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Growing up without technology-Milton's family story

My aunt, uncle and dad all grew up with out technology unlike kids now a days do.They didn't have tablets, smart phones or portable computers to play on. They had to find other ways to entertain them selfs. My uncle orlando as kid, he grew up in guatemala in the country. He was a farm kid. He grew up most of his life going to school, helping take care of animals and crops. He liked soccer and as he grew he started playing it more. He spent lots of time helping around the house. When he was in his 20's he would mostly always have a game on the weekends. "I would always go play soccer when I could" (Cano). He then came to the united states and stayed with my dad. He still went and played soccer, but he would go mostly when ever he didnt work. He's pretty good at playing and has won manny trophys. Now he watches mostly just soccer on tv and he's still winning trophys or medals. "I dont find interst in wacthing anything else other than soccer on tv" (Cano).I've seen him play some games and I'm wanting to play along side him, so I can learn from him and start winning more trophys just like him.

My dad grew up taking care of his brothers, going to school and as he got older playing lots of sports. He and his siblings grew up in california. In middle school he was incharge of his brothers and sister. He would take them to school and back home. At home his dad would make him do lots of chores and other stuff. He would mostly only play with his cousins and siblings. He would some times get to play with friends from church. He wasn't allowed to go where he wanted he was msotly always home and with family. When he was in high school he started to play more sports. He was still incharge of his siblings but now he wasnt stuck at home as much. "I had to wake up get my siblings ready and take them to school and take them back home for many years"(Duarte, E.). After school he would go to practice. "I tryed all the sports when I was in high school" (Duarte, E.). He was a really good crosscountry runner, and soccer player. He was also in football, and swimming. He still has some of his varsity letters from his high school years. "I didnt have much time for other stuff then being at home, practice, or work" (Duarte, E.). As he got older he then got a job. He then mostly passed his youth working, practicing and compeeting, at school, or just at home. He would travel to guatemala in the summers and also spend his time playing soccer. A few years later after high school he met my mom. He moved to storm lake a few years later. "Me and your uncle lived together for a few years and had lots of good times and fun also play soccer together" (Duarte, E.). He also won some trophys and medals but not as many as my uncle.

My aunt grew up with my dad and their 2 other brothers. She grew up playing and kinda acting like a boy. "You could say that I was a tomboy"(Duarte, A.). "Dad told us to give her everything she needed so she wouldn't go looking for a man that might end up hitting her" (Duarte, E.). My grampa telling and having them do it, had an effect on her. "Why would I need a man who is bad to me when I have my family who gives me what I need" (Daurte, A). She would always play boy games since she was the only girl in a family with 4 kids. "She didn't play with dolls, instead she palyed with cars just like a we did" (Duarte, A.) She also played soccer in high school. The first boyfriend she had, is now her husband. She decided to go in to the navy and she's been there for a lot of years. She's very happy with what's shes accomplished and where she is right now.   

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