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A packet of useful information and materials necessary for student success as an online student at Medaille College.

Welcome to


Welcome to Medaille Online! We are excited you are here!


Making the decision to earn your degree is a big one! It is our personal goal to help educate you towards your short term and long term academic and career goals!


Online learning requires discipline, time management, and committment! Being an online learner will allow you the opportunity at flexible, but fast-paced learning. As a Medaille student, it is important you have all of the keys necessary for your experience and success at Medaille College!





Your success is very important to us! In this packet, you will find information pertaining Medaille College, basic program information, contact information, services and resources, and more!



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Let's unlock your success

at Medaille College!


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How does the online course work? Am I required to be in the course at a specific time?

  • Each week will open on Wednesday at 12Midnight and close the following Tuesday at 11:59pm.
  • Students do not have required times to be logged into the course each week.
  • Assignments are typically due Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Courses may consists of individual and collaborative learning team assignments.




What is the online program format?

  • Most students take one course at a time, for seven weeks each.
  • Courses are 4 credits each.
  • A full-time student takes 12 credits/3 courses per term.
  • Terms are non-traditional.




Where do I take my courses?

  • All online courses run in Blackboard.
  • Click the icon to access Blackboard



Week one attendance

Students must login to the course in week one to avoid having registration automatically dropped.



What is expected of me in regards to attendance?

  • Your courses are online and require active participation each week.
  • Engage in weekly discussions and complete all individual and group assignments by the required deadlines.


Note: Students who do not login and/or participate in the course for three consecutive weeks are automatically withdrawn from the course. 
*Grade & financial liability determined at that time. 

*Changes to registration may impact financial aid status. 




What if I miss a week?

  • You will receive a warning about your lack of attendance.
  • Falling behind in a seven week course is challenging to catch up from.
  • Review course instructor late policies



What courses do I have to take?

  • Each program has a set curriculum. Curriculum information can be found in the Academic Catalog.
  • Under Schedules you will find more information on where to look up your schedule and degree requirements.

How does registration take place?

  • Registration is handled for you by Medaille staff.


Who do I contact if I have questions about my schedule or courses?

  • Contact your academic advisor.

Online Students: Katie Fish, Director of Online Student Services
On-campus Students: Halin Tavano, Director, Student Services


How do I know what I am registered for?

  • View schedule in MedailleOne under Student Detail Schedule for the current term.
  • Your academic advisor can provide you a copy of your program schedule.


How do I know what books to order?

  • View your course information in your schedule in MedailleOne.
  • Students can only order books one course at a time.

Books for online courses are the student's responsibility.


When should I order books?

Students are encouraged to order books approximately 2-3 weeks prior to their next course.

How do I  order books?

  • Click the book icon to access the College Store.

Medaille Support Services & Resources

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Contact Information:

Academic Support Center: 716-880-2214

*also see website to schedule an appointment*



Rochester Campus

1880 S. Winton Road, Rochester, NY 14618

*see website for specific contact information*



Disability Services:




Career Planning:


Student success is at the forefront of your experience. Medaille College wants to ensure you understand the multitude of academic services and resources available to you as an online student!

Click below to view information on any of the following:

 Academic Support Center @ Buffalo Campus

  • Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching
  • Workshops
  • and more!
  • Can't come to campus? Still reach out and inquire about options to meet virtually!

Tutoring @ Rochester campus: tutoring support located at the Rochester campus.


Smarthinking: online 24/7 tutoring support

  • Note: you will need to login to SmartThinking through your MedailleOne account under Student Services tab -- under Online Tutoring link.

Disability Services


Career Planning



Medaille College Financial Aid & Student Accounts offices serve the financial needs and questions of students.

Financial Aid is committed to helping you navigate the maze of financial aid. Student Accounts maintains your billing records and the maintenance of your student account. 


Financial Aid Contact Information:


Phone: 716-932-2610


Click either window to view office page


Student Accounts Contact Information:


 Phone: 716-880-2235/716-880-2271



Medaille IT department strives to assist students with any services related to their account or Blackboard. Click the below screenshot to view Medaille IT page.


Contact Information:

Helpdesk: 716-880-2282 or or


Blackboard 24/7 Support: Access Blackboard Support information here:

  • Includes option to have an online chat

Welcome to Medaille College, where college meets career!






Online Students: 

On-Campus Students: Halin Tavano, Director of Student Services at

General Information

Services & Resources