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A brief summary of what we learned this month

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Ms. Weagle's Class Discovers

Our 5 Senses

A unit on the different senses; taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound



We have explored our sense of sight through experimenting with reflection through crystals, color mixing, discussion of professions that involve sight, and experiencing new things while blindfolded!



 We learned about sound while we listened to music and danced to different beats. We created different tones and pitches using everyday objects such as glasses and different water levels. One of our favorite activities was performing with different instruments in dramatic play!



This was one of our favorite parts of the unit! We discovered different textures through art projects and sensory activities. The best was feeling objects and guessing what they were.



Throughout the unit we tasted delicious and not-so-delicious foods. We experimented while baking with salt and sugar, predicted which one would be better, and were surprised with our results!



In conjunction with taste, we learned about smell! We discovered different ingredients that made smelly PlayDoh and Oobleck, as well as trying to identify smells without seeing what they come from.