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By: Cole Breedlove


















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   This book is dedicated to my teachers and class.












By: Cole Breedlove

  Published February 6, 2017   in Mrs. Scott's Reading Class


Table of Contents


Ch.                                            Title                                                          Pg.

1                                           Where it lives                                              6

2                                 Size/Invertabrate or Vertabrate                          8

3                                           Eating Habits                                             10

4                                           Adaptations                                               12

5                                           Description                                                14

6                                           Interesting Facts                                       16

                                            About the Author                                       18

Chapter 1: Where it Lives


   The anaconda lives in in South America in the rain forest. It lives on the forest floor. The anaconda spends most of it's time in shallow water. When they are on land they are hunting or eating. 

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Chapter 2: Size/Invertebrate or Vertebrate

     The average female anaconda is 15 feet long and the average male is 9 feet. The maximum length is 30 feet long. The average weight is 550 pounds.They are vertebrates because all snakes have a spine. 

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Chapter 3: Eating Habbits

     Anacondas eat all most everything. They eat large rodents, deer, fish, turtles, birds, and even jaguars and crocodiles. They can unhinge their jaw to eat huge animals. Anacondas do not chew up their food they swollow it whole and digest it with strong acids in their stomach. After eating a large animal, they need no food for a long time, and rests for weeks.

Image result for anaconda eating a croc in rainforest

Chapter 4: Adaptations

     Anaceir head. They also have their eyes on top of their head too. Anacondas need sharp teeth and strong mustles to catch and kill prey. Anacondas have many adaptions to survive in the rain forest.ondas have to adapt to live in the rain forest. They have nostrils on the top of their head.

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Chapter 5: Description 

     Anacondas have stocky and thick bodies that are bigger than other boas. They have large heads with nostrils and eyes on top of their head. The anaconda has small and smooth scales with spurs on scales. Anacondas have no venom so it has to constrict their prey.

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Chapter 6: Interesting Facts

     The anaconda is the largest and heaviest snake in the world. There are four species of anacondas. When it is in the water, whole body, except nostrils is submerged.They can stay under water for 10 minutes before it comes to the surface to get air. Anacondas live 10-12 years in the wild and up to 30 years in captivity. The anaconda is a very interesting animal.








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About the Author

     Hello, my name is Cole Breedlove and I am 10 years old in Mrs. Scott's 5th grade raeding class. I really like playing sports especially baseball. I also have a  X-box one that I like to play. I have allways been fascinated with snakes. I also am fascinated with sharks and tornadoes.