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by ryan geddes 


Hi, my name is Tom Gates, but you can


just call me Tom. It's always so hard for


me to get up for school each morning,


but my teacher (Mr Fullerman) is


always wide awake. He probably could


win every staring contest with his


BIG  BEADY EYES. But he will


obviously say "it is not suitable for


your eyes if you play that game"      


because he is a health teacher.



One Friday morning at school, Mr


Fullerman was telling everybody about


the activity trip next week. "What!" To


be honest, I never knew anything


about an activity trip. So I told Mr


Fullerman if I could still bring in a


note that I hope he gives me. "Did you


lose your note again Tom?" "So I did


know about the activity trip?" So Mr


Fullerman gave me another note and


told me to bring it in as soon as


possible, and especially not lose it






After school, I walked home with my


best friend (Derek) holding the activity


trip note hoping that I won't lose it


because it is so easy for me to lose


something, even my giant teddy bear


which is even bigger then me! When


we got home, I gave the note to my


mum and went to the market with


Derek to get whatever I need for the


trip if I'm even going.


Derek and I just arrived at the  


supermarket until I saw Marcus (very


impatient). He had a truck load of junk


in his trolly. He saw me and was


making me very uncomfortable by


saying that I will forget about the note.


So Derek and I went into the toiletry


section, then Derek asked me why I


in the toiletry section, I told him to not


worry. I put all of the toilet paper I


could find in the store into my trolly. I


went back to the isle where I saw


Marcus, but he was walking back to


his mums car to go home. Then I just


thought to myself, we don't have a car


to put our stuff in. So Derek and I went


through a very hard and uncomfortable


walk back home with all the toilet










On Monday, my mum gave me the note


to hand in. I saw that the activity trip


was this week on Wednesday. When I


got to school, I handed in the note to Mr


Fullerman. Luckily it was the last day


to hand it in. So I had another normal


day at school in a while except for


when Marcus keeps saying things


about the activity trip, but that didn't


bother me because I already handed


the note in. When I got home, I started


to pack for the three day activity trip.






Today is the day of the activity trip. I


am so excited to arrive at school to


catch the bus with the class. I dragged


my luggage into my mums car then


drove off to school. For the first time,


I'm early. I got to school at seven 


o'clock, but I was still the latest to


come. When the bus driver loaded all


our baggages into the bus and I went


inside the bus, my mum waved to me


while I waved in excitment and the bus


went forward. 





While I was in the bus, I got car sick, 


and that's where the toilet paper comes


in. But before I could think about


getting some toilet paper, I just found


out that it's all in my baggage, in fact,


I couldn't fit anything but toilet paper


in it, yep I don't even have spare


clothes to wear. "Few," I made it to the


activity trip without dying.



We got straight into the activities for


the day. First, we did canoeing. I got


very unlucky becauase a stupid bird


flew right at my face and made my


canoe tip. Then I did rock climbing.


But my partner was Marcus so he made


me fall off the wall. So that was a bad


start. Then at night, I went back to





 It's only the second day of the activity


trip and something bad, really bad has


already happened, I've wet my pants


over the night. So thats where the


toilet paper comes in. I rapped it all


around me with the help of my friend


Derek who also wet his pants. But that


all got covered, the bad news was that


we were late for the first activity, so we


just joined in for the next activity


which was archery. I thought I did


well, but others thought I did bad, I


got one white and non others.







It's already the last day of the trip and


Mr Fullerman's eyes gone beadyer


then before, it's like he was keeping


his eyes open for the whole trip, but


that can't be possible. We did the


flying fox, it was the most nerve


racking thing I ever did in my life.


Then our last activity was that we


could do anything that we wanted to.


So Derek and I got all my toilet paper


and started to throw it all over the


place. It was the best day ever.






Now that the activity trip finished, we


all hoped on to the bus, literally. So I


tried to hop on, but my foot hit the step


and I fell over. Everyone laughed, and I


laughed to, I thought it was pretty


funny. When we got back, my mum


gave me a big hug then we went home.









The End