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Kirsten Joyce's

Baby Book

Normal Birth

No Complications

Birth Scenario



Receding Chin


Fat Cheeks and Short Arms

Huge Eyes

Cone-Shaped Head


Milia or "Baby Acne"

Big Head

Four to Six Weeks Old

Starts to Grasp Things

Very colicky

Diaper Rash

Lifting head up!

Very Flexible

Smiling and cooing for the first time!

Specific Sleep Pattern

Follows you with Eyes

First Sneeze!

First Shot!

Picks Head up if Laid Down

Wiggles Constantly

Playing With Toys

Rolls to Side

Opens and Closes Hands

Responds to Sounds

Ten to Fourteen Weeks Old

Brings Hands Together

Holds Head Steady 

Starts Making Connections

Reachs out and grabs toys

Rocks on stomach while kicking legs and makin swimming motions with arms

Four to Five Months

Prefers red and blue over yellow

Rolls from tummy to back

Turns head in direction of sound

Puts hands in mouth

Grasps rattle

Knows positive speech from unhappy speech


Supports upper body on hands when on stomach

Rolls over both ways

Stands with assistance

Six To Seven Months

Starts to eat solid food

Puts toys in mouth

May begin to say first words, such as mama and dada

Can folow a path of moving objects with eyes

Starts creeping

Starts Teething

Sits up steadily

Holds on to and drinks from cup

Nine to Ten Months

May cut back to one nap a day

Express anger for the first time

Picks up small things with finger and thumb

Crawls well

Uses index finger to start pointing

Knows name

Uses index finger to poke


Imitates new word sounds more frequently

Half of calories come from food, half from formula/breast milk

Puts objects in containers

Dislikes sharing toys

Spends time looking in mirrors

Dances with music

Twelve to Thirteen Months

Tripled birth weight

First steps!

Stands alone for a short time

Gets most calories from food and can use a spoon

Slides down stairs backwards, one at a time

Fears some strangers