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   We'll give you a job if nobody else does!


           The CWA, or Civil Works Administration, was a program that lasted for a short period of time. This program rapidly made manual labor for millions of unemployed people. These jobs were not made to last forever, they only lasted the hard winter of 1933-34.

Civil Works Administration



        The purpose of the CWA was to provide jobs to millions of people during the winter of 1933 to 1934. The CWA was a relief and recovery program. This is because it gave people money to purchase food and other essential items.

Start: November 9, 1933   End: March 31, 1934

 By: Max Scott


The CWA was a program made on November 8, 1933. This program was established by the New Deal during the Great Depression. They made the CWA in order to keep people working during the winter of 1933 to 1934. This program helped people out by enabling them to work. This meant the people working would get a chance to make an income for themselves during the harsh winter. The jobs were construction jobs, they usually improved or constructed buildings, bridges, or roads.

The program ended on March 31, 1934, after spending 200 million dollars each month of the winter and giving jobs to 4 million people.  


Unemployment rate - Down

Government spending - Up

GPD - No change

Confidence-building - Up

The role of government - Up

Per capita income - Up


1.) FDR dropped out of law school

2.) FDR holds the record for the longest-serving American president

3.) FDR was distantly related to his wife and 11 other presidents

4.) FDR won all of his presidential elections in landslides

5.) FDR was handicapped from the waist down due to polio

6.) FDR was born on January 30, 1882

7.) FDR was raised in a wealthy family

8.) FDR was an only child

9.) FDR had 6 children, 1 had died in infancy

10.) FDR died on April 12, 1945, due to a stroke while on vacation