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Star Chart

Students will use the star chart throughout their day. 

They will all start on white = good day. 

From there they can move up and down throughout the day from making appropriate or inappropriate choices. 

Above Purple= consistently making choices above and beyond what's asked in their learning and helping their classmates

Purple= going above and beyond all day long

Blue= throughout the day pushing themselves in their work and helpfulness

Green= make efforts to push themselves in their work or helpfulness 

White= doing what needs to be done to be successful 

Yellow= needing reminders of how to be successful

Orange= fills out a think sheet to reflect on the choices made

Red= parent contact and another think sheet to reflect on choices 

Below Red= office referral for consistently not making helpful choices toward work and or classmates 

Major office referral= can be written at any time and immediately moved off red for serious reasons parent contact is made

Homework: given out on the first day of the week. Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes each night to complete the following reading work. There is also some math skip counting or little things you can do to help with math work. The students are expected to make time for this important work and be responsible all week with it. If the homework is lost or missing they need to be responsible to ask for a new copy immediately.