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Fair Labor Standards Act  



The FLSA establishes overtime pay, recordkeeping and child labor standards. 

Let's Get to working 

The FLSA is a relief which establishes minimum wages 

FLSA- 1938- Current Times

Madison Kosinski 

These images describe what it was like for the FLSA

The FLSA is still in effect today. Yes, there has been many changes to the FLSA. 

The FLSA had state and local government, Federal employees of the Library of Congress, U.S postal service, Postal rate commission, and the Tennesse Valley Authority. It does not require, vacations, holidays, or sick pays. There are no meals or rest hours. There are a lot of restricted things about the FLSA 

Facts about FDR:

1) He was in term four times

2) He attended Groton School for boys

3) He entered Harvard University after Groton

4) He studied law at Columbia University Law School

5) At the age of 28, he was invited to run for the New York state senate

6) He supported President Candidate Woodrow Wilson

7) His first 100 days, FDR proposed sweeping economic reforms, calling for a "New Deal"

8) There were signs of improvement during 1936

9) National Product went up by 34%

10)  FDR didn't make it public just yet when running for his third term

Increase in unemployment rate