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Simple Short Poems



3st page - found poem

4nd page - blackout

5rd page - ABC poem

6th page - Cinquain

7th page - Haiku

8th page - Bio poem

9th page - Shape poem

10th page - Acrostic candy poem

11th page - Tanka Poem

12- page - List poem

13th page - Diamante poem

14th page - Epitaph

15th page - Nonsense limerick 






Star's collasped

Rockets fell second

Hour zero began preflight

Oceans leaped, froze, and danced

Math science mythology astronomy theory

A small fraction of time

Few believed Earth's end

in 2000.



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Blackout Poem


her shoulder make her wince. "Come on," she muttered as the traffic crawled past yet another wreck, "come on." Stay calm, she told herself     

in a silent mantra Stay calm. Stay calm. She needed her wits, of that she had no doubt. As she negotiated her way through the crush of traffic, she finally got her phone to dial out. When she heard ringing, hope sprang into her heart. "Randal--," she said Then the ringing stoppedOnly silence greeted her desperate call. "Randal," she said louder. A prerecorded voice, sounding painfully polite and harshly robotic, came on the line to apologize that the call had not gone thrugh. "Due to heaier than normal call volume," the voice added, "your service provider is unable to complete your call at this time. Please try again later." Mariette groaned. In fact, she barely resisted the urge to hurl the phone across the car in frustration. "Stay calm she reminded herself as she eased her car around a hubcap that had rolled from a wrecked vehicle into the center of the four-lane roadway. On both sides of the busy highway, traffic was nearly at a standstill She'd tried the side streets but had found them mostly impassable. Wrecked and abandoned cars littered the roads. Where vehicles had run of the road and crashed into trees or concrete walls, the path through blocked by debris, tree limbs, or still more chunks of concrete. Through her mind told him that every person on the Beltaway felt

Abc poem -  Oprst


On past quickening streets

On their way

Past the roads                                                

Quickening traffic

Racing through the

Street to the

Town square



 Cinquain                        Flower bird


Small, fast

Flying, humming, traveling

Collectiong nectar


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The ocean waves today

Carrying along many different boats

Across the island


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  Today the ocean


Irving berlin 

Smart, funny patriotic

Husband of Ellin Mackay

Who loved writing and music

Married Ellin Mackay in 1926

                                                                           change                                        change

       A coin, a penny,

 A quarter, a nickel, a dime

All called change at the time

One, twenty five, five, ten

  A coin is worthless

          Once again



Acrostic Candy     -    Skittles

             sweet or Sour

depending on the Kind you buy

                   Sold In packets


                           Tons in a bag

                           Lots of different colors




Moon Cycle

Today the moon fades

Back into a cresent shape

Then into a sphere

Influencing the oceans tides

Complete one day in a month


The magicians hat 

The magican stood up and took off his hat. He pulled out  carrot, a card and a cat. Then a marble, and a match.

The audiance laughed

the rabbit was behind the mans stand.



                   Fast small

          Soaring floating diving

Flying above clouds, roaming pecking

        Running walking graising      

                   Big Loud           


One of thousands.

On the streets lifeless and poor, could you tell this man once fought in a war?


There was a duck

Who had very bad luck

It wandered away

And didn’t come back until the next day.

When it came back It lost its eyepatch.