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Bernard Eckhart Williams

Bernard Eckhart Williams 23 May 1925 Milwaukee, Wisconsin  Captions written by mother Dorothy Eckhart Williams
Bernard, one month old
WIlliams home 757 Shepard Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bernard Eckhart Williams, 1 month old with Miss Wirtz
Bernard and his mother, Dorothy Eckhart Williams, 2 1 2 months old, Milwaukee
Bernard and his mother, 3 months old
Bernard and his sister, Katherine, Minocqua, Wisconsin   August 1925
Bernard 2 1 2 -months-old, Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin   December 1925
Bernard and his father, Reverend Earl Reginald Williams, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bernard and Mother
Bernard, 4 months old
Learning to walk, Bernard and Daddy  Bar Harbor, Maine   July 1926
Mother and Bernard  Father and Bernard
Parents Dorothy and Reginald Williams
Bernard and Anne Welch, Milwaukee   June 1926
Bernard and his nurse Agnes
 Top  Summer House, Clifton Cottage, Mt, Desert Island, Maine   July 1926
Northeast Harbor, Maine   July 1926
On the wharf at Cranberry Island  Bar Harbor, Maine   August 1926
First sail. Katherine and Bernard Northeast Harbor, Maine   July 1926
Bernard and Daddy   August 1926
On the beach at Seal Harbor
Bernard and his nurse, Bar Harbor, Maine
Wheeled across Cranberry Island with Daddy and his nurse
After the storm   November 1926
The Little Professor
Bernard and his nurse, Julie Arno   1927
Bernard and his nurse, Kim   Milwaukee, 1927
 Above  Bernard with Katherine and Bob Kissell.  Below  Bernard with Daddy. Northport Point, Michigan   July 1927
Interior of Michigan cabin
Bernard and his nurse, Julia Arno
Bernard with Mother and Daddy, Michigan   August 1927
 Above right  Northport Michigan   August 1927  Above left  Down to the shore walk  Daddy and Bernard with his    audible ...
Bernard with sister Katherine and    Mamo and Papo     grandparents Katie and BA Eckhart  at Pinewold   Lake Forest, Illin...
Bernard visiting his grandparents at Pinewold   Lake Forest, Illinois
Bernard and Mother, Illinois   September 1927
Bernard with Monty, Milwaukee   1927
A warm day   May 1928
The Williams family, Northport Point, Michigan   July 1928
Just like Daddy
Northport Point, Michigan   July 1928
Out for a swim. Michigan   July 1928
The family cottage   1928
Going to the beach. Bernard and his nurse Mandy, Northport, Maine   July 1928
Coming home.
   The Baby Parade      January 1929
Off for the morning walk. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bernard on his    bikickle
Bernard and Bobo   May 1929
Bernard   June 1934
Visiting sister Katherine, Pacific Palisades, California   June 1934
Mother at living room window  Crawford and Katherine
 Above  Bernard in the surf  Below  Our house, 22360 Malibu Road  now 22360 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA
 Above  Crawford and Bernard,  Below  Mother with Tammy
Bernard on the patio
The Latin School for Boys   Chicago 1933-1943
Bernard and nephew Billy   1937
Billy Barry and Bernard, Lake Bluff, Illinois   Aug 1938
Our house at Lake Bluff   Summer 1938
Bernard and Mother, San Francisco   1939
Mother, Bernard and Billy, Northampton, MA   January 1940
Bernard and Billy, Belvedere Hotel Cabanas, Charlevoix, Michigan
Bernard and Billy, Arizona Biltmore
Easter Egg Hunt, Arizona Biltmore
Latin School classmates, Bernard and Tom Healy, lifelong best friends
Tom and Bernard, Charlevoix, Michigan   1940
Katherine, Mother, Billy and Bernard Palm Beach, Florida   March 1941
PFC. Bernard E. Williams
Mother and Bernard   Baltimore 1945
Bernard with his father, Rev. Williams Aberdeen Proving Ground-US Army   Maryland, 1946
Mother and Bernard   Baltimore 1946
Bernard and Sissy   1946
Mother, Billy, Bernard and Katherine   1946
Katherine and Bernard   Mexico
 Bottom photo  Bernard with lifelong best friend, Tom Healy  center
 Following pages  European tour  Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria
Katherine, Bernard, Mother, and Billy   Europe 1953
Mother and Bernard   Venice, Italy
Piazza San Marco   Venice, Italy
Bavaria, Germany
Bernard and Gisele Jacquet
Venice, Italy
Piazza San Marco