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Over Mining In Canada


Does it make you  mad that your own planet maybe even your own country or city is falling apart because of mining?  Well it should!

Mining the process of extracting minerals so civilization can make everyday items and more.  Some of the things that we can make with minerals are pots and pans, pop cans,bowls, cars and much more.  It can give civilization rocks & minerals like:zinc, silver, nickel, cobalt, gold, copper & more.  Ontario is one of the main places for mining.  Some of the negatives of mining is that releases harmful things into the earth such as toxic gases. Another thing is that it can cause catastrophes like landslides, tsunami and earthquakes. From our presentations you know how devastating a catastrophe can be.  I bet this isn't a surprise but animals are dying because of mining.  Some of the ways that mining can kill animals is by destroying the environment and taking away there food  Some of the positive effects of mining are mining gives the Country more economy.  Also if you are poor/homeless it can be a great paying job.  This problem is manly happening in Ontario.  We started mining in the 19th century.  Some of the parties that are involved in the problem is the Green party and the liberal party.  We mine because we need rocks and minerals to build structures.

My issue is on how humans are over mining in Canada.

This is just some information on the problem at hand.

That is some of the mane information on mining!

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Somethings that the government (parties) is doing is The Liberal party has prevented 50 years of environmental mistakes and still doing it.  Also they make sure that where we mine is based on statistics.  The Green party will work with the province to stop as much mining as they can for the good of the citizens.  Some of the laws for mining is you can not mine unless you have a permit.  You also have to go through the free-entry system to claim land to mine on/in.  You have to write down the minerals that you wish to claim at this mine.  You can not claim land unless you have a mining licence.  You can not stake some areas.  Mining companies have to clarify with the indigenous people to make sure it is ok if they mine there. The free-entry system is ran like this.  First,  you stack and claim the land.  Second, you have to make sure your licence is still valid.  Third,  you have to make the claim good standing if it is not than the claim will only last 2 years or shorter.  Forth,  you have to record how much and what minerals you will be taking.  Fifth,  you have to make sure the land that you want to claim can be claimed.  Sixth,  you have to clarify with the indigenous people living there if there is any.  A online program that is required for you to do to get your licence is the Mining act awareness program.  The mining act awareness program is a online program that covers a 3 mane and important thing you need to know to get your licence such as the right that the people have if they are near the mine.  Also what the purpose is of a mining act.  Finally the last thing is the policies of the mining act.

Here is what the government is doing to prevent the issue.



Everyone should be doing their best to prevent mining.

All personal opinions matter so here’s mine.

Some of of the thing that the parties should be doing is restricting more areas that mining companies can claim.  They could also make someone record everyday what the company collected and than cross out the original amount and write how much more they need to ensure they only take what they wrote.  We could also start making companies share the mines to prevent damage in other areas.  Find a way to make minerals so that we don't have mine the minerals kind of like the diamond process.  They could take all the mining companies and put two of them together so that when they both want to take minerals they have to get it from the same mine.  Something the daily citizens should be doing is creating a petition to vote that we make mining a more urgent problem.  Maybe we could make more N.G.O.s to help with the issue.  Some of the thing the N.G.O.s should be doing is being more forceful when it comes to mining because maybe they will get the message through better.  Like they say “there is power in numbers” therefore they should ask more people to join the N.G.O.s.



That is my personal opinion of what we could be doing.