335-6103 |
Central Region: Karen Cheeke | (541) 740-8837 |
South Region: Brett Lynn Stallings| (541) 817-6401 |
East Region: Sharm Daggett | (541) 426-3728 |
Committee Chairs
Adult Committee: Sam Clements
Awards Committee: Ed Miller |
(541) 890-5085 |
Championship Show: Jennifer Milburn | (541)
Competitions Committee: Sarah Diebert | (360)
574-3733 |
DSHB Committee: Vacant
Finance Committee: Gaye McCabe (see Treasurer)
Para Committee: Karina Molatore | (503) 523-8084 |
Youth Committee: (see Treasurer)
Additional State Positions
Asst. Treasurer: Jorine Rietman | (503) 849-8235 |
Awards/USEF Shows: Christopher Main | (503)
389-0191 |
Awards: Ed Miller | (541) 482-2902
Awards/Special: Valerie Stallings (see secretary)
Editor/Policies & Procedures: Ed Miller (see Awards)
ODS Librarian: Amanda Wilgenburg | (360) 426-8939
4H Liaison: Joyce Stride | (503) 647-0168
Historian: Kim Hixson | (509) 698-6778
Chapter Ocers: Listed on ODS Website
General Information: Karen Cheeke (ODS email
and cell phone, (503) 681-2337 | (503) 681-3873 fax |
Membership: Jo Renn |
Mail, Financials: Gaye McCabe |
QuickBooks: Jorine Reitman |
1099s: Helen Ferguson |
Insurance: Marsha Williams |
Website Master:
Mary Packard |
Website Calendar:
Karen McCurdy |
Show Approvals & Publications (test booklet &
roster): Sarah Diebert |
Publications (instructor brochure & Flying Changes):
Anna Bigwood |
Oregon Dressage Society
e Volte
ODS President's Note:
By Karen Cheeke
Our 2019 ODS Ocers have been
elected and ocially took oce at
the end of the General Meeting at
the Fall Gala on October 27, 2018. I,
Karen Cheeke, return as President;
Valerie Stahlings, former secretary,
is Vice President; Sarah Diebert is
Secretary; and Dolores Morgan is
I hope everyone who attended the
weekend with Lisa Wilcox, enjoyed the
experience. e annual special awards
banquet and silent auction is also
typically a fun time. Unfortunately, I
was not able to attend this year because
of a prior out of country engagement.
ODS is proud to be able to sponsor
these events and we look forward to
bringing more events like this to our
members next year. Please let us know
about any ideas you might have.
e beginning of October I enjoyed
a trip down to Central Point to nish
up the competition year at the State
of Jeerson USDF/USEF Recognized
Show. e State of Jeerson Dressage
Chapter of ODS put on a very nice
show. While it is the last recognized
show of our season in the Northwest,
it actually is the rst of qualiers for
the 2019 show year. is is a good one
to add to next year’s calendar.
In mid-October I traveled with a
dierent horse to the ODS League
Finals Show at Donida Farms
Equestrian Center in Auburn,
Washington. e Lower Puget Sound
Dressage Chapter of ODS put the
show on this year. e show has not
run the last couple years. e LPSD
Chapter did a wonderful job of early
advertising and the show was a full
day with several riders going up from
Oregon. ey revived excitement for
ODS League
Finals Show –
LPSDC president
Lea McCullough
on her newest
mount, Sunshine
Karen and Ileana
NovEmbEr 2018 59
the League Championships, which we hope continues into
next year. ODS is seeking chapters interested in running
the 2019 League Championships. e ODS Board is also
exploring the possibility of developing a medals program
for the League riders. Stay tuned for more information
about the possibilities.
ODS has had an annual ODS USDF/USEF Championships
since 1981. We are currently seeking a committee chair
and members to be sure we have a successful show in
2019. An experienced show secretary is already willing to
continue on, but we need a Show Manager and committee
members to produce this show, which is planned once
again be held at Devonwood Equestrian Center. Contact
me if you have interest in this committee.
Several Regions 6 and ODS members will be heading
to Utah at the end of November to attend the USDF
Convention – Dressage Elevated. All ODS members are
invited and encouraged to attend. If you have ideas or
concerns you want brought forth to USDF, please contact
the delegates attending from the ODS Board: Karen
Cheeke, Emily Kenyon, and Sam Clement. Jo Renn and
Gaye McCabe also plan to attend.
Plans are underway for the ODS Annual Retreat which
includes the rst quarterly meeting of the year, educational
activities, and networking opportunities. Board members
are required to attend this annual event and we strongly
encourage all committee chairs and representatives from
each of our ODS Chapters to come and participate and
Lower Puget Sound Dressage
With over 500 tests ridden and judged this year, LPSDC has
had a phenomenal show season. We even added an additional
show to accommodate all our riders and members! A special
thank-you goes out to all our area trainers who take the time
to coach and bring their students to the LPSDC shows. eir
eort is our reward in having such successful full shows!!
And now it is time to take a well-deserved break!
To summarize our show season:
May 6th at Kitsap Saddle Club
On an absolutely beautiful sunny day at Kitsap Saddle Club, we
hosted our rst show of the season with great success. Amanda
Wilgenburg “L Judge” and scribe Jo Renn had a very long day
with 81 rides starting at 8am sharp and ending just aer 7pm
in the evening. Congratulations are
in order to some of our high scores
of the day – Carrie Gregory and
Hummer yme for their 2d Level
Musical Freestyle (70.5) and Linda
Coates-Markle (Open) and Rafael for
Western Dressage Level 4-1 (68.6).
June 10th at Kitsap Saddle Club
Braving thunder and at times,
torrential rain, riders joined in on
our second show of the year held
June 10th at Kitsap Saddle Club. We
had 77 rides on the schedule and
want to thank our judges at C: Nicole
Charbonneau “r” and Carrie Gregory
“L” for ociating at the very long day.
Congratulations to our high point JR/
YR of the day – Marissa Block riding
Zannity in Intro and receiving a 70%
for her ride.
learn at this fun event. It is a great opportunity to learn more
about what is happening in ODS and to bring your ideas to
the board. We also have fun and get to know some of our
fellow members. Please watch for registration and more
details of this event which is going to be at Silver Falls Lodge
the weekend of January 25 through 27. We hope to see more
members participating in all or part. of this weekend.
I am looking forward to the 2019 ODS year. Please contact
60 NovEmbEr 2018
July 9th at Chalice Farms
Gorgeous day, beautiful horses and talented riders all came
together for our 3rd show held at Chalice Farms. Having “S”
Judge Dolly Hannon from Arvada, Colorado ociate was a
very special honor for our club. With 77 rides on the schedule,
it was a long day and many thanks go to Show Manager Jordan
Heslep and owners Lea and Mark McCullough for all their
care and organization that made the show ow smoothly
for all. Congratulations to Ellie Combs (AA) for her ride on
Ff Zarah Moon winning Training Level TOC with a 70%.
is show was followed a Ride and Review with Dolly the
next day. is weekend was made even more eventful with
our Summer Barbeque held on Saturday evening.
August 18th and 19th at Bainbridge Island Saddle Club
Two very full shows judged by eresa Morine “r” and Deborah
Spence “R” on each day. Both days were completely full and
huge thanks go to show manager Carrie Guthrie-Whitlow for
taking on the weekend. Congratulations to Lea McCullough
(AA) and Resolution on a score of 71.9% riding a Prix St.
George test and to Marilyn Gustafson (AA) and Starlette for
receiving 73.4% for their Intro A ride.
September 16th at Kitsap Saddle Club
Another full show! Many thanks to Kimmy Weise “L” for
judging and Show Manager Jo Renn for spending a long day
managing the show. e weather was testy and depending upon
the time of day, riders were basking in sun or drowning in
rain! Congratulations to some of our top scoring rides – Carley
Stratton (JR/YR) on Terry Wood winning Training TOC with
69% and to Christine Erikson (AA) and Allegria for winning
3rd Level and up with a 66.8%.
September 30th at Green Hills Farm
To end the season, we added a show! And within a week of
opening entriesit was full. is was a great season ender
at a lovely venue judged by Linda Coates-Markle “L” and
managed very capably by Jordan Heslep. For this show, we
added some eventing tests as well as Intro Supervised and
Western Dressage. Congratulations to Makenna Kottre (JR/
YR) and Freedom on scoring 68.5% on a 1st Level TOC and
to Tatyana Morz (JR/YR) and Fourth Dimension scoring
69.7% on the other 1st Level TOC. We are so proud of our
Young Riders!!
The whole family came out to celebrate a century ride by Sharon Scott and Shazzy
NovEmbEr 2018 61
October 13th and 14th at Donida Farm
is was the revival of a show which has not
happened for the past couple years. It was quite
a success, and was met with enthusiasm from
both riders and organizers. is was a year-end
nale for those who have participated in ODS
league shows (non-USDF recognized) through
the year. It included classes at Intro through
Second Level as well as Freestyle and Western
Dressage. anks to some great sponsors, we
were able to oer a "big show" feel, great prizes,
and still keep prices reasonable. For many of
our league show participants, this was their rst
experience traveling to a multi-day show with
stabling. e friendly atmosphere, and great
weather this weekend oered them a positive
introduction to moving up in the sport. We
also had the very special event of Sharon Scott
doing her "Century Ride" on her horse Shazzy.
is is a recognition sponsored by e Dressage
Foundation for a horse and rider who's combined
ages add to 100 or more.
Keep your eyes out for the full article which will be
coming in the December issue of Flying Changes!
Show manager Jo Renn presenting a reserve-champion award to Jordan Banks and Xena
(rst level open)
Musical Freestyle Champion Allegria (ridden by Ann Christine Erikson) modeling the
trophy cooler (it may need some alterations for pony-size)
Jessy Olson and Thor The Mustang were quite successful in multiple divisions of both regular and western dressage
Once upon a time the Military forts in our
country had those mounted boys in blue
who defended our forts, repelled hostiles.
shipped o to distance wars in defense of
our country and may have rescued a few
maidens tied to railroad tracks.
In an eort to keep their horses t and
have a dandy time while doing it, they
devised a number of activities. Each fort
had such delights as horse shows, a polo
team and a mounted hunt. Eventing was
an aspect of training/pleasure as well.
us it was for Woodbrook Hunt Club.
It began as a migration of members from
the Seattle Hunt Club south in the early
1900s and morphed into a recognized
hunt in 1926 with Fort Lewis (Now
Joint Base Lewis McChord) as its “hunt
country”. WHC purchased 5 acres next
to the base and the Club House our
founders built there continues with
creative maintenance.
Until recently there were only three
hunts still stationed at military
reservations. Now, there is only one that
touts itself as aliated with such and
that is Leavenworth. What constitutes
“aliated” is not quite certain but,
Woodbrook enjoys a long standing,
friendly, formally leased, cooperation
with the Army that we jealously guard
and appreciate. Whereas other hunts in
our country struggle to gain access to
private properties by schmoozing area
farmers and staying ahead of encroaching
development, we have thousands of
stunning acres to enjoy in the areas
JBLM makes available to us on any
given hunt day. Granted, they are
assigned but, we gladly cooperate.
It saves dodging rie re and other
unfriendly things.
e cavalry was a brief glory that we
owe to, you guessed it, General George
S. Patton. …and you thought all he did
was save the Lipizzaner's? Patton moved
the 115th Cavalry from Wyoming to
Fort Lewis in 1940. It was mechanized
in 1942 but, during his time here, he
hunted with us and, as we all know, was
a dedicated horseman. So are we!
62 NovEmbEr 2018
Hunt Club
Lakewood, WA
e Babbler by Andy Lorig:
Contact Information
Our website
is your greatest resource to learn more
about drag fox hunting with us, our
hounds, activities, and club history.
Like us on Facebook!
Questions and information requests are
best directed to:
Melody Fleckenstein, MFH
(425) 417-4003
Jennifer Hansen, Huntsman
(253) 377-4892
Michelle Hoedeman , Membership
(253) -273-6414
General George Patton
MFH - Melody Fleckenstein
Sr. Jt. MFH - Michael Wager
Jt. MFH - Tami Masters
MFH Emeritus - Jean Brooks
Sr. Ad. MFH - Joanna Herrigstad
Sr. Ad. MFH - RJ Argenzio-West
Huntsman - Jennifer Hansen
Kennelmadam - Sarah Glaser
Whips - Michael Wager, Tami
Masters, Sarah Glaser, Patty Stiemert
Fox Club - Eric Stiemert, Simon
Chapman, Tami Masters
Fieldmasters - Emily Rang, Margo
Forstrom, Debra Flynn, Melody
Fleckenstein, RJ West, Michelle
President - Kate Gormally
Vice-President - Michaela Hansen
Secretary - Michelle Hoedeman
Treasurer - Deborah Giddings
Past Pres. - Debra Flynn
Lorna Anderson
Jessica Bradley
Joan Burlingame
Missy McGan
Aubrey Roth
Patty Stiemert
Want To Come Watch A Hunt By Car?
Very oen where we hunt allows a car caravan to follow us along the
way, with great viewing of the hounds running, sta and huntsman
working, and the elds jumping. It also gives viewers a chance to see
some breathtaking beautiful woods and prairies that are typical of
this part of the Pacic Northwest. Parents like to come and watch
their kids, or non-riding friends, spouses and partners get a kick out
of participating in this way on a hunt.
en everyone comes back to the clubhouse for a hearty hunt
"breakfast" around a roaring re in the clubhouse. If you'd like to do
this, email us at, some fun hunts
to come and watch are the Blessing of the Hounds Hunt, Opening
Day Hunt and our Junior Pony Club Hunt! Tally ho!
e Real Heroes of the Hunt are the
Fox Draglayers, All Welcome!!
Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to out fox our
awesome pack of hounds? Our hounds on a hunt are following a
"drag" scent laid along the trails by humans on ATVs, bikes, or on
foot. Over the years the human runners seem to be producing the
best "voice" from a pack of foxhounds, the cry they make when they
"hit" the scent and are o in hot pursuit of wherever that scent came
from. e best drag layers or as we like to refer to them as our "foxes"
try and simulate the way a fox would run across country, which might
mean crossing a creek, running along the top of a huge felled tree, or
doubling back over your tracks. It can be as much fun for the drag
layers as it is the hounds!
We recently held our rst Fox Clinic, where Simon Chapman, one
of our drag layers shared with runners what it takes to outfox a pack
of hounds. We will be holding another clinic soon, where you will
actually run with foxes, learn some of the intriguing ways wild foxes
run, how scent is mixed, and maybe have a hound or two try and
catch you! If you just like to run and see dierent country, or are a
non-hunting spouse, partner or friend of a WHC member and want
to participate in a hunt, just not from the back of a horse (although
riding skills come in handy sometimes) this could be for you!
e reward as shown in the picture of Simon being "caught" by a
hound is all the reward our foxes need! To have a pack of hounds
behind you in full cry is very exciting they say, dragman Eric Stiemert
has even climbed trees to watch the hounds work his scent. He once
forded a pretty good sized pond and was sitting on the other side
hidden but watching the hounds try and gure out where he went,
when one swam into the pond and over to where Eric was hiding,
then the hound swam back and brought the rest of the hounds back
to Eric! If you are interested in learning more about drag laying with
the Woodbrook Hunt Club, contact dragsman Simon Chapman at
253-209-7281 with any questions.
NovEmbEr 2018 63
Dragsman Eric Stiemert running a drag line through our hunt country
Dragsman Simon Chapman being rewarded by with a kiss from hound Kent
Day Date Time Type Location
Fri 2nd, 10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Sat 3rd, 11:am Hunt 7N
Sun 4th, 11:am Hunt TBA
Tue 6th, 10:am Training Hunt TBA
Fri 9th, 10:am Training Hunt TBA
Tue 13th, 10:am Training Hunt TBA
Fri 16th, 10:am Hound Exercise Kennels
Tue 20th, 10:am Training Hunt TBA
Fri 23rd, 11:am Hunt TA 9, 10
Sat 24th, 11:am Hunt TA 7N, 8
Tue 27th, 10:am Training Hunt TBA
State Hunter
President: Jamie Smith
Vice President: Quinn Partridge
Treasurer: Miranda Salmeri
Secretary: Ellen Con
Hunter Rep: Alexis Silvernale
Equitation Rep: Nora Thomas
Amateur Rep: Peter Brandon
Pony Rep: Tara Devlin
Jumper Rep: Laina Paterson-Summers
Junior Reps: Olivia Brandon &
Payton Smith
Members at Large:
Tory Bova
Francesca Helina
Sara Petersen
Paige Wagter
Clare Warren
Contact info available on
WSHJA is a non-prot, member-run association
reliant on generous sponsors, charitable
volunteers, and avid participation of the hunter/
jumper community to accomplish its mission—
championing the achievements of and serving the
interests of both its riders and horses—to ensure a
thriving equestrian culture in the Pacic Northwest.
ank you to all competitors, volunteers, sta, and sponsors who helped make
WSHJAs inaugural Outreach horse show a great success!
Congratulations to Winners from the Highlight
October Classic Championships!
Junior/Amateur Hunter Derby Champion: Prescott & Emma Robins
WSHJA Good Seat & Hands Final, 2’6”, Champion: Amanda Dedeo
Gambler’s Choice in Costume Champion: Lark Ascending & Sydney Ostrander
Gambler’s Choice Best Costume winner: Vantage Point & Sarah Hallman-Luhn
Prescott & Emma Robins
Vantage Point &
Sarah Hallman-Luhn
64 NovEmbEr 2018
PNW Child/Adult Equitation Final winner: Vivienne Wood
PNW Short Stirrup Pony Equitation Final winner: Adely n Toman
PNW Children’s Pony Equitation Final winner: Sophia Wirtz
PNW Short/Long Stirrup Horse Equitation Final winner: Zoe Ryder
PNW Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Final winner: Soa Ulloa
PNW Low Adult Equitation Final winner: Ayla Bliss
PNW Low Child Equitation Final winner: Lauren Bowser
anks to all who competed and supported
the October Classic!
December 4th
WSHJA Annual Meeting (details forthcoming)
January 5th
WSHJA Annual Banquet at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue
All points will close November 30th. Any points-related questions must be
submitted at least 48 hours in advance of November 30. Please check your
points online at and submit inquiries to
Perpetual Trophy Winners: please return your perpetual trophies NO
LATER than December 31st to Olson’s Tack Shop!
Lark Ascending & Sydney Ostrander
NovEmbEr 2018 65
66 NovEmbEr 2018
membership or with point tracking,
please contact Kathy Hall at
For Family Membership, make sure that
all family members’ emails are included in
order for each member to vote in elections.
OHJA Board Members
Rebekah Swan (503) 349-0314
Vice President
Kathy Hall (971) 404-5296
Joe Regan (626) 644 6771
Martha Brooks (541) 944-1797
Jumper Representative: (520) 358-1079
Robin Rothe
Hunter Representative:
Dustin Goodwin (971) 219 8586
Equitation Representative:
Leah Lively (503) 442- 2624
Members at Large
Akiko Hamada
Elise Conlee
Sam Shahbazi
Trish Helmer
Junior Reps
Serin Von Marenholtz
Izzy Lively
Amazon Smile and Fred Meyer
A portion of what you already spend
at Fred Meyer and on Amazon can be
returned to the organization simply by
signing up the OHJA as your charity
of choice. e Oregon Hunter Jumper
Association is a non-prot organization
and therefore can receive back a portion
of your expenditures. If you signed OHJA
up on Fred Meyer rewards in the past, you
will have to relist it for the current year as
they start fresh on all accounts each year.
Rule Proposals
Rule proposals must be submitted by Nov
6th. If there are any rules you would like
to see enacted by the organization then
please write them up and submit no later
than Nov 6th to Kathy Hall at khall@
Check Your Points
As the 2018 show season starts winding
down, check your points for accuracy.
Renewals and joining must be completed
prior to showing for your points to count.
ere are no retroactive points given. Be
sure to check that your trainer has also
renewed so that they can get points on
your horse as well. Lifetime memberships
are available. Contact a board member
with questions. Also talk to your trainer
about the best
system for you and
your horse(s) based
on where you mostly
Last chance to
dispute points for
shows that took
place through
October is
November 10th.
For any shows
taking place during
November, all
discrepancies must
be reported before
December 5th.
e membership
sign-up issues
should be resolved.
If you do nd an
issue with your
NovEmbEr 2018 67
2018 Awards Gala
New this year: tables of 10 will be
available to purchase at a discount. If
you want to make sure that your sit with
your favorite barn mates then buy a table!
Tables only available until November
15th. Every table purchased will be put
into a drawing for a 1 night stay at the
Marriot. Ticket sales are coming soon,
you can also buy the normal individual
tickets, so keep an eye on the website.
e Banquet will be held at the Marriot
Downtown Waterfront in January 2019.
Special Awards
It’s that time again! Please submit
nominations for Special Awards no later
than November 11th. Special Awards
include Father of e Year, Mother of
e Year, School Horse of e Year,
e Smooth Jazz Horse Welfare award,
Senior Sportsmanship Award and Junior
Sportsmanship Award.Social Media
Dont forget to tag the OHJA in your social
media posts using #oregonhunterjumper
to share your equine experiences. Keep
track of the news and events by following
the ocial OHJA Facebook page “Oregon
Hunter Jumper Association” or on
Instagram “oregonhunterjumper.
Do you have a vacation home that you
would be willing to auction a few days
at to help fundraise? Do you have of
know someone with a business that
would benet from being seen by 5,000+
equestrian enthusiasts? Do you make
or sell equine products or services?
Would you like to support academic
scholarships, educational seminars for
riders, or junior equestrians?
If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, the OHJA would love to hear
from you!
e OHJA is a non-prot, volunteer run
organization that relies on sponsorships
and donations to provide everything from
ribbons at the year-end awards banquet,
to prizes for medal nals, to educational
scholarships. If you are interested in
supporting the OHJA or know someone
who might be, please contact the OHJA
fundraising chair at fundraising@
Board Nominations
Anyone interested in running for the
2019 OHJA Board, please contact Dustin
Goodwin at dustingoodwin00@gmail.
com Board positions are three-year terms.
All dierent skillsets are needed for the
board positions. Last day to submit board
nominations is November 5th.
e OHJA Scholarship Application
deadline is November 15th. Each year
OHJA awards up to three academic
scholarships. You may apply for a
scholarship if you are attending, or
planning to attend college (community
or university), graduate school, or a
vocational school.
Scholarships are awarded based upon
information provided in the scholarship
application, academic transcripts,
and three letters of recommendation.
Finalists are invited to interview with the
Scholarship Committee in December.
Scholarship recipients are announced
at the Annual Awards Banquet and
Fundraiser; funds are disbursed directly
to the recipients’ chosen accredited
educational institution.
e amount of the scholarship awarded
varies based upon funds raised
throughout the year. e OHJA relies
on donations to the Scholarship Fund to
oer scholarships. If you are interested in
donating directly to OHJAs scholarship
fund please contact the Scholarship
We encourage applicants to begin the
application process early in order to
complete their application on time.
Application materials can be sent directly
to the Scholarship Representative.
Upcoming Shows and Events
November 5
– Board Nomination Deadline
November 6
– Rule Change Proposal Deadline
November 10
– Point Dispute Deadline
November 11
– Special Award Nomination Deadline
November 15
– Scholarship Deadline
Last day to purchase a table of 10
for the Banquet
December 5
Final Opportunity to Dispute Points
Accrued in November
68 2018 EvENt DatEs NovEmbEr 2018
November 2018
3 LWSC Annual Awards Banquet
December 2018
January 2019
May 2019
4 Quarry Ridge Horse Shows. Contact: www., Facebook: Quarry
Ridge Horse Shows, Text: 360-909-8605
June 2019
1 Quarry Ridge Horse Shows. Contact:, Facebook:
Quarry Ridge Horse Shows, Text: 360-909-
12-16 Oregon Trail Contact: Mollie Gallaway
Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax 541-685-
9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ; triplerise@,
15-16 Bedrock 1- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
12-16 Swiftwater Invitational, ,Washington
State Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
19-23 Early Summer Classic Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
19-23 Alpine Preview, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
July 2019
4-7 Country Classic Preview - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
6-7 Bedrock 2- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
OF EVENTS 2018/2019
Also @
10-14 Country Classic - Contact: Mollie Gallaway
Main - 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088;
Mollie - 541-914-0052 ; triplerise@,
11-14 Pacic Crest Open, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
13-14 Pacific Outreach, ,Washington State
Horse Park, Cle Elum, WA. Contact:
Barbara Baierle, (253) 350-6579, nancy@, www.
August 2019
23-26 Oregon Summer Classic - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
24-25 Bedrock 3- Contact: Mollie Gallaway Main
- 541-342-5432 |Fax 541-685-9088; Mollie
- 541-914-0052 ;,
28-1 NW Spectacular - Contact: Mollie
Gallaway Main - 541-342-5432 | Fax
541-685-9088; Mollie - 541-914-0052 ;, www.teamnw.
plEasE sEND
2019 sHow DatEs
Keeping Horses
Healthy, Happy &
Performing At Their Best
360.568.3111 | Snohomish
69 NovEmbEr 2018
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, sales, clinics.
Complete indoor/outdoor facilities & grass paddocks.
Field jumps & 75 acres of elds & trails. Our Virginia roots
oer you a three generation business.
Brawley Farms
South Salem, OR
(503) 743-4414
Trainer:Judy Brawley
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, sales, clinics
& basic dressage. Quality school horses & lease program. Beginning to ad-
vanced—Pleasure to show ring; We have the experience to help you reach
your goals.
Brawley Farms North, LLC
Wilsonville Equestrian Center, Boeckman Road
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 932-9283 (Cell)
Trainers: Debbie & Judy Brawley
Premier training facility. Stalls w/runs, large grass turnouts, all weather no mud turn-
outs. Stableguard system, providing 24hr camera surveillance for individual monitor-
ing and control of your horse's health and safety.
Charlton Ridge Farm, LLC
Kaitlyn Eigner, Trainer
Hunters,Jumper, Equitation, Sales, Ponies.
The Pacic Northwest's Premier Equine Brokerage and
Marketing Company. Consignments, Guided Buying
Tours, Online Marketing.
Cascadia Sporthorses
Kelly Marriner-Smith
17528 Painter Loop Rd.
NE Hubbard,
OR 97032
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Training, Lessons and Clinics. Positive training
for both horse and rider. Located just minutes from Hunter Creek show
Echelon Training, LLC
34680 NE Kramien Rd
Newberg, Or 97132
(541) 420-9711
Trainer: Kathy Kerron. USEF "R" Hunter/Equitation Judge
Hunters, jumpers, equitation - training, lessons, sales,
clinics. School horses available. Large, beautiful barn 90x200 indoor, lovely
outdoor arena, turnout. Quality training, instruction & care for your horse.
Christus Farm, Inc.
PO Box 2261
Jasper, OR 97438
(541) 726-1505
Amy Gau, Linda Kienlen, Melissa Brotz
The Sherwood Forest
28303 SW Baker Rd.
Sherwood, OR 97140
Philippa Melski & Kristen Whiteside
(503) 516-4965
Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation, Young Horses and Investment Horses
Flip Side
Cornerstone is a beautiful, full-care hunter/jumper
facility specializing in the preparation of horse & rider for the show ring.
Quality school horses & lease horses.
Cornerstone Equestrian, LLC
8310 NW Kaiser Rd, Portland, OR 97231
(503) 351-3253 farm
(503) 351-1002 cell
Trainer: Linda Worley
Premiere Hunter/Jumper facility with emphasis on equitation & horsemanship.
Covered arena & grass derby eld. Two miles west of I-5 at exit 271.
Arbor Grove Equestrian, Inc.
7359 Highway 219 NE
Woodburn, OR 97071
(503) 981-1978
(626) 644-6771 (cell)
Rob Perkins - Owner/Trainer
Joe Regan - Owner/ Trainer
FallBrooks Farm is a beautiful dressage & vaulting training facility w/indoor & outdoor
arenas, round pens, pastures, trails & a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We teach in a
kind, enthusiastic & compassionate style. Top horse care in large, clean, matted stalls with
runs and 3x/day feeding.
FallBrooks Farm
North Plains, OR 97133
Barn: (503) 647-2755
Manager/Vaulting Trainer: Suzanne Detol
Dressage Trainer: Ashlyn Waggoner
Foxre Farms
Nancy Barnes, Owner/Operator/Instructor.
Kassi Morgan, Trainer
28880 SE Folsom Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
(503) 630-6951 home; (503) 860-0802 cell
Quiet, congenial complete-care boarding facility with many TLC extras.
Indoor arena - roundpen - trails & trail obstacles - jumps - 20 min. from I-205.
Horses go out to pasture every day, all day, all year. Dressage lessons using
biomechanical & natural horsemanship techniques to inspire confidence &
harmony between horse & rider.
Premier Facility 100x200, 60x120 Arenas, 60’ Round Pen, 12x12x42’
Stall/Paddock, Adult Hobby Riders, Quite Peaceful Setting, Year around
Pasture. Equitation Instruction, Professional Training, Horseback
Birthday Parties, Experienced Horse Rental/Leasing.
Herrold Stables & Farm
32900 SW Wohler St
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(971) 235-4529 call/text
French Hill Farm & Riding Academy
15770 NE Eilers Rd
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 678-6336;
Owners: Nancy & Al Jubitz
Premier riding academy for ages 6 & up. All abilities.
Excellent instructors.
Experienced lesson horses. Summer Camps. Horse Shows.
Beautiful facility.
Board and training with Stellar Sport Horses.
Crescendo Farms
Katie & Allan Twombly
Barn: 14245 SW Pleasant Valley Rd
Mail: 19809 SW Aten Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007
Cell: (503) 703-7950
Excellent full care boarding facility, includes daily turn out in large grass fields.
Specialized care & handling for young horses & lay up situations. Lessons & lease
horses also available. Hunters/Eq., Dressage, Centered Riding, Contemporary
Alexander Technique and Natural Horsemanship.
70 NovEmbEr 2018
Hunter, jumper, equitation. School horses available, lease
horses also available.
Rain Creek Farm
20833 S Redland Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 631-8000
(503) 819-7651 cell
Trainer: Vicki Zacharias
PO Box 925
25475 SW Baker Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 625-9550 (b); (503) 702-4215 (c)
Premier training facility for horse & rider. 2 covered arenas 80x200 for
hunters & 60x90 for young horses & riders. 100x200 all-weather outdoor
arena. Access to trails. Acres of turnout. Owners on-site
Rolling Rock Farm LLC
Lessons for all ages & skill levels.
Quality lesson horses in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment—whether
you are preparing for the A rated show program or simply want to get your
basics down.
Quiet Rein Riding School
9470 S Bakers Ferry Rd
Oregon City, OR 97045
Trainer: Jill McGrady/
(503) 544-7999
Trainer: Robin Rothe/
(520) 358-1079 -
Martha Brooks and Brook McLeod
Banks OR
(541) 944-1797 or 541 821 3444
Personalized training program to meet your needs. School horses avail-
able. Small barn in private setting. Sales horses available.
Pax Diem Equestrian Center
2725 Iron Mountain Blvd
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Lovely historic LOH provides full service boarding, including 4 feedings per day and daily turnout
in all weather paddocks with grass option in summer. Our Riding Academy offers beginning
English lessons and wonderful summer camps and we offer advanced training programs in a
variety of disciplines. Our prime central location on 19 acres in the heart of Lake Oswego can't be
beat in terms of convenience and gas savings. Visit us today!
Lake Oswego Hunt Club
Libbi L. Peltz, DVM, Trainer
Located at Venture Farm
20130 South End Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045
Mailing: PO Box 1168, Mulino, OR 97042
(503) 998-7319 cell
Hunters/Jumpers, Equitation. Lessons & Training for all ages, beginners to show
ring competitors. Lesson / Lease horses. Libbi L. Peltz DVM available for your
horse’s Veterinary care
Libbi Peltz Training
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, investment horses, sales, training, lessons &
Oz Incorporated
22665 S Central Point Road, Canby OR 97013
Barn: (503) 651-3418 / Shelly (503) 704 7985
Trainers: Je & Shelly Campf
Dustin Goodwin
Ingrid Thornquist & James Hook, Owners
Sherwood, OR 97140
(503) 819-8519 (c);
Dressage & basic horsemanship lessons. School horses available. Private, quiet,
full-care facility. Rehabilitation & layup care available. 12x12 stalls w/runs,
70x144 covered/lighted arena, pasture turnout, individual or group. 15 min.
from I-5 Wilsonville exit, 15 min from 99w Sherwood.
Merlins Wood
Hunters. Jumpers. Equitation. Investment. Sales. Daily turnout with a
large indoor arena. NCEA riding help. All levels welcome.
Imagination Lane, LLC
36851 NE Wilsonville Rd
Newberg, OR 97132
Nicole Bourgeois (503) 310-9982
Kendall Bourgeois (503) 476-7862
Rosey Paulson B.H.S. P.I
18241 SW Mountain Home Rd. Sherwood, OR
Full care boarding, Lessons and training in Eventing, Dressage and show
jumping. Show coaching. School and Lease horses available. BHS certificat-
ed instructor. Supportive and fun environment, Lessons for all ages. Young
horse starts and sales programs available. Haul ins welcome.
In Tune Eventing
Lara Schleining, Owner
1313 E Nevada St, Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 601-9895
Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation & Dressage training • Sport Horse sales & leases
• Unparalleled equestrian facilities • 60 fully fenced acres • Spacious stables &
turn-out paddocks w/indoor & outdoor arenas • Nestled in the hills overlooking
Ashland • Minutes from I-5.
Silver Spring Farm
775 SW Advance Rd
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 682-8897
Quality full-care boarding, full-size indoor dressage & jumping arena,
turnout, clinics, instruction in basic equitation to CT in a friendly,
supportive atmosphere.
Sleepy Hollow Farm, Ltd
Shannon Vandermolen, Trainer
22262 SW Staord Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 927-7190
Full and Partial training packages for hunters, jumpers and eventers.
Limited school horse lessons. Quality show barn in relaxed family farm
setting. Sales and Leases available. Call Shannon.
Pete's Place LLC
Disciplined, compassionate, and methodical training to awaken a
horse’s love and eagerness for its work as well as lessons and training
for beginning through advanced riders of all ages. Full care board of
the highest quality.
Hawkins Equine, LLC
(503) 475-6236
Trainer: Ashley Hawkin
71 NovEmbEr 2018
Trainer: Nancy Stearns
Owners: Nancy and Mark Stearns
5553 SW Quarry Ave
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 923-6349;
Quality full care boarding w/individual grass turn-outs. Lighted covered arena w/
mirrors. Large outdoor dressage court. Dressage instruction. School horses available.
Dressage clinics w/Danica Yates & Sue Sherry.
Stonepony Dressage
Oregon City, OR 97045
((971) 285- 2144 (
503) 631-3289;
Dressage training 30 years experience. Relax & enjoy the journey with
your horse. Lessons designed individually for each horse & rider team.
Indoor/outdoor arenas w/excellent footing. For more information
contact Katie Gustafson (503) 631-3289 or
Strowbridge Stables
Swan Training
16091 SW Wilsonville Rd.
Wilsonville, OR 97070
(503) 349-0314
Trainer: Rebekah Swan
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation. Whip ‘n Spur continues with a tradition of
the highest quality training & horse care in the Northwest. Home of Swan
Tom Murray Dressage
Viola Farm
28815 S. Needy Rd.
Canby, Oregon 97013
(626) 644 3008
Now accepting clients at this exciting new facility.Full-care boarding,
dressage training & sales.
Dressage training/lesson program & clinics. Full care, daily large turnouts year
round, large mirrored indoor arena, round pen, large matted stalls, & superb
amenities. Surrounded by over 3,000 acres of BLM land w/year round trails.
Trailer parking, fully fenced, gated, & video monitored. Conveniently located just
15 min. east of I-205. Owner lives on site for 24 hour care.
Templeton Equestrian Center
Dave and Shanna Templeton Owners
21285 S. Lower Highland Rd., Beavercreek, OR 97004
(503) 632.2433 Barn
(503) 388.1809 Megan Pugh – Trainer
Carrie Harnden – Clinician, Alfredo Hernandez - Clinician
Tracie Bjugan Dressage LLC
Located at West Side Stables
17265 SW Swank Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140
Tracie Bjugan (503) 705-2207
USDF Gold, Silver, Bronze medalist. Accomplished competitor with
multiple awards. Dedicated instructor, international horse shopping, using
technology enhancing instruction, starting horses, retraining difficult horses.
Available for clinics and travel.
Triple Rise Equestrian Center
85687 Pine Grove Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 954-5312
Owners: Mike & Mollie Gallaway
Trainer: Mike Gallaway
Trainer: Lauren Buck 541-543-1467
Hunters/jumpers, equitation, school horses boarding, training, indoor/
outdoor arenas.
11355 NW Valley Vista Road, Hillsboro, OR
(503) 647-0444 or
Self care boarding in Helvetia area. 10 minutes from Tanasbourne or
Bethany. Small, private, mud-free facility. 12’x12’ matted stalls with outdoor
covered 12’x12’ paddocks. Covered 80’x160’ arena with Equiloft footing, 60’
all-weather round arena. Summer pastures, winter all-weather turnouts.
Quiet country roads for hacks. Daily self care required.
Valley Vista Farm
PO Box 60
Lorane, OR 97451
(541) 359-8040
80 acres of pastures, woods, trails, cross-country course. Outdoor arena & big, mirrored
indoor arena w/viewing, tack & club rooms. Cross ties, 2 round pens, big holding pad-
docks. Birthing stalls w/insulated viewing room. Daily turnout, stall cleaning. Feeding
2x per day. Blanketing. Special needs horse care. Surveillance cameras, gated. Trainers
welcome. Standing pure Lusitano stallion, Disco Daydream.
Unicorn Ranch
Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation & Sales. Competitive show barn, catering to
beginners thru Grand Prix. Full service care w/daily turn-out, indoor arena &
all-weather outdoor. Full/Half Lease/School Horse Lessons available.
Venture Farm
20130 South End Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Owner/Trainer: Megan Jordan
(503) 539-2283 / meg@venturefarminc
Assistant Trainer: Heather Northup (541) 914-0407
Antonio Castellanos (503) 209-7109
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Leasing & Sales. Focusing on complete
horsemanship & preparation for the show ring.
Stellar Sport Horses
French Hill Farm
15770 NE Eilers Rd
Aurora, OR 97002
(503) 678-2025
Trainer: Akiko Hamada
Eventing, Dressage and Vaulting.
Full care board, daily turn-out
Julie Hook, Trainer, USEA Level IV Instructor
Malcolm Hook, operations manager
Kayde Undraitis, Assistant
Talisman Farm
15988 NE Eilers Road
Aurora, OR 97002
Areas of focus include: equitation, hunter jumper training, horseback riding
lessons, professional horse training, horse boarding, and also has a variety
of horses for sale. We can accommodate your needs and help to shape you
into the kind of rider that ts your goals and objectives.
Some Day Farm
20361 Tumalo Rd
Bend, OR 97701
Trainer: Cathrine Cruger
(541) 848 8519
Only $170 per year
Call 503 317 4957
or email
Your Facility
Your Address
Your Contact Information
72 NovEmbEr 2018
Nancy Free, Trainer
26919 112th St. E.
Buckley, WA 98321
(360) 829-9181 farm; (253) 381-2533 cell
Hunters, Equitation, Investments, Leases, Sales & Clinics.
Brass Ring Farm, LLC
Premium Full Service Hunter/Jumper equestrian facility located above the
wine country in Woodinville, WA
Heidi Snider Kauman oers Training, Sales, Leases, and Showring Success
Hillcrest Training
Heidi Snider Kauman
International competitors Ann and Vinton Karrasch bring decades of
excellence in hunter/jumper training, clinics, showing and sales. Now
located in the Pacic Northwest.
At Shelburne Farms in Redmond, WA
Vinton Karrasch 949.795.1104
Ann Karrasch 949.291.1407
Outstanding facility, with excellent horse management in a nearly mud-free facility.
Indoor 60X120 arena with rubber and sand footing. Outdoor 200x75 arena which can
be used for dressage or jumping. Reasonable Board rates, with daily turnout and full
care services!
Chalice Farms - Performance Boarding Facility
- Focusing on Dressage and Eventing
9390 Orchard Ave. SE
Port Orchard, WA 98367
Contact: Lea Wilson, Owner
Jonnie Brooks Owner/Trainer
7014 180th St SE
Snohomish, Wa. 98296
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Lessons and Sales. Located just 5 minutes north of Woodinville, o of
Highway 9. Fully inclosed indoor arena, spacious outdoor arena and large grass pastures for daily
turnout. Training programs are individually tailored to each horse and rider.
23118 NE 37th Ave.
Ridgefield, WA
(360) 887-8087
Home of Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage & Rebecca Buehler \Dressage and Jump
Instruction. A full-service dressage & jump facility, located 2 mi. east of the I-5 exit
11, FarmHill features a 60x150 mirrored indoor dressage arena, full-court outdoor
dressage arena, 100x300 outdoor jump arena, covered round pen. We provide
superb care for our horses & their humans!
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Lessons, Leases & Sales. Training program
customized to meet your riding goals. Indoor & outdoor arenas, individual
paddocks for daily turnout, large stalls & heated viewing lounge.
Encanto Valley Farm
24246 275th Ave SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 766-1625
Trainer: Morgan Carr, USHJA Certied
Premier full-care facility w/excellent management. Daily turnout on mud-free surface.
International Dressage Training/Instruction, lesson programs. FEI - Hobby Rider. School
horse program. Top-quailty show venue. Two indoor arenas, sand/Nike footing & mirrors,
numerous outdoor arenas, sand/rubber footing. Race track, cross country jumps. Located
on 80+ manicured acres.
Donida Farm
David & Gwen Blake
(253) 833-4870
Auburn, WA
Farmhill Equestrian Center, LLC
Korina Winkler Owner/Manager
1613 NE 259th St
Ridgefield, WA 98642
(503) 730-7490 office
Equi-librium Equestrian, Jessica Wisdom 253-230-9764 features a “135x62 newly
remodeled, mirrored indoor arena & a newly renovated 235x121 outdoor arena
with all-weather footing over 25 newly renovated turnout paddocks. Located on
50 acres with trails.
Emerald Valley Stables
Internationally renowned, CSJ offers training for the serious athlete ranging from
beginners to the Grand Prix level.
Our state of the art facility is conveniently located just North of Bellevue.
Crooks Show Jumping
9390 Orchard Ave. SE
16530 Robinson Rd,
Snohomish WA 98296
Lauren Crooks 206-660-1992
At a gorgeous facility minutes from downtown Bellevue and close
to Seattle, owner-trainer Alexis Taylor Silvernale and her sta oer
customized top-level training and quality care for horses and riders.
Aleron Training Stables
5800 125th Lane NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
(206) 295-4122
Trainer: Alexis Taylor Silvernale
Clare Warren / Corene Smith
22815 NE 200th Street
Woodinville, WA 98077
Oce: (425) 877-1715
Archway, established in 1991, is an exceptional hunter, jumper training facility. We prepare
horses and their riders for the competitive show circuit. USHJA Certied Trainers
Clare: 206-669-1287
Corey: 206-200-7101
Archway Equestrian, LLC
Derby Farms was established in 1980 by Pamela Pentz who has been a dressage
trainer/instructor and USEF “R Dressage judge ever since. We provide excellent
boarding (full care with turn out), training and instruction in dressage at all levels
and we have a few excellent school horses for riders in need of mounts. We are also
an Oldenburg breeding farm and breed wonderful horses for the amateur market.
We stand the amazing Grand Prix stallion Rodioso.
Derby Farms
17720 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd.
Woodinville, WA 98072
73 NovEmbEr 2018
Shannon Morris
6504 44
Ave NE, Olympia, WA 98516
(360) 280-3191
Quality boarding, training, lessons. Incredible facility. 14x14 stalls,
individual tack lockers, huge indoor & outdoor rings. Miles of trails.
Dressage & jumping lessons offered. Haul-ins welcome.
Forest Park Equestrian Center
25722 SE Tiger Mountain Rd
Issaquah, WA 98027
(425) 246 6786
Conveniently located just 10 minutes off I-99 and Hwy18, our beautiful facility
includes a 90 x 200 covered arena with brand new footing, turn out 7 days a week
in our completely dry private paddocks, flexible training schedule, heated tack
room, meticulous care and plenty of other amenities for both horse and rider to
enjoy. Come be part of the Harmony Ridge team and family.
Harmony Ridge Equestrian Center
Hunters Run Equestrian Center LLC
Colleen Armstrong, Owner
Colleen Armstrong, Angie Chamberlin
& Meghann Armstrong, Trainers
22216 Sweeney Rd SE,
Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 432-8962,
Hunters. Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, school horses, boarding,
training, indoor/outdoor arenas, daily turnout on grass pastures.
Top-of-the-line establishment with full amenities. Small community but large facility, for
dressage, horsemanship progress, and fun. Over-sized stalls, indoor & outdoor arenas, round
pen, etc. Variety of turnout options. Beautiful elds, hills & woods, with direct access to trails.
Tucked away at the end of two lanes, 2.8 miles from Hwy 520 & downtown Redmond.
Lane’s End LLC
Nancy Thacher, owner/ trainer, USDF Gold Medalist,
retired dressage judge
(425) 868-1655;
20430 NE 108th St.
Redmond, WA 98053
Training with respect for the horse and his nature. Natural methods based on traditional
dressage. Improve contact, straightness, exibility .School horses, personalized attention. Six
years training in Philippe Karl's Ecole de Legerete, USDF 'L' Graduate with Distinction, Bronze
medalist 25 years experience. Training, lessons, clinics, judging.
Jane Judson Dressage
Jane Judson
Located @ Hilltop Haven Equestrian
Carnation,WA. 98014
Hunters, jumpers, equitation, training, clinics, lessons, sales, leases. Full care boarding facility
with state-of-the-art indoor & outdoor riding rings & Grand Prix eld. Adjacent to equestrian
park & extensive riding trails.
Potcreek Meadow Farm
18804 NE 106th St
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 882-3558
Trainer: Cara Anthony
Full service providing great care & education at an aordable price. Indoor
& outdoor arenas, round pen, locker room, wash rack. Lesson horse pro-
gram for all skill levels.
Phoenix Farm Hunters & Jumpers
8832 222nd St SE
Woodinville, WA 98077
(206) 229-2711
Trainer: Teri Duplass
Red Gate Farm is a full service training facility.
We oer everything from Lessons to A circuit horse shows and have
horses and ponies available for lease. We also provide a fun Summer Day
Camp for ages 6-12.
Red Gate Farm
23836 SE 24th Street
Sammamish, WA 98075 / (425) 392-0111
Trainer: Jamie Smith
Washingtons leading Hunter & Jumper training facility.
Easily accessible from Seattle and all points on the Eastside. We provide top level
training for horse and rider in a comfortable, family atmosphere. First lesson to
the National level, our trainers can support you and your hunter, jumper, and
equitation goals. We will help you reach your full potential.
Parkside Stables
Morgan & Nora Thomas Trainers
13020 NE 39th Street, Bellevue, WA. 98005.
(425) 885-5025
Built for the horse and rider a full care dressage training and boarding facility 35 minutes from
Bellevue and 10 minutes from Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe. Facilities include 204x72
mirrored indoor arena, FEI sized all-weather outdoor, 2 20m covered round pens, numerous
all weather T/O paddocks, grass paddocks & 14x12 stalls with run outs. The facility is set on
17 lovely acres & includes a 10 acre riding and conditioning eld. We provide the very best in
personalized care for horse and rider.
Pumpkin Farms
Matt Eagan, Trainer (720) 641 7319
17732 Butler Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290
Susan Cheney, Owner (805) 490 5907,
Denison Rauw, Owner/Manager
2056 Palo Alto Road
Sequim, WA
(360) 582-9514
Experienced, quality full-care specializing in retirement, post-surgery, injury, and equine senior care •
Tranquil 20-acre farm provides superior climate for horse health • Year-around pasture board or lay-up stall
board with state-of-the-art barn and field shelters • Vacation board with close access to Olympic National
Forest and Olympic National Park • Partners with Still Creek CPR & First Aid Training for Equestrians www. • Nodaway Farm – Horse Care with Heart.
Nodaway Farm
Hunter Jumper training facility operated by third generation horse trainer, Shelly
Kerron. Quality lesson horse program. Beginner thru accomplished show rider.
Legacy Hunters & Jumpers, Inc.
19802 NE 148th St
Woodinville, WA 98077
(425) 869-1527
Trainer: Shelly Kerron Trainer: Lizzie Kerron
Assistant Trainer/Instructor: Hannah Podgorski
Barn Manager/Instructor: Leanne Wortley
15811 NE 175
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 481-7866;
Home of Molly Martin Dressage Training, Stones Throw Farm with Sarah Lorenz, &
Stephanie Craig and Cherry Blossom Farm Hunter Jumpers. We are a full service boarding
facility with large individual turnout paddocks & fields, indoor & all weather outdoor
arenas, grass jumping field, & covered roundpen. A positive atmosphere for both horse &
rider. Sales, lease & training programs available. Welcoming Kristi Gravrock, now providing
lesson horses for hunter/jumper instruction. Also has openings for training horses.
Five C Farms
10710 S Sherman Rd
Spokane, WA 99224
Owner: Christel Carlson
Manager: Gail Mackie
Phone Mgr. (509) 999 6611 Owner(509) 993 6786
Training, Boarding, Showing, Breeding Farm on 150 Acres. 7 Level 3 USDF Shows, 2 USEA
Events, All levels, Many Clinics, schooling shows and events.
Great lay over just off I-90.
Spokane Sport Horse Farm, LLC
74 NovEmbEr 2018
Summervale Premier Dressage provides an Elite Equestrian Sales experience
in dressage horses for sale. We make dreams come true matching top quality
dressage horses to their partners.
Summervale Premier Dressage
29722 - 22nd Ave E
Roy, WA 98580
We oer training for both the horse & rider looking to compete & have fun
in a team environment. Hunters, jumpers, equitation, sales, leases, & clinics.
Full care boarding & beautiful covered arena.
Sundance Equestrian Industries
18221 236th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98077
(425) 205-3775
USHJA Certied Trainers:
Katherine Wade-Easley & Chelsea Crabb
Assistant Trainer: Danika Green
Beautiful, full service equestrian facility.
Hunter, jumper and equitation.
A great place to ride.
TL2 Farms
3208 300th Ave SE
Fall City, WA 98024
(206) 499-1065
Owners: Loren and Tammy Kaneshige
Trainers: John Turner, Jack Hammond,
Quinn Partridge & Keri Bailey
24221 NE Union Hill Road, Redmond, WA 98053
Mailing address: P. O. Box 816,
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 396-2681 John; (253) 686-0221 Quinn
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, Clinics
Thumbs Up Farm
Theresa Leahy Training, LLC
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(253) 736-4888
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, and Dressage thru FEI. We offer
focused, goal-oriented lessons and training, in a positive, fun
atmosphere. A-Circuit showing throughout the west coast.
Lesson & lease horses/ponies available.
10821 Wacky Nut Way, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 780 1617. Barn Manager: (206) 353 3358
A premier dressage training & boarding facility offering lessons and training at all levels through FEI.
Regular clinics and active show participation. Excellent individualized care includes 4 daily feedings,
stalls cleaned twice daily, year-round turn out, all 15 stalls w paddocks. Indoor arena 80x180 w
excellent footing, mirrors, heated viewing area, outdoor 100x200. All season farm trail. Heated tack
room w private lockers, rider kitchen, heated groom areas. Resident caretaker.
Trainer, Emily Sorensen:
Wacky Nut Equestrian Farm
9368 NE Derby Way
Kingston, WA 98346
Trainers: Cindy Daniels, Sara Petersen, & Lisa Crittenden
(360) 860-1335; (425) 466-5662;
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Sales, Leases, School Horse Lessons. Full-care
facility with indoor & outdoor rings, state-of-the-art footing, & daily turn
out. Close to trails.
Woodside Stables
31807 South Carlson Rd
Kennewick, WA 99337
(509) 521-1100;
Three day eventing venue with full professional courses thru Prelim. plus some
Intermediate. Clinics, private camps, & available by appointment for group
schooling. See website for information & calendar.
Tulipsprings Eventing
Sonja Vracko, S Judge, Dressage Trainer, Clinician
14050 18th NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 417-3222;;
View Ridge Farm
Suzan Davis Atkinson Dressage
@ Farmhill Equestrian Center,LLC
23118 NE 37th Ave
Ridgeeld, WA
(503) 476-4125
BHSI certied FEI Dressage, with over 35 years experience. Positive and constructive
classical dressage training. Unique ability to create a harmonious working partnership
for you and your horse. Master in the art of long lining as well as in-hand techniques
through piae and passage. All breeds welcome!
Blake Dressage has over 50 years of training and competition experience on
local, national and international levels. We oer instruction, training, clinics and
coaching for all levels thru FEI.
Blake Dressage
Gwen Blake
360 507-9306
Rebecca Blake
360 507-1438
Breeland Equestrian School
Corvallis, OR
(541) 753-4000
USDF Bronze medalist, triple-credentialed teacher, former OSU Horse
Center Director, offers lessons/training in dressage, jump/trails. Focus on
freeing energy blocks in spine & centered riding, releasing true potential.
4H/PC discounts. Customized clinics, will travel.
38206 SE Gibson Road, Washougal, WA 98671
Owner: Rick Bishoprick (360)-831-4304;
We offer full care boarding, blankets and fly mask changing (weather depending),
feeding of Eastern Oregon hay included (grain not included). We are on 86 acres with
access to trails, indoor and outdoor arenas, 5/8 mile race track, cross country course,
several guest trainers, 60 foot lighted indoor round pen, 12x12 stalls, large group or
individual turnout, tack lockers, cross tie tack up areas, and hot water wash racks.
Windy Ridge Farm Inc.
Windy Ridge Farm
75 NovEmbEr 2018
Only $170 per year
Call 503 317 4957
or email
Your Facility
Your Address
Your Contact Information
USEF “R” Dressage judge. Available for private instruction, training & clinics.
Deborah Spence
849-28 Gore Rd
Onalaska, WA 98570
(360) 985-7438; (360) 269-1119 cell
Current openings available at Riders Edge Farm for boarding, full or partial
training & private lessons. Classical dressage instruction & training oered with
an emphasis on relaxation & suppling exercises. Improve your communication &
partnership with your horse.
Jana Steffen Dressage
Jana Steen
@ Riders Edge Farm
Redmond, WA
(206) 920-2902;
27311 56th Ave NW
Stanwood, WA 98292
(360) 708-9992
Specializing in hunters, jumpers, & equitation. Available for private coaching
at home or on the road. Single or multi-day clinic dates available.
USEF "r" Licensed Judge.
Sally Collins
Lisa Weis
Dressage Training & Instruction
(508) 693 1704
Stanwood, WA 98292
Over 25 years experience, USDF L Graduate and medalist, Bachelors of
Education, Potomac Horse Center Graduate, Two year apprenticeship
with german F.N.Reitlehrer. Available for travel.
Pacic Moon Equestrian Center
Karen Moore, Owner
23502 Wallitner Rd
Arlington, WA
(360) 403-3035
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, Karen Moore. Dressage is good for every horse
and rider. All breeds and levels welcome. Build the partnership with your horse at
Pacific Moon.
RiderPilates® LLC
19610 NE 116th St
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 246-9033 cell;
Improve body awareness, balance & function for better riding. Beth teaches
studio pilates lessons & classes & riding position lessons.
S Judge, Dressage Clinician, Trainer
(425) 417-3222
View Ridge Farm
14050 18th NE, Woodinville, WA 98072;
Sonja Vracko
@ FarmHill Equestrian Center, LLC
23118 NE 37th Ave
Ridgefield, WA
(503) 719-2795
Jumping and dressage. Kind, beneficial instruction for riders, and careful, effective train-
ing for horses. Rebecca has evented through the Advanced level, and holds her Pony
Club A rating, CHA certification, and “Stage 3” with the British Horse Society.
Rebecca Buehler
Training and instruction from current CDI trainer and competitor. Developed
numerous successful FEI horses from youngsters. Beginners through Grand
Prix,all levels and breeds welcome. Also available for clinics.
Heather Oleson Dressage
Eagle, Idaho
(503) 887-0995,
nstructor, clinician, small “r” judge, trainer thru Grand Prix Level. Many state &
regional championships. Successfully bringing young riders & adult amateurs
up thru the levels.
Kathy Casey Dressage
Whistle Star Farm
11871 S Riggs Damm Rd
Canby, Ore. 97013
Kind and correct Dressage training focusing on happy horses and progression. Four years
assisting Sabine Schut-Kery in CA has given her extensive experience with young horses,
troubled horses, stallions, a wide variety of breeds, and training all levels of horses and riders.
Clinics and sales.
Julie Ronning Dressage
Newberg, OR
Julie @ (406) 531-6443
See us on Facebook
Julie Ronning
Cathy Mahon
Experienced certified Centered Riding instructor with 30 years as rider, trainer
and teacher. Offering top quality lessons to beginners as well as experienced
dressage riders in balanced, classic riding. Private lessons at your own arena with
one on one approach to improve body posture and awareness with immediate
results. Available in Cowlitz, Clark and Lewis Counties.
Centered Riding
ARIA-certied in eventing, dressage and recreational riding. Individual
ized and eective instruction for horse and rider success for over 20 years.
Regular clinics in Woodburn.
Claudia Ingham, PhD
Equine Essentials
Marion County, OR
(503) 341-0743
Services DirectoryPage 76 November 2018
We produce ground rubber for athletic surfaces
& arena footing. 1/2” granules $225/ton; 1/4”
granules $300/ton. Call for more info or plant
Rubber Granulators, Inc.
Rubber Arena Footing
Marysville, WA 98271
(360) 658-7754
(360) 653-6430 fax
Arena Rehab Specialists
Rick Triplett
Sultan, WA 98294
(425) 923-7909;
Improvements Plus, Inc. IMPROPI 085 J3
Experts in riding arena renovation & construction,
with decades of experience in the Pacific NW climate.
Sales of the finest footing additives & indoor dust
control that REALLY WORKS. Consultation services.
We offer services with your horses in mind, by a life-
long horseman.
Efcient Arena, Inc.
Mark Rowley
Canby, OR 97013
(503) 266-1563
Expert installation of indoor/outdoor arena bases & footings
in the Pacific Northwest. All weather, laser graded, full con-
struction or repairs. The experience of over 385 arenas with
corresponding references. Exclusive distributor of Equiloft™
rubber/fiber mixtures, sands, organics, fibers, felts.
Equine Facility Design
Matt Johnson, Architect
107 SE Washington St., Ste 265
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 650-1663;
Building design, site planning, planning approvals
for large & small scale equestrian facilities; private
homes, barns & acreage; boarding, training & breed-
ing facilities.
Storybook Horse Farm
John Hartley & Alexis Atchinson
5852 Scotts Valley Road
Yoncalla, OR 97499
Owners/operators (541) 849-2251
Breeders of outstanding Canadians,
Warmbloods & Sporthorses for eventing, jumping and
dressage. Bred for quality, raised for performance.
933W. Potrero Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
(800) 287-1738
Aordable - Virtually Indestructible - Lightweight but
sturdy - Weather Resistant - Easy to Handle and Carry.
Customization available.
The ALU Jumps collection oers something for
every taste, from simple white to vibrant colors with
many dierent designs - ideal for training as well as
Wellington, FL
(888) 247-8169
We oer aordable lightweight (30 lb), 4’ x 6’,
interlocking, cushioned, and waterproof stable mats
for a more comfortable and healthier stable oor
matting -- as oppose to hard and heavy to move rubber
mats. Reduces use of shavings, aids against hock
sores, reduces stocking, and encourages rest and lying
down. Our comfortable Performatz™ mats are also
ideal for injured horses, older horse with hoof/joint/
arthritic issues, equine hospitals/clinics on concrete
oors, trailers, and equine aircraft transportation. With
Performatz™ your special horse will be comfortable,
healthier, and happier. Performatz™ is a product of
Value Foam, Inc., a Southern California based medical
and veterinary orthotic foam company.
Los Angeles, CA
(909) 260-0094
Quality Riding Arena Bases & Surfaces
Pre-Engineered Traditional Wood Barns,
Equestrian Facilities, Timber Frame Barn Homes,
Barn Shops and Recreational buildings, Shipped
to your site nationwide!
Barn Pros Equestrian Facilities
14567 169th Drive SE
Monroe, WA 98272
Linda Royer
(503) 789-5650
14432 Livesay Rd, Oregon City,
OR 97045
Design of sites+structures for horses+people.
Founded in 2003 by Joan Curtin, a professional
horsewoman with more than forty years of
experience in the hunter/jumper industry. Proven
record of success training horses & riders for the
most competitive hunter/jumper competitions
in the country. High-quality competition horses,
offered in peak condition to the serious rider.
Select Sales
Biglow Farms
23303 Buena Vista Road,
Clements, CA 95227
425 681 9571
Stacey Sikorski
(425) 501-5997
20+ years professional experience clipping horses
for show & work. Reasonable rates, references
available. Western Washington & beyond. Call or
e-mail for appointment.
Back o’Beyond Farm
Maggi Clark, B.H.S.A.I.
Foaling Service
(360) 435 - 0473
21521 Jordan Rd
Arlington, WA 98223
Equine Nursery and Maternity Center
Unwed Mares Welcome
Chalice Fitness
9390 Orchard Ave. SE
Port Orchard, WA 98367
Why Equestrian Fitness?
Feel stronger and more balanced in the saddle
Safety is key. If you are strong, you can be safe!
Be a better partner to your horse. We require them
to be athletes in their sport. We should return the
Look GREAT in those white breeches
Feel empowered and self-confident
Love the skin your in!
Katie Nubel
Tucci Made To Measure
Tel: 503.457.7560
Page 77
November 2018
Services Directory
Kathryn A. Hall, PC
Kathryn A. Hall
Attorney at Law
PO Box 771, Hillsboro, OR 97123
(971) 404-5296;
A full-service equine law firm, licensed to practice in Oregon
& Washington. Horse sales, leases, & breeding • Boarding,
training & riding instruction • Risk assessment & management
• Ownership & registration • Business entity formation, gov-
ernance, taxation, & employment • Veterinary malpractice &
negligence • Liability for horse injuries • Debt collection &
creditors’ rights • Litigation & appeals • USEF, USHJA, USDF &
OHJA member.
Herrold Stables & Farm
32900 SW Wohler St
Hillsboro, OR 97123
(971) 235-4529 call/text
FUN HORSE CAMP - Spring/Summer 2016, Horse-
manship, Equitation, jumping, trail, driving, Crafts,
Horse Painting, ages 4-16. Camp divided by ability.
Experienced school horse provided. See website to
sign up.
Thoroughbred Real Estate Group
Ryann Reinhofer
16365 Boones Ferry Rd.
Lake Oswego, 97035
Assisting all levels of Buyers and Sellers with
Equestrian Property Expertise. Residential
Hobby Farms to Commercial Boarding
Facilities and Everything in Between. Serving
the Portland Metro Areas and Beyond. Home
is Where the Hooves Are!
Jana Peterson Photography
Vancouver, WA
(310) 804-4848
Turning your memories into art…
Equine & Human Photography & Fine Art.
Equine Legal Solutions, PC
24150 S. Highland Crest Dr.
Beavercreek, OR 97004
Toll free: (866) 385-2972;
A full-service equine law firm licensed to practice in
Oregon, Washington, California & New York. See our
website for a wide variety of equine legal forms.
Mary Cornelius Photography
Serving the Pacific NW & beyond since 1980
Based in Portland, OR
(503) 936-4503;
All things Equestrian Sport, portraiture, promotion,
equestrian product & Fine Art Imager. Select
competitive events. Movement & conformation
specialist. Photo Sessions at your location. Accredited
international photojournalist.
EMO Agency, Inc.
400 Rosedale Court
Warrenton, VA 20186
1 (800) 347-3552 home ofce
(540) 347-5906 fax
Daran Lockhart, Agent (541) 513-4776
Insurance services for equine & equine farm & liability
& related products.
Year round delivery
Test results for every cutting
Volume discounts
Call for prices and availability
Maricle Land & Livestock
Frank Maricle
Premium Eastern Oregon
Hay Delivered to Your Barn
Union Mills Feed
14822 S Union Mills Rd, Mulino,
OR 97042
(503) 829-2386
English & Western Tack. Horse supplements & sup-
plies. Western Gift items. Custom feed made daily.
Friendly service & custom orders. In business since
Charles White
Hay Broker | USDA Reporter
Wholesale: (707) 396 7989
Retail: (707) 396 7988
Alfalfa | Alfalfa Grass | Orchard Grass
Meadow | Timothy | Grain | Straw
Purina Feed
Ecological & Agricultural Consulting
Claudia S. Ingham, PhD
Salem, OR 97306
(503) 341-0743
Pasture management for equestrian and small farms
seeking to maintain animal health, forage quality &
site stability. Meet your farm goals with Claudia’s com-
prehensive and practical approach developed through
her knowledge as ARIA-certied riding instructor and
published ecologist.
Heidi Pace Davalos
(425) 870-3334
Nancy Reilly
(425) 417-0024
Raquel Davalos
(425) 760-8600
Specializing in equestrian & farm
properties, serving
North King & Snohomish Counties.
Providing protection for your horse,
your farm, your equine liability.
It’s your way of life…
t’s our business to protect it!
Call 800-526-1711 or 908-735-6362
For info visit
Blue Bridle Insurance Agency, Inc.
P.O. Box 27, Pittstown, NJ 08867
Licensed in 42 states.
Services DirectoryPage 78 November 2018
Custom Saddlery
Stacy Berger
(530) 409 3199
Saddle fitting consultation, re-flocking, tree adjust-
ments, billet replacements on most brands. All work
done on-site. Oregon rep for Custom Saddlery.
Dressage & Jumping models to test ride.
Kendis Saddlery, LLC
Amy Kendis
36408 NE Washougal River Rd
Washougal, WA 98671
Phone/fax (360) 835-5070 E-mail:
Professional saddle fitting by Amy Kendis. Complete evalua-
tion, measurement & explanation of biomechanics of proper
fit for horse & rider. Amy is certified in adjusting saddle trees
& in the fitting of Flair Air Panels.
Lemke Saddle Services, Inc.
Sheryl Lemke/SDL specializes in fitting New & Used saddles for
all riders & horses since 1984. Exams, Reflocking, Consultation &
Clinics around the USA.
Double D Blanket Cleaning &
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 781-3954;
Pick up & drop off at your barn. 15% discount for vol-
ume orders (12+ blankets/sheets). Fast turn around.
KiamaLise Herres
11000 151st Ave NE, Redmond,
(Cell) 206-679-5322/ (Office) 425-462-8000
Windermere Stellar Realty Group, Inc.
Casey Franklin
220 A Ave, Ste 200
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
(503) 539-7709; www.caseyfranklin.withwre.
Buying & selling farm
& residential properties in the greater Portland &
Willamette Valley areas. Providing trusted & reliable
real estate services for equestrian enthusiasts & profes-
Albion Saddles
Paula Helm
(425) 457-1105
I believe horse & rider can be comfortable in their
saddle. Let my problem-solving skills & the full spec-
trum of Albion’s options achieve that for you.
Balanced Equine Saddle Fitting
Services, LLC
Formarly Anderson Equine Saddle
Fitting Services
23515 NE Novelty Hill Rd, Suite B221 #391,
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 954-6559
Offering the only independent SMS Qualified saddle
fitter in the PNW. Proud retailer of six brands of quali-
ty english-made saddles. For the love of the horse.
Custom Saddlery
Anja Swenson
(208) 841-5730
Based in Monroe, WA
Saddle fitting consultation, re-flocking, tree adjust-
ments, billet straps replaced on most brands. All work
done on-site. NW rep for Custom Saddlery. Dressage
& Jumping models to test ride. “Simply the best dres-
sage saddles on the market.”—Steffen Peters. Rep for
NSC Saddles
Barb’s Blankets
Serving Clark County, WA
(360) 904-3617; (360) 882-1469;
Washing, repairing, & waterproofing of horse blan-
kets. Serving Clark County, WA. Free pick up & deliv-
ery at most barns. Quality service, reasonable rates.
Absolute Horse, Inc.
2221 NE 3rd St, Ste B
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 388-3855
The Absolute Horse has been dedicated
to providing English and Western riding
equipment, apparel, gifts and more to
Central Oregon horse enthusiasts. By
providing quality products and friendly,
expert customer service The Absolute
Horse has become Bend’s largest
equestrian specialty store!
Addiken Saddle Fitting LLC
Kelsey Nicholls
(425) 954-6559
Independent Saddle Fitter trained by the Society of
Master Saddlers serving the Pacific NW. Specializing
in English saddle fitting, reflocking, and repair ser-
vices. Retailer of Hastilow, Kent & Masters, Fairfax and
Thorowgood Saddles. Consignments available!
Providing expertise in everything equestrian
from estates to full working facilities.
Kimberly Crouse Tenhulzen
Tenhulzen Real Estate
Equestrian & Estate Property Specialist
(206) 409-0771
25053 S Pike Ave
Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 632-1550;
“Horsewears for what your horse wears” In contin-
uous business since 1994. Horse blanket laundry &
repair. Pick up/delivery (minimums apply).
N2 Saddles
N2 Saddlery offers
dressage saddles designed
for a perfect fit.
Linda Poetsch
Northwest Contact for custom fitting and purchase.
(503) 830-0337
Linda is located in Portland, OR
Northwest Saddles, LLC
Kari Wetherill
WA/OR State Agent for County Saddlery
(360) 771-3663;
Providing a solution to all your saddle fitting needs.
Services include a full evaluation of your horse &
current saddle, new saddle fittings, & saddle adjust-
At Schleese, we make innitely adjustable saddles
specically for female riders and their horses to
deliver maximum comfort, performance and
prevent long-term damage. Custom designed for
the physiology of women, riders will experience
truly life changing comfort and responsiveness.
Our craftsmanship is world class and our superior
tting practices are unparalleled in the industry.
Schleese Saddlery
Service Ltd.
34 Centennial Ave
Holland Landing, ON
L9N 1H2
A Bit Less Consignment
165 NE Greenwood Ave, Ste C
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 323-3262
Facebook: A Bit Less
2,500 sf of gently used tack, clothing, stable supplies,
blankets, boots, saddles, & horse related gear, English
& Western.
Check Our Deals of the Week
Connect On Facebook
Hooks Leather and Tack
5605 146th St. SW
Edmonds, WA 98026
(425) 743-6387; (425) 772-7665 (cell);
Saddle & tack repair, & hand crafting of leather.
Twenty-two years in the same location. All work guar-
Page 79
November 2018
Services Directory
East Meets West
Acupuncture & Chiropractic
Audrey Staton, DVM
(541) 683-6373;
Certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine &
Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Rachel Pekala, E.S.M.T.
Portland and Corvallis, OR
Offering experienced, multi-modality equine mas-
sage services in the Portland tri-county and Corvallis/
Eugene areas. Serving all breeds and disciplines. Find
us on Facebook by searching “Rachel Pekala, ESMT”.
Appointments can be scheduled via call or text.
Heart to Heart Healing
Liza Burney, J.D.
(503) 502-5186
In person & remote healing for you & your horse.
Experience the benefits of energy healing. Personal
appointments support physical as well as mental/
emotional health for people and horses. Clinics &
classes so you can learn to maintain your horse’s
health & well-being, reduce stress, develop inner
High Point Equine Massage
Jennifer Lovell, certified LAMP
971 217 8131
Serving Oregon since 2014. Massage, bodywork and
exercise plans tailored to your horse’s needs, whether
they are a retired pleasure horse or an actively
competing show horse.
Matrix Therapy Products
Deborah Powell
Matrix Therapy Products is your source for therapy
equipment. Best-Vet Microcurrent for locating
soreness and injury recovery, Infrasound Qi Gong
Massagers, VibraVM for COPD, Laser/LED Light
Therapy,Thermotex Infrared Blanket, and more.
Courses available for
bodyworkers and DIY therapy.
Free catalogs & e-mail
newsletter sign-up upon
Campf Transport, Inc.
Jay Campf,
PO Box 293, Canby, OR 97013
(503) 329 - 0412
(503) 651-1342 (Fax)
Local & Long Distance hauling. For show and
pleasure, mares & foals. Small trailer or semi trailer.
Tack shop specializing in Eventing, Hunter/
Jumper & Dressage, with experts on-site
for advice & custom saddle-tting; UPS
shipments daily.
Gallops Saddlery
17937 SW McEwan Rd.
TIgard, OR 97224
(503) 639-6347
Olsons Tack Shop Saddle Fitting Specialist,
Courtney Dale has trained with Certied Master
Saddlers as well as attended numerous horse
anatomy training courses. Contact Courtney
to learn more about how to alter your existing
saddle to better suit your needs or schedule a
tting for a custom saddle from Prestige, Pessoa,
and Beval. Visit Olsons Saddle Resource Guide at
Olson’s Tack Shop
2105 140th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
1(877) 654-9453
Columbia Equine Hospital
27841 SE Orient Dr
Gresham, OR 97080
(503) 663-1515 24 Hrs
Experienced, quality equine are in Portland & SW
WA. We offer a full range of services including lame-
ness evaluation, pre-purchase exams, state-of-the-art
diagnostics, dentistry, surgery, acupuncture, repro-
duction, & preventative care.
Equine Sports Massage Therapy
Jackie Paul, certified E.S.M.T.
(503) 631-8457; cell (503) 267-1045;
Since 1993. Barn calls, clinics, shows. Ease muscle
spasm, improve circulation, enhance muscle tone
& boost athletic performance & endurance through
SPORTS MASSAGE. Call today to help your horse
achieve maximum potential.
One to Win Horse
Transportation Portland area
(888) 663-3804 toll free
(503) 703-7703 cell
Give Your Horse the Ultimate Ride.
Extra care at no extra cost.
Long distance & local shows. Priority service on every
horse. Layovers on long runs.
Over 20 years experience.
Referrals available.
Gid-De-Up Boutique
11 North Main Street Phoenix,
OR 97535
Gid-De-Up Boutique is an English tack store located
in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. We special-
ize in tack and apparel for Hunter/Jumper, Dressage,
Eventing, Pony Club and 4-H riders. Blankets, tack,
apparel, boots, helmets, horse care, y care, supple-
ments, and so much more!
Services DirectoryPage 80 November 2018
Pegasus Equine Rehabilitation
7620 260th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 898-1060 office
State-of-the-art rehabilitation center for all breeds &
disciplines. Featuring a hyperbaric oxygen chamber,
swimming pool, underwater treadmill, eurocizers &
more! Great for post surgery recovery, physical thera-
py & conditioning.
Performance Horse
Massage Therapy
Kristi L. Zimbelman, LMP, CCST, LAMP
14325 200th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98059
(425) 922-3919
Treatment tailored to the horse’s individual activity
levels using deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial
release to decrease muscle pain, increase range of
motion, decrease recovery time & promote overall
Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
360-568-3111 Equine Care & 24/7 ER
11308 92nd St SE
Snohomish, WA 98290;
Founded in 1963, Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital offers
comprehensive equine referral & ambulatory ser-
vices, 24/7 emergency, & specialized care for the
sport horse through the Equine Performance Sports
Medicine Institute.
Pioneer Veterinary Services, P.C.
Medicine & Surgery of the Horse Since 1977
Steven M. Haugen, DVM
(503) 648-6472
33845 SW Tualatin Valley Hwy
Hillsboro, OR 97123;
Equine ambulatory veterinary practice providing
quality, personalized care & practices preventative
medicine. We offer dentistry, pre-purchase exams,
lameness exams, Cold Laser therapy for lameness,
eye, tendon & suspensory problems.
Rocky Bay Equine Veterinary
12604 189th Avenue KPN,
Gig Harbor, WA 98329
(253) 858-4529
Quality, compassionate veterinary care for the life of
your animal companions.
Your trusted health care partners serving equine and
small ruminant patients in Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula,
Port Orchard, Belfair, Silverdale, Poulsbo.
S. Moore Training
Shelly Moore
33431 Nieblock Ln
Creswell, OR 97426
(541) 895-3196;
Offering outstanding personalized care and training for
both you and your horse. New indoor arena. Clinics,
consulting, bodywork, rehab, lay-up, training and lessons.
Systematic Mindful Teaching. TTouch, TTeam, Equine
Touch, Horseoneship, Centered Riding, Bio-Scan/Light,
Alpha-Sonic, Vitafloor.
Northwest Veterinary Acupuncture
Megan Wickersham, DVM, CVA
Mobile Services based out of Battle Ground, WA
Serving SW Washington & NW Oregon
(360) 666-9501;
Mobile equine veterinary acupuncture. Acupuncture
can be used to ease pain, promote healing & allow
your equine athlete perform to the best of its ability
or lead a comfortable retirement.
Oregon Equine, Inc.
Janine Wilson, DVM, CAC
(503) 631-4100;
Ambulatory Practice
Serving the Greater Portland Tri-County Area
Dr. Wilson offers a personalized, experienced
approach to diagnosis & treatment of your horse.
Her practice philosophy emphasizes client education,
treatment options, & open communication while
practicing evidence-based lameness, medicine, &
chiropractic care. As a rider, Dr. Wilson understands
the relationship between you & your equine partner
& welcomes the opportunity to help you with your
Pacific Crest Sporthorse
Barb Crabbe, DVM
Jennifer Posey, DVM
15056 S. Spangler Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
PO Box 526, Beavercreek, OR 97004
(503) 632-6336;
Veterinary care for the performance horse including
lameness diagnostics & treatment, dentistry, preven-
tative health plans & emergency care. We offer full
reproductive services including breeding with fresh &
frozen semen, foaling & limited boarding for brood-
mares & foals at our farm. Now offering acupuncture.
Warmblood horses for sale.
Peak Performance Equine
Sport Horse Veterinary Medicine
Cierra Dedeker, DVM
(503) 403-9617 Office/Appointments
(503) 403-9617 Cell/Emergencies
Mobile equine veterinary practice specializing
in sports medicine. Mobile digital radiology &
ultrasound available. Everything your sport horse
needs to perform at their peak! Leave your trailer
unhitched & we will come to you. Practice area
includes Yamhill, Washington & Clackamas counties in
Oregon. Check out our website for more information:
Spinnaker Farm
Equine Veterinary Clinic
Heather J. Wenzell, DVM
PO Box 3384, Lacey, WA 98509
(360) 584-3964
Ambulatory equine practice serving WA & OR.
Performance dentistry, lameness, reproduction, pre-
ventative health care, & emergency services offered.
Comprehensive veterinary care for the performance
equine utilizing power dentistry, digital radiography &
ultrasound capabilities. See our website for specifics
& experience:
West Winds Equine Massage
Sabina Pariser
(206) 661 3263
Equine massage therapist that encourages an organic
and intuitive therapeutic process with all of the horses
in her care. Sabina specializes in a wide variety of
modalities, including, myofascial release, stress point,
and trigger point therapy.
Providing Excellence in Diagnostics and
Comprehensive Veterinary Care
of the Equine Athlete for over 20 Years
18175 NE Hwy 240, Newberg, Oregon 97132
Please visit us at
SaddleFit4Life oers a unique philosophy that mirrors
your own care and concern about horses, health and
the riding industry in general. Our superior training
and gender specic tting techniques represent the
only equine ergonomic centre that helps you deliver
comfort, health and safety not only for the horse but for
the rider too.
Holland Landing, ON
1.800.225.2242 x30
call or text +1 (503) 317 4956
Publication Advertising Rates (includes digital version and link embedding)
Ad Submission*
Responsibility lies with client or agency for
the following:
Embedded image quality
(300dpi, high resolution
and applicable for image size)
Meeting ad placement specications
Images and copy remain within safe zone
for trim and nishing
Proong Process:
Camera ready ad = Client approved ad
We will do our utmost to take note and advise you
of any issues, and will try to assist to resolve before
going to print.
*Publisher retains right to approve submissions and ad placement.
Please call for next availability and rates.
+1 (503) 317 4956
Online & Social Promotion Rates
Please call for next availability
and rates.
+1 (503) 317 4956
Social Media
Please call for availability, options
and rates.
+1 (503) 317 4956
Website design from $2,500
Ad design from $150
Event programs
eBlasts and more
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