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Welcome to the First Grade Jungle

November 4, 2016

In math, students have been working hard to solve number stories. We have talked about the many ways to solve a number story, like drawing a picture, using a number line, or counting on. Students are practicing writing their own number stories! Check out some of their ideas....

"I ate 5 chickens. Then I ate 7 more. How many do I have in all?" -Noah

"There are 40 pieces of pie. I ate 15 pieces of pie. How many pieces are left?" -Daniella


"10 people are thankful. 35 people are thankful too. How many people are thankful?" -Caiden

"There were 80 pilgrims. 39 of them got lost. How many pilgrims are left?" - George

Halloween Fun!

                           Thank you to all parents that helped make our party a success! :-)

Monthly Spelling Menu

Thank you for your support as we have offered a new spelling homework option. Children have the choice of activity on spelling homework nights. Parents, we ask that you sign and date the box when the activity is completed. If your child completes a written activity, it should be returned to school the following day. 

In The Spotlight:


All About Daniella:

Favorite color: Turqoise

Favorite food: cheese

Favorite movie: Finding Dory

Number of siblings: 1 brother

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would choose.. "Israel, because I like it."


November 4-Spelling Test on List #8

November 8- Lower School Election!

November 10-Convocation

November 11-Veteran's Day Assembly- 8:25am, spelling test on list #9

November 12-Thunder Fun Day




Upcoming events and Reminders: