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Information on the topic and career area of Evolutionary Psychology

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Job Responsibilities and Outlook

Most of an evolutionary psychologist job responsibilities are conducting research. whether is it is in a lab owned by the state, or a privately owned facilitates. Some chose to focus on education for their career. Teaching as an undergrad or graduate level at for colleges. Being a new field of Psychology there are two main areas of this job, academia or research. research including developing, conducting, and publishing experiments and research materials. Academia being the teaching and mentoring, who have an interest in this field.

Evolutionary Psychology

Seeks to identify human psychological traits are evolved adaptations, evolutionary psychologist argue that much of human behavior is the output of adaptations from their ancestors.  

Average salary is around 89,000

Education Needed

Doctoral programs in evolutionary psychology are quite rare. Most programs typically focus on neuroscience, Development psychology, ethnology, or a closely related field, with specialization available in evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychologists that work in academia and research settings typically do not need to be licensed or certified because they are not working with clients. However, it is important to check with state regulations to ensure all relevant policies are followed. Evolutionary psychologists that work in a clinical setting must be licensed to practice in their state of residence. There are no professional certifications for evolutionary psychologists as of yet.