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We look at the amazingly talented Tchaikovsky and about he and his music.

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The Talented Tchaikovsky 

Tchaikovsky was the most popular composer of all time. He was Russian and was a composer from the romantic period. His works included 7 symphonies, 11 operas, 3 ballasts, 5 suites, 3 piano concertos, a violin concerto, 11 overtones, 4 cantatas, 20 choral works, 3 string quartets, a string sextet, and more than 100 songs and piano pieces. Tchaikovsky's most famous examples of his works are swan lake, 1812 overture, Capriccio Italien, and Slavonic March "Marche Slave".

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Tchaikovsky's music has influenced our musicians to this very day. We use his songs or melodies in films, also beginners, and we could use it to make new music by listening to the song, melody, closely.

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Tchaikovsky's music is very dramatic, like Swan Lake. If you listen to Swan Lake Waltz, from the very start to 5:00 minutes, the music gets very dramatic. It gets soft at one point and then loud and aggressive. It is a ballet piece is a Waltz. This piece is great for ballet because it is very dramatic, and ballet is very dramatic as well.

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Tchaikovsky became a composer of the romantic period because of a director of the conservatory, Anton Rubinstein. He went to conservatory curriculum  to study musical studies and conducting. Tchaikovsky took alcohol for relief from his personal life, scince it had troubled him.

The World Of The Talented Tchaikovsky