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ASAB publishes a newsletter three times a year.

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ASAB Newsletter Winter 2018


Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding New Investigator 2018

The winner for 2018 is Dr Damien Farine, of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology & University of Konstanz, Germany, for his work on social network analysis, and how the behavioural decisions of individuals combine to create collective (group level) phenotypes, which in turn feed back to shape the selective pressures that individuals experience. 

ASAB Council recognizes that there are many excellent young researchers in the field of animal behaviour whose work will shape the future of our discipline. The ASAB Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator is given each year to acknowledge and reward the achievements of such researchers.

The award will be presented at the ASAB Easter Meeting, to be held in April 2018 at the University of Plymouth UK. 

Education News

It is commonly believed that elephants have excellent memories and ‘never forget’, but does scientific evidence support these claims, and how do we study cognitive abilities in the wild? Graeme Shannon of Bangor University spoke to a record-breaking number of teachers at this year’s ASE Conference at The University of Liverpool.

The theme for this year’s series of lectures was ‘Separating Fact from Fiction’, and Graeme spoke about his research on elephants in Kenya.

Is it true that elephants never forget? You can find out here!

The Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Teacher of the Year’ award

Each year, the winner of The Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Teacher of the Year’ award chairs the ‘Biology in the Real World’ lecture series. This series covers topics of relevance to the classroom.

This year the winner was Leah McClure from Colton Hills Community School.

The ASAB Education Officer attended the teacher workshop where participants used our education resources to make bird’s nests, to dissect owl pellets, to observe brine shrimp, to sniff meerkats (and each other!). All of our resources can be found and downloaded from the education pages

Undergraduate recognition awards

We would like to award more of these! 

Our Undergraduate Recognition Awards were well-received last year, and we have more to present. If you would like more details please email Dr Rupert Marshall the Education Secretary


Positions on ASAB Council available – including a new role for an early career researcher 

Several positions are available on ASAB Council to begin in January 2019. The positions are: Accreditation Secretary, Education Secretary, Ethics Secretary, Secretary, two Ordinary Members of Council, and an Early Career Researcher. 

Further information can be found here.

Please send nominations or self-nominations to the ASAB Secretary, Paula Stockley ( 

ASAB Conference Organisers Sought!
2019 Summer and Winter Meetings

We are seeking applications from the membership to organise future ASAB Conferences. Organising an ASAB conference is extremely rewarding, and gives you a chance to create a scientific meeting for the membership in your area of research (summer and winter meetings), or support the training of young scientists in our field (Easter Meeting). 

In particular, we are currently seeking organisers for the 2019 ASAB Summer and Winter Meetings. 

For further information about what’s involved in organising a conference, and details of what information an offer to organise a conference should contain, please see our website:

Offers to organise a conference should be submitted to the Secretary, Paula Stockley (, for consideration at the next ASAB Council meeting (April 4th 2018).  

A message from our secretary

Being an ASAB member

ASAB is nothing without its members, and their passion for the study of animal behaviour. On ASAB Council, we are continually inspired by the many activities the membership undertakes to promote intellectually rigorous and ethical animal behaviour research. We are also very grateful for those members who publicise ASAB, encouraging students and colleagues to join us, or letting the public know what ASAB does and what it stands for. Central to that is our commitment to the highest standards of scientific and ethical integrity. As such, we would like to remind all our members that ASAB membership does not constitute an academic qualification, or any form of professional accreditation or validation. This means that “ASAB” should not be presented after a member’s name on professional documents, websites and so on, in case it implies a qualification or an accreditation. Nor should mention of ASAB membership be used to suggest any such qualification or accreditation. Similarly, members are asked not to use the ASAB logo without due authorisation from Council. Whilst we are very happy for the Association to be broadly advertised, it is important that our logo is not used to suggest accreditation or approval for a website, organisation or company where none has been given. For those members seeking qualifications in animal behaviour or professional accreditation for clinical applications of animal behaviour, please visit the ASAB website for further details on Education, Ethics and the Accreditation Scheme ( If any ASAB member feels that the ASAB logo or similar is being used to misrepresent the Association, or if there are any other enquiries, please feel free to contact the Secretary (

Paula Stockley
Secretary of ASAB, on behalf of ASAB Council.