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ABC poem


Atlanta falcons played in the super bowl

Blew a winning lead

Cost them the game

Deafeted themselfs

Even though they were winning

Fought hard but still lost   




Deep,  swift

Roaring , white , deadly

Memories of death








Cold slippery hard

Dangerous when hott

Like it best smooth


Bio Poem



Strong , brave,courageous ,wealthy

Husband to martha washington

Was an brave leader

Who loved his wife marriage and all his land

Feared no one

Who was loved by many



Shape poem



Brown giant

Swaying in the wind

In an wide open forest in the light

A anxious hunter climbed up in the morning light

With bow in hand

Waiting on his pray to wal by

Dressed in camo blinding in with the tree

Praying that an deer walks by in range




Matters when the deer walks out and he meets his mark

Acrostic poem


A hershey bar

Creamy milk chocolate

Ready to be eaten

Oh so tasty and sweet

Sweet and rich and yummy

Tasty when made with an s'more

Is everyone's campfire dream   

Choose carefully how much you eat




Glow like the sun's raise

On a sunny day in spring

The warming rays of the sun

Glow like the warming light

Glow like the summer sunrise

Where everyone is happy and joyful


Glow like an bride on her wedding day

Standing the the suns glowing rays

As the glowing sun slowly sets



I love my dog

She's so soft

She like it when I rub her stomach

Blue eyes

She likes to jump in my lap


List poem


My Shopping List

My mother said, “Go buy some milk ,”

but this is what I got instead.

A half a dozen chocolate donuts .

A gallon of coke a cola .

Some cheetos. A box of goldfish .

Some milk duds  and a jar of pickles.

Reese’s Pieces. Dumb dumb suclers .

Hershey Kisses. Reeses pieces .

Candy Corn, joly ranches , and Whoppers.

Skittles, kit kats , and Gobstoppers.

When mother needs things from the store

She never sends me anymore.


There was an old woman with an broom

How yummy , I see

Two little children

A hen in an bin

All in front of me



Pretty goldfish

That the purring kittens love

So fun to play with




I love to hunt and fish

I love to play football with my friends

I love going riding on the mountain with my dad




Loud ,muddy

Spinning ,sliding ,bouncing

Throwing mud high ,getting covered in mud

Slowly ,moving,roaring

Loud, rough

Monster tuck


It was dificult at times writing these poems. If you set your mind to it and really think and try its not that hard at all . I didnt want to write them at first but after I started writing them they actually became pretty fun . I was really surprised at how fun they were to write . 

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