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This is a booklet about the famous Tim Burton and how he got the ideas to make some of his bizarre movies such as : 9 , The Night Mare Before Christmas , Corpse Bride , James And The Giant Peach , Edward Scissor Hands , Alice In WonderLand and FrankenWeenie .

Tim Burton was born on August 25 , 1958 in Burban California . Tim Burton majored in animation at the California Institute Of Arts . He also Worked as a Disney animator for less than a year before striking out on his own.He Became known for making visiualy striking films mixing elements of horror and fantasy , some of these movies are :

Beetle Juice , Edward Scissor Hands And The Night Mare Before Christmas .

Tim Burton has been hired and fired from disney 3 times before they finally started to cooperate with Tim Burtons              ,NightMare BeforeChristmas , JamesAndTheGiantPeach & AliceInWonderLand.


How Tim Burton Got The Ideas For His Bizarre Movies .

To the left is Tim Burton 

<===== Tim Burton has had 3 spouses and 2 children , his children are named Billy Ramon & Nell Raymond .  Tim Burton has a networth of  $140 million and over his life as an animator & director has recieved 8 awards here is his first award  :

1990 outstanding animator program / Beetle Juice .

Tim Burton wrote one oh his animated shorts Franken Weenie as a school project , also his father was a professional athlete , a baseball player so naturaly Tim played baseball . 

Tim was a sort of lonley child and an only child , being lonley enough to say he could relate to Frankenstein 


To the left is Tim Burtons wife Helena Bonham Carter 

<======= And to the bottom left is Helena Bonham Carter with her 6 year old daughter .


Tim Burton has been married to Helena Carter Bonham for 6 years.