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The Year Has Begun, Now What?

8) Friendship List:


On one of the attached forms you will find “The Friendship List” consent form. Please fill out the information you would like to share on The Friendship List. This is a list that we will compile to allow you the opportunity to build relationships with other families in our class. If you do not wish to be a part of this list please check off the relevant box and return the consent form. We would like all consent forms returned by Wednesday September 21, 2016.


9) Open House:


We look forward to meeting/seeing you again on Thursday September 29, 2016. School Council has organized for food trucks to be at school to allow the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a meal while fundraising for the school. Classrooms will be open for you to visit and see some of your child’s hard work from 6pm-7pm. Look at our class website closer to the date of the open house for more information. 




What can you do at home with your child throughout the school year? Reading to and with your child in any language helps develop their vocabulary and the love of reading. If your child uses an electronic device that is touch sensitive, we encourage you to have your child use a stylus. This will help them build their fine motor skills as they learn how to write. Please encourage your child to use scissors and pencils at home to help with their pencil grip as well as scissor skills.


Finally, there is a short homework assignment for all parents! You’ll notice the coloured card found in the communication bag. Please fill in the card with as much information as you can about your child. We really appreciate anything you’d like to share with us about your child to help us get to know him/her as quickly as possible (which includes planning daily program activities based on his or her interests/needs). Thank you so much! Please return this to school with your child as soon as possible.


We look forward to meeting all of you and working with you this year to ensure your child is both happy and learning! If you have any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to leave a note in your child’s communication book at any time and we will contact you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to a terrific year with you and your child and greatly appreciate all of your support. Again, welcome!


À la prochaine!


3) Class Website:


4) Seesaw: This is an online tool we will use to communicate with parents. Photos will be frequently uploaded in this secure website. Please see the accompanying page with additional information regarding this program.


5) Class Library:


We are working to build our class library. If you have any FRENCH books you can donate to our library- please send them in. Merci in advance.


6) Arts and Crafts: 


We are also continuously building things. If you have any extra things that can be used for crafts such as old jars, paper towel rolls, or other odds and ends please feel free to send them in with your child.


7) Volunteering at School:


If you are available and interested in volunteering either in the classroom or on field trips, please be advised that you will need to have a police check that is no older than six months on record with the office. If you have any questions about obtaining a police check please contact Mme Bonnar in the office.

  • The school is also looking for parent volunteers to supervise in the fenced in kindergarten yard before school from 8:00am-8:20. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Vice Principal, Mme McNinch.


Kindergarten Routines:


  • labelled, indoor running shoes to stay at school

  • a labelled, reusable water bottle (to be filled at home every morning before school)

  • An oops bag: two pairs of socks,  two pairs of underwear, one pair of pants and one shirt -- All labelled!

Please do not send your child with any school supplies as everything will be provided here. We will let you know if any supplies are needed as the year progresses.






1) Sac de communication (communication bag):


This is the bag that will come to and from school everyday. Your child’s communication book and (once it begins) their library book will be kept in this bag. Please return any forms or money in this bag (labeled) and send it to school each day.

  • It is very important to check your child’s sac de communication every day. If there is a change in your child’s regular schedule (such as attendance or how they are getting home at the end of the day), please write us a note.

  • Please utilize the communication book for communication with us as we will do the same with you. If the communication book is closed we will assume there is no new information.

2) Lunch:


Arbour Vista runs on a balanced day; the students’ day is divided into three, one hundred minute blocks that are separated by a nutrition break and recess. A supervisor is present during nutrition breaks. Please send a healthy snack for the first nutrition break and a well-balanced lunch for the second nutrition break.


School Supplies Required:



A warm welcome to our new Kindergarten class! A special welcome to all new students and families! We look forward to getting to know you and your child. Your child's classroom is located on the first floor in room 102.

If your child is going into Senior Kindergarten, please read through this letter as there is some new information.

Bienvenue à la maternelle!

Mercredi le 14 septembre 2016